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  1. This is astonishing. I'm speechless, regarding Both aspects of modeling. *note the long silence and evident absence of speech* Bravo.
  2. KSP Age Groups?

    I can't say it any better than that.
  3. Does Eve have life?

    In the same box that the trees recently (relative) came out of- the toddler just hasn't set them up yet.
  4. Time to LKO? Real time.

    My circularization took ~25 minutes. If I am launching Mun rocket w/ 4 person capsule that takes over an hour. I guess I am a patient soul (who desperately needs a new PC).
  5. Time to LKO? Real time.

    I frequently find myself thinking how nice it would be if I could play at a You-tuber's playback speed, everything smooth, nearly 1second of game time to 1 second of Real time. If I had a vastly superior laptop, maybe I could get close. But then, I wonder what the "average" time to orbit is for the average KSP'er? So I thought I'd see if we can gather some data. If you're so inclined, build a simple 30-part count rocket and get into LKO, without using science parts to pad the total. The number of mods people are running with actually isn't relevant to this poll, for the data I am curious about is psychological. If someone is playing and the time to orbit is unacceptable, they stop playing, so this information will reveal the "environment" that most people play at; what the 'average' user finds acceptable. A more sophisticated experiment would use identical rockets and mods, but that is not the data I am curious about. How long does it take you to get to orbit? That will reveal the compromises you have accepted to play KSP the way you want!
  6. Heaviest Rocket

    (...someone should start a thread about "what is the most dV you've put in a rocket"... ) @Archgeek wins.
  7. Ohh My GOSH!!! Look what I did!!! Yes finally YES!!!!!!

    I have seldom read a more accurate statement.
  8. This doesn't really come up with the stock game, as the only place to "get to" beyond Jool is Eeloo, but with OPM it would be really nice to know when to launch so-as to plan a Voyager type fly-by of all the outer planets. Now we can predict one transfer window with a planner, and it wouldn't be *too* hard to guess at positioning to hit a second planet, but doing 3 or 4 would be ridiculously hard. Even if we knew the "clock dates" for auspicious alignments, navigation would still have a huge fudge factor at each world due to inherent imprecision in flights. I bet if I knew the window precisely, I'd still need a ~ 200 dV burn at each world to ensure I encounter the next, as opposed to Voyager's very small attitude adjustments. Has anyone every seen found, or created a list of such "keyhole" dates that has been published here?
  9. The Saga of Emiko Station - Chapter 88 - On the Beach

    ...wait. Its not?... O.O (so weird I quoted something from 33 days ago...)
  10. KSP Weekly: The (Munar) Lunar Space Station

    " And you know that someone’s going to do that thing that you thought nobody would ever think of doing " not this the very definition of KSP?!?
  11. Some Disassembly Required

    LOL Snark, you just made (abetted at least) me 'Like' a comment in a 2 1/2 year old thread lol. But I was right at least in remembering a multi-capsule re-entry attempt! Small victories...
  12. Some Disassembly Required

    This reminds me of my very first multi-kerbal re-entry, which as a rookie I didn't realize would be a problem if they drifted apart. Consequently, it was both my first kerbal fatality and my first muti-kerbal fatality. >,< ...I think that was also my very first post here? ...heavens, bet that's impossible to find now... Good Plan-B-ing though @Snark!
  13. Almost addictive...

    When you wake up on a Saturday morning, grateful you don't have to launch off to work immediately, and then have that slow warm glow thinking; "I'm running a space program...", and then its off to grab the morning coffee, saying hello to the Kerbs in the cafeteria, then sauntering over to mission control and taking stock of what the day's activities will need to be, what kind of skills will need to be employed- "Oh, a manned mission to Mun, that will be fun..." You sit down in the sunlight, sip the joe while your front row loads the first mission up, and think "what a time to be alive..." ...hmm, sorry. Addictive?...
  14. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    You know, @SQUAD, I bet if you put a "clicky-donation" thingy on the top of the forums for the Mexican Red Cross it would get positive traffic... Ought to be able to find a link from them easily enough.
  15. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    *is amused to be casting a 'like' to @Mrcarrot about Likes...*