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  1. Aidan likes minmus

    Not seeing other crafts when targeting them

    thank you i didn't know appreciate it
  2. So i was rescuing a kerbal and i targeted his little pod, however it didnt show that yellow box or gray box when its not selected around it So you see that little yellow box under the ship that says 14.1 meters (this is not my picture) i do not see that around other spacecraft when im within 2 kilometers. i dont know why please help.
  3. Aidan likes minmus

    When did you "get it" with KSP?

    Well mine was when i could land on the mun as well as make decent rockets. I still suck tho docking is kinda hard for me and ive never had a manned interplanetary mission come back. also at one point i could land on the mun but i didn't know how to quick save so at one point i was playing like a hardcore game. learning to quick save and quick load helped me a lot
  4. Aidan likes minmus

    Kerbal space program meme lol
  5. Aidan likes minmus

    how to acces the debug menu

    alt plus f12 dosent work for me im using a windows pc so im not sure whats wrong
  6. Aidan likes minmus

    Mun or Minmus?

    yea ive had some bad time with the mun cough cough slopes
  7. Aidan likes minmus

    Mun or Minmus?

    minus bro the moon is just a bit heavy on the dv for landing and coming back. not for minmus tho. however sometimes going to the mun can be a bit fun but i prefer minmus
  8. Which one and are they random
  9. Aidan likes minmus

    New player, and I need help...

    Minmus is a much lighter moon in kerbins soI It's takes more to get to tho but not much more then the moon
  10. Aidan likes minmus

    [Updated] Minmus & Company: The consequences of planetary sentience

    Nice graphics more please you make great comics have more kerbal said invoveled edit:1 instead of said it stuff I mean where the kerbal said do more in theses comics
  11. Aidan likes minmus

    [Updated] Minmus & Company: The consequences of planetary sentience

  12. it says to fly by kerbins moons and fly by eve and duna,using a single vessel. now does that mean I can make a interplanetary probe using docking to make it easier or no.
  13. Aidan likes minmus

    Hardest thing you have built (not including the vab and sph)

    Perty mu h anything that used a docking port or claw like captuirng a asteroid and building on it
  14. Mine was my first space station and yes I'm a newbie at this game