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  1. With the new updates the game is becoming less of a game and becoming more of a simulator. Sims are fun for awile, but they do get very old quick from the realism. I understand that SQUAD wants to make KSP more realistic but they shouldn't make it too realistic, SQUAD should make another category when starting a game that lowers the aero forces to .90 and let's people launch incredible things into orbit again.
  2. The first two are of the rocket on the launchpad The others are just after everything goes haywire http://imgur.com/4AOVexF,hPmICgE,0z5wW2x,oneUbs4,g3TvYH9,iCe7bVt http://imgur.com/4AOVexF,hPmICgE,0z5wW2x,oneUbs4,g3TvYH9,iCe7bVt#1 http://imgur.com/4AOVexF,hPmICgE,0z5wW2x,oneUbs4,g3TvYH9,iCe7bVt#2 http://imgur.com/4AOVexF,hPmICgE,0z5wW2x,oneUbs4,g3TvYH9,iCe7bVt#3 http://imgur.com/4AOVexF,hPmICgE,0z5wW2x,oneUbs4,g3TvYH9,iCe7bVt#4 http://imgur.com/4AOVexF,hPmICgE,0z5wW2x,oneUbs4,g3TvYH9,iCe7bVt#5
  3. 1) Mechjeb 2) KW Rocketry (for better looking engines) 3) Remote Tech
  4. I am just having too much trouble launching anything that doesn't spin/flip/blow up from the new aero forces. It's a game and it shouldn't have to take me 3 day to be able to launch something that can go only 1000m. Can I just revert to beta? or is there a mod that can change the aero forces? Thanks
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