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  1. The Duna Enterprise

    But first, it was finally time for KOPeC to take to the skies... Valentina and Peggy complete their pre-flight, with a cargo of a Jool probe and 4 TOURISTs. First 6 powerful sounding rocket motors fire, breaking friction with the tarmac, the most inefficient moment for the craft's engines. Then the main engines fire, 4 Fullsail [1.25m Mainsail] and 2 down-rated Skippers. When the empty sounding boosters break open on the tarmac there is a conflagration as aluminum powder and unused propellant ignite in the engine plume. Lift-off comes swiftly, as the immense canard authority and engine gimbal rotate the craft. Ascent is brisk. The engines shut down at 50km when the desired apoapsis is reached. Unfortunately, the cargo is heavier than what was flown in the sims, and it seems they are a bit shy of orbital Dv. A quick propellant pump from the cargo probe solves the issue. The probe's ultimate trajectory will need to be re-evaluated later. Finally in orbit, the cargo bays open and the solar panels deploy. Peggy prepares the probe for deployment. KRANG!! It seems the decoupler was not set low enough- the probe catapults into the aft bolster and swiftly tumbles away, taking the vertical solar panels with it. A quick check shows that that was the only damage. The ship will only make one orbit, however the TOURISTs are able to quickly complete their experiments. Re-entry is entirely nominal. The craft is soon met by oceanic recovery teams- an almost entirely successful first flight of cargo to orbit!
  2. The Duna Enterprise

    Gene glared at the small white ball sitting in the sand as if it were a viper. The chirping birds and beautiful day around him was wholly lost on his awareness as he settled himself in for a second try at getting out of the bunker. "I just don't get it Mort... ...its not a private crusade, the people-" he swung, pinching his eyes shut against the spray of sand, "-...dag nabbit." A loud sigh escaped him. "Bet that's on the edge of the rough past the green...the people Want us to land on the moon! But the PCA won't green-light the darned flight." "What the heck...", he then lowered his voice as Mort cast him a slow glare while he was lining up his shot, " the hold-up." "I am pretty sure that the PCA has her reasons," responded Mort. "I am not sure what exactly. But I can say this for sure..." Mort then estimated the trajectory his ball would need to take. "-She is clearly the Air Force's puppet." "As to why I think so, here, have a look." Mort tossed his particularly heavy smartphone to Gene. "I took some photos of documents in the Archives, back when I raided the AirForce HQ." He shouted at his caddie who was at the hole, waiting for his instructions. "HEY, GENERIC SIDEKICK!!! TAKE OUT THE FLAGSTICK!" and readied his iron club ignoring the indignant shouts of 'I AM A CADDIE, NOT A SIDEKICK!!!' "They have this crazy plan, The Munex Initiative, to setup a military base on the freaking Mun!! They seem to have.....'noble' intentions behind this initiative." The ball touched down on the putting green, and bounced its way to the hole. It danced on the rim and then dropped in. "Hah! Birdie!" Mort took out his score-keeping notebook and updated it. "As I was saying, before I played that fantastic shot, they want to protect Kerbin from asteroids. Hence the Missile Base. And why it is on the Dark Side of the Mun is anyone's guess." Gene stared at the phone which looked like it could be dropped in acid and come out just fine, and completely forgot his upcoming chip from the rough to save par. Gene had never liked golf, but as part of "mending fences" with Mort he'd said "he would take him golfing sometime." 'Sometime' had turned into whenever Mort seemed to be having a bad day. "Wh.. well." His irritation though shifted from anger to consternation to bewilderment to cold calculation in the space of about 4 seconds. "...we know that popular support is very high for scientific exploration and discovery because otherwise the CA wouldn't have bowed to public wishes and allowed the Program to be set up. Popular support is also very against militarism after the attempted return of the old Imperial government in The War 30 years ago. If the people knew that the government was putting weapons in space, whatever the cause, the CA might see itself removed just as the old Emperor's line was 50 years ago-" Linus here chimed in, who was acting as Gene's caddie and constantly trying to recommend the best club to use but just as constantly getting ignored as Gene would pick his own. "The CA clearly believes that a defense against the type of asteroid impact that caused the Neolithic Intermediate is their first priority Gene, but anything in orbit or on the near side of Mun would be obvious to any astronomer. Because they are not satisfied with ground-based interceptors, that tells you they are not confident of any long range assessment, and they believe that time-to-target is the most important factor they see." "And that also tells you that they are planning on using very big bombs!" Linus added with a cheerful grin. Gene stared at Linus, then looked over to Mort. "How could they afford to build a Mun base? *We* need private corporations to even exist! Where would they get the cash? And we've sent 3 probes to Mun, why allow a probe flight but not a Kerb?" "Pfftt....Ha! Funding, you ask? We will get to that later..He he.." Mort burst into a fit of suppressed laughter at Gene's naivete. "And you are absolutely right, Linus. They are going to be huge bombs, the kind which will make Werhner's toys look like a sounding rocket. I want to ask this to you though." He walked over to Gene and Linus. "Have you ever held a weapon, Gene? When you have one in your hands, you feel strength and power exuding from it. It feels as if you can do anything, as long as the weapon stays by your side. In fact, the very first part of weapons training in the armed forces is to remove this emotion from the trainee's mindset." "Now, the officers at the Air Force are trained and professional. But what do you think might happen if an arrogant and corrupt CA official decide to point those bombs in the wrong direction? To Kerbin?" Mort sat down on the green even though the rest of the gang frowned at this. "The point is, power corrupts people. Any weaponry under purely government control, whatsoever it might be, will entice zealous elements in the CA to use it for their own purposes." "They are still developing their heavy Mk3 SSTOs. From the technical reports, they can each haul almost 36 tons to LKO. But those are crashing a lot, plagued with developmental errors. But the missiles are ready!" "About funding, I knew this fact from Day Zero, that the CA is only making us 'look' poor. I however, assumed it was done partially to attend to the primary needs of Kerbals here on the ground and also have a public-private partnership between KSC and other organizations. I did not pursue this irregularity back then. And now I discover that AirForce's Planetary Defense' budget is 18 times ours!!" "And from what I can deduce, they are juuust giving us enough hope to hang on to the Mun to keep us content. If they allow us to land kerbs on the Mun today, the public might want a scientific base on the Mun tomorrow. So the CA is just giving us an inch, while making sure that we don't take a yard. Its insulting, being treated like a kid, you know!?" "Now, the big question. What do we do, now that we know what's going on? Let them build those missile base, and allow some Posterior-Orifice CA official misuse it? Or maybe throw a spanner or two in their works?" Gene looked at the sky and then back to the ground again, and slowly walked over to where his ball lay buried in the rough about 30 yards from the hole. "...if the CA is instructing the Airforce to get to the moon, they have to be stopped. The most likely scenario is they eventually succeed, and then they eventually get discovered, and for violating the Peaceful Space Act we'll either have a government tossed out on its ear or martial law. Both of these would At Best disrupt our work. And that's saying nothing about the dangers that would accompany that mess." Gene considered his stroke, noting he wouldn't be able to do anything until Mort stood up. "If they are planning a base on the moon..., and they don't want astronauts orbiting that might ask questions, they may have at least landed a probe or two of their own already even if their heavy craft isn't flying yet. So, ... if we could obtain some imagery of those probes, or whatever work has been able to be begun there, and we confronted them with it-" He looked at Mort. "They would either have to back down, or silence the whole Flight Office, wouldn't you say?" "They will find silencing the office quite difficult, in my experience, whether they do it conventionally or....unconventionally. Once we confront them, it won't be long till they give in. We will be playing a dangerous game there Gene." Mort grinned like it was Kristmas. "Well." Gene smiled, and lining up his shot dropped the ball about 5 yards from the hole. "Then I think I've got a way to get that imagery." Gene enjoyed the entire round after that, despite being trounced by nearly 20 strokes. Yes, the plan that had formed in his head was delicious.
  3. The Duna Enterprise

    Program Memorandum The sub-probes for the Duna flight have been selected! While Kan Diego State's submission was a quite robust probe in its own right, as it duplicated many of the capabilities of the core Bus itself it has been decided that WWYT Innovator's SSR will be the relay sat that is sent on this mission. There-fore the VAB's lander concept will be used for the attempted Ike and Duna landings, with 4 of them being flown. Kan Diego State's probe will be looked at however for deployment from KOPeC, our newly named re-usable space plane. Thank you to everyone for your consideration!
  4. The Duna Enterprise

    Ha! I like it, and it *certainly* has the antenna part-count to weather many, Many years of Kerbalism part failures.
  5. The Duna Enterprise

    Kerbin Space Campus Program Proposal Memorandum UPDATE: Request for Type; Ike Lander Duna Lander Relay Satellite Program Constructor Affiliates The Duna launch window has been selected, and is now a little over 1 year off. The deadline for submissions for this mission will be 04/13/18 2400, and the VAB will field sub-components for any non-tendered components. The Finance Wing and multiple corporate scientific interests have given the green light for a full-up "Kadillac" mission to Duna. Above you see our prototype orbiter 'bus' set for early testing. The orbiter has 6 attachment rings for 6 different sub-probes, all of which will be presented for 3rd party design. Submitted designs will be evaluated at the next CRAP meeting and the winning proposal chosen. Amongst the factors which will be considered under evaluation are simplicity, cost, elegance, maximized science return, but most importantly low mass. Each probe should come in under 3,000 kg. Due to this limitation it is fully expected that the science packages will not be everything we would wish them to be. Below we have attached a 1 meter by 1 meter plate for reference. Your physical limitations are likely 1 meter by 2 meters, with the attachment portion being less than 1 meter in diameter and allowance for the posterior portion to be 1.5 meters or maybe even 2. 2 identical probes/sats of each type will be flown and mounted opposite one another for weight distribution. The plan is to enter Ike orbit, remain in orbit while the orbiter supports the landing attempts, then to break orbit and find a Duna orbit, slowly changing it to deploy the satellites appropriately and then finally the landers. The Orbiter will have an insertion stage helping it enter Ike orbit, and possibly leaving it as well. The winning proposal will either submit their designs for VAB assembly, or ship the probe whole to the Campus for vehicle integration. Please note, any errors discovered during assembly would reflect negatively upon further work with that construction house. If plans alone are provided, the Program will assume liability for any errors in planning as they should be found out during assembly. The Probe in its entirety will use the Liberty first and second stages as its lifter, so the mass restrictions are hard caps. Interested parties shall submit proposals by [04/13/18 2400, Central Standard Time]. Should no interested parties field proposals by this time, the Program will have the VAB put together their best attempt. Successful partnerships born of this agreement would carry forth the good will of the Program when future Private Industry opportunities develop. [Author's Note!] [This is the collaboration portion of this story! Fellow writers, you are invited to participate in this narrative! We ask that you present your proposal in character, assuming either a specific or corporate (or University in the case of a JPL-like relationship) voice to represent the entity you create. KSP is a Fun/Cool/Cute game, so sticking to the classic Kerbal memes is fine, however we do ask that excessively silly names and nomenclature be perhaps thought about before being submitted. The tone I have tried to set of one of intensity where humor comes from our poor protagonist butting his head against his reality. Feel free to PM me if you would like further guidance, however if you simply give your best shot at matching the tone of the tale so far you cannot stray too far from the mark. Any general questions may of course also be asked below, if it seems reasonable the answer would be useful to the readership as a whole. Also, the authors of course reserve the right to remove any submissions which are deemed to detract from the enterprise. Good luck!]
  6. The Duna Enterprise

    YEAR 10, Prime Day CRAP 9 Gene stepped to the lecturn beeming. "Well, its not everyday that we get to start a CRAP with a beautiful launch, eh?" "The Deep Regional Relay satellite is on its way to a cissarnus orbit at 183 million kilometers, and 10-years hence it will fire its engines to circularize its solar orbit." "It will be joined by 2 or 3 other DRRs depending upon budgetary constraints." "This deep space network will be in place to support our explorations of the outer planets, set to shortly begin with the Bhiku series of deep space probes." "The first launch will likely be to Sarnus, since it is expected that existing communications technology can support such a mission. Urlum and Neidon will also be visited by Bhiku 2 & 3, leaving Jool as the only outer giant un-visited. This will be amended however in just a few months, as our new Space Plane carries an ion probe to LKO on its maiden flight. The probe is under final assembly even as we speak, and should have ample fuel reserves to break into the Jool system and enjoy multiple fly-bys of its host of worlds." "However, we have plenty to catch up on from the year beyond what today heralds." "Two K-Tech landers were flown successfully to Mun, taking advantage of their generous fuel allowances." "Two different craters were selected to ensure a good sampling of the lunar surface." "And both probes deployed their seismic sensors correctly, leaving them in place behind on the surface." "The probes also sent back some exceptional images in addition to their trove of information about the lunar surface." "We also flew a pair of TOURIST missions, though the first was a simple orbital flown in an LBC." "The second was the flight of our newest, and likely last Kerbin orbital capsule, called Lustre." "The Liberty capsule is a capable craft, but we found it would only reliably support 3 kerbs for a flight as far as Minmus. The new capsule will support 8 kerbs for 80 days, and successfully brought its full complement back from our second crewed orbital of Minmus." "The entry path was over the bay in the heavily populated Oracle River flood plain, providing quite the show for astronauts and citizens alike." "The craft traveled on into the Genosis region, and as chance would have it settled near the monastic community at the Valley of the Ancients." "While fortunately landing in a temple courtyard, the landing anomaly will unfortunately require quite a bit of cleanup." "The rupture was only a battery pack and an empty fuel tank, and the toxins didn't spray more than 4 or 500 meters. All crew were recovered safely, and in addition to the TOURIST's experiments, the addition of a docking port had allowed the craft to complete a Minmus Orbital Station contract. A very profitable flight, for all involved. All in all, we have had a quite fine year." He paused, as a very eager Kerb in the front row of the press rose and cut him off before he could introduce Linus. "Gene, could you comment on the failure of the Program to carry out its most passionately stated mandate, to land a Kerbal on Mun? You did successfully fly an un-crewed crew-capable craft 2 years ago, yet there has been no follow-up or official conversation." Gene cleared his throat. "Yes. Well, our Civil Authority appointed Program Civil Authority has not yet seen fit to authorize a crewed mission to Mun or Minmus. Rest assured however that we are ready to go when they give us the green light. I-" "But Gene," he interrupted, "what could possibly be the hold up? Is it concerns for safety?" Gene smiled, but grimly. "I am sure the CA has good reasons for their directives, whatever they are. Who are we to judge?" Gene left the podium and sat down, ignoring further questions while Linus stepped up un-introduced. His eyes locked on an Airkerb standing at ease by the door beyond Mort's shoulder, and he steadily tried to bore a hole in him with his eyes.
  7. DSN Range Settings

    Alrighty, thank you for the diagnosis. I have a stock install as well, I will confirm it there.
  8. DSN Range Settings

    Well, but that's just the thing- the buttons under Settings seem to do nothing, neither modify nor eliminate CommNet.
  9. DSN Range Settings

    Recently I tested a probe out to Neidon in Sandbox. It had 1 400bm antenna and 3 200bm antennas (I remembered something about multiple antennas helping a *little* bit). I learned a lot on how to make a bad probe, so it was worth the time (couple hours), but at around 420bm it went out of range. I checked occlusion, Kerbin was in LOS. Oh well, I figured, no relay is in range, but I'l just bump up the Antenna range by 10 in SETTINGS for the sake of completing my test. However this is where my test truly failed. I did everything. I raised Antennas to 100, I raised DSN to 100, I ran time forward several days, I re-loaded, re-booted and reloaded, even turned Off antenna range and that probe just would never open up a link again. I am running Kerbalism, but I checked and there are no part faults involved. This is rather disappointing, because I had planned to explore interstellar as well, just figuring at that time I would turn antenna ranges OFF. However it now appears this is not possible. O.O Am I missing something obvious? How do you change range settings, or successfully disable antenna ranges?...
  10. RTG effectiveness

    Thank you for the answers everyone. I ave determined 'more is better' with a test, but now have a new issue I'll be asking about!
  11. RTG effectiveness

    I have recently designed a deep space probe with at least some eye on economy, and noted that a 57% scale RTG produces .1 ec/s, but nudging it up to 58% produces .2 (figures from memory, so forgive a potential small error). Does anyone know if the ec charge production for RTGs is analog like that, or at 57% is it really producing ~.198 EC/s ? Additionally, I don't much care how long it takes to transmit back as it is a fly-by probe, but considering all it needs to power is a transmitting antenna for multiple (6?) instruments, would .2 EC/s be satisfactory?
  12. Anomaly Detection - questions

    You are in much the same boat as I, as far as progress and utilization, so I will eagerly watch this thread for a response.
  13. 2001 Nights: The Graphic Novel

    I'm not sure a 'Like' is really the best term for the above. :\ I wish we had a "Read, sympathized, understand, love your stuff & best-wishes Amigo" button.
  14. The Duna Enterprise

    CRAP 8, the meeting. "Good afternoon all. As I covered in the press conference, we have had a couple of setbacks this year. However, Gus and I went over the math, and feel we came up with an infallible rationale to simply push forward, aggressively. This cost us significant funds, but by years end we'll be - we think - in a much better place for it." "This graphic displays almost the entirety of where our expenses were invested." "Needing to build the orbital rockets for the pending TOURIST contracts, building those vessels was of course a necessity. While we were debating how to proceed after the loss of K-Tech Too, we realized that those 3 rockets would together give us almost 300 science, thanks to the discoveries always made advancing technology during construction." "It then occurred to us that we were sitting on a great deal of funding that wasn't actively doing anything. However, if we commissioned the construction of most of the rockets we would need for the next 2 years, we would be turning that static funding into a working investment. So, approximately 900,000 are sitting in those 6 rockets under construction and 4 rockets in storage." "And, a further 1,000,000 is vested in this;" "- or, more specifically, almost 900,000 has gone to the runway expansion to support the vessel, our first fully functional space plane transport. It will carry 6 crew and a medium sized satellite or upper stage equipped probe." "So, yes, we are depleted significantly in cash, however - there would have been no way to expand the runway without half of the expense, and the rest of the expense should result in some significant science discoveries begun by years end." "Lastly... The senseless words faded into the background, as Mort closed his eyes and thought back at the disastrous year. Soon he could not hear them, the mortals had stopped droning. He opened his eyes and found the room looking at him. "Hmm, my turn already, huh? First of all, Gene, you did such a tremendous job!" He started clapping, the sarcasm so thick you could cut it with a knife. "And Gus, did I hear it right? You, along with Gene invested a million funds into a runway? That's some excellent financing skill you have right there, gentlemen!" Mort was still clapping, twisting deep that metaphorical knife. "If I deduced it correctly, you could have attached a few SRBs & launch the spaceplane vertically, stage the SRBs and then recover them while the spaceplane does its thing. In the end, you just spent a million funds just to make sure that your SSTO could take off and land like a "proper" spaceplane. Fantastic!!!" "But Mort, you should know! We had to upgrade the runway sooner or later!" Gus tried to reason with Mort over his scathing applause. "But Gus! You too should know, why, there is a department dedicated to manage finances and advise you!" The clapping finally stopped. "There's a kerb named Mortimer Kerman, who is right now lost as to why he was not contacted while such a huge decision was being made! I watched when the runway was being upgraded. I watched as money exchanged hands. Do you know what I was thinking all that time? I was thinking if I should go back to my old job. Because you know what? People LISTENED to me then!!" He bellowed. "Believe me, I am so tempted! But it would make you fools sitting ducks to those vicious pieces of mulch at the CA." This would not have stung so much, if not for our other failures. The Minmus mission failure was completely avoidable, the Eve mission failure as well. "Wernher, I will need you to get your rear in gear. There will be a new quality assessment report on my desk within a week." "As for the contracts, of course, go ahead with all of them, even the Duna Station. I have no issues." Not that you would have cared to ask anyway if you didn't have to, he barely didn't add. Gene just stared dumbstruck as Mort got up and dumped his handouts in the trash as he left. He was right. There was no reason they couldn't have launched it vertically. It would have cost about 40,000, rather than nearly a million. He looked at Gus, who looked red with embarrassment. "No, This one's on me Gus. ...I was the one looking at a problem through a straw. The Air Force space program problem, not the 'how to run the best Space Program' problem." Gene stood. "Everyone, eh, go get back to work. ...I am going to go mend bridges with Mort. If we ...I can." Gene left through the Admin-wing door, and followed the distant footsteps of the 4 accountants down the hall. They had a lot to get done, and now it was up to Gene to make sure they were on the same page, even if that meant Gene was tearing out a few he had written himself. And more than ever he was convinced they wouldn't survive without Mort.
  15. 2001 Nights: The Graphic Novel

    I hope all the followers of this thread happened to notice that Sorabh very kindly created 8 panels of his stylized art to support our ongoing story over in Mission Reports. Thank you @Sorabh! I hope your story here continues to evolve!