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  1. Well, progressing in my new career mode by landing a Kerbal on Minmus and the Mun, and then sent a three crew mission to Minmus and a rover, but I forgot to add RCS to the rover, so it didn't have any RCS on Minmus. Still a fun mission, next, three kerbal crew to the Mun, and a rover!
  2. Well, in my career mode profile I did my first landing on this profile with a Kerbal on Minmus.
  3. Well, just going to make my unmanned Mun probes, one for flyby, and the other for orbit and landing on the Mun. It's pretty fun to have a new career mode!
  4. Progressing on my new career mode, sending a probe to mun, maybe even first Kerballed landing on Minmus.
  5. I'd have to say the launch pad, and not in the sense of crashing down into it. The launchpad is the place that if a crazy idea or contraption is on it, it's probably going to launch and crash, probably. And the launch pad assisted that by letting the vehicle launch from it.
  6. This is awesome! I'm building a big land rover that will have many storage bays for smaller vehicles, and it will have a crew of Kerbals and be able to go on fairly off road terrain.
  7. Thank you Starhawk for the warm welcome, I look forward to seeing you around as well.
  8. That sounds fantastic. I'd love to join, although I'll have to go in a bit but I will be able to theorize later, haha!
  9. Nice thread! This is not easy to choose, as I like so many! Star Trek is my favourite fiction one, and for more realistic, the Martian, Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff are awesome, and From the Earth to the Moon.
  10. Started a new career mode profile, time to get back to this amazing game.
  11. Hello! What is the deal with this geography thing? It looks really interesting.
  12. Hello. Ahem. Well, I made a thread rather similar to this one a few months ago, because I thought that I'd have time to do all this. Not so much, I was quite busy with various things and for a bit was not that interested in space exploration, but now I am interested yet again, and all because of a space book I picked up to read. Those astronaut autobiographies are amazing, Jeb should try writing one at one point. "Being a BadS, no, Being THE BadS, by Jeb Kerman." Anyway, I owe you guys my apologies for saying that I'd be active and then not being so much, but I am happy to be back with all you
  13. Maybe the jetpack is out of fuel, that can happen, right click the kerbal to see. But otherwise if you have fuel, just do what Rocket said.
  14. Probably going to send some more satellites modelled after real life 60's NASA satellites, I have a save just for that. It's fun!
  15. My favourite feature? Hmm.. I very much like the fact that you can do or go wherever you want in a big system, and also the fact that you can build your own ships instead of having pre-made ones like other games, yeah, KSP is pretty darn cool!
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