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  1. The Eve Project

    *drools* voice...
  2. R&D Center Easter Egg? [WARNING! SPOILERS!]

    If I tried building that it would take me 15 tries just to hit it! lol
  3. R&D Center Easter Egg? [WARNING! SPOILERS!]

    "Ah'd gess avter blohwing it ahp, like ze toy-let in ze Astronaut Complex." (Sorry, I have to do that once every 6 or 8 months)
  4. Heating created by different engines?

    I always heard a Sepraton was like a laser, a very damaging thin beam. I imagine a sep would work well for this, especially if you could give it a reservoir of fuel rather than just the road-flare amount.
  5. The Duna Enterprise

    Gene cleared his throat at the lectern and looked over the assembly. "Good morning, today's presentation will cover our productivity since CRAP #2, and summarize our available options on the menu to give us a great 3rd CRAP." Dead silence. In back, Gus buried his face in his hands and mumbled. "Available funds since our last CRAP meeting have doubled, now sitting at more than $F 800,000." "For starters, we again had some elementary part tests- we see here a simple A-4 design which we assembled to carry a heat shield to the desired altitude." "A decoupler was also tested on launch. The craft was not recovered and impacted the sea." "Our first major step forward was in testing the 6crew capsule, which we see here leaving the pad on its first test." "Launched on a simple Sledge-hammer solid rocket booster, which as you know is a scaled up Hammer, it descended from 11km to recovery." "Now, with this close-up we see one of the virtues of the design. The batteries are mounted between the heat-shield and the crew-pod, and though providing perhaps a level of "overkill" as regards available power, the vessel could survive a compete recharging failure on return from Munar orbit with as well the batteries acting as a crush-zone on landing." "Unfortunately, we found on this initial landing that the crush-zone needed to be demonstrated." "We see the parachutes were proven insufficient for a soft landing. ..and, as well, on the second test. Fortunately, the Program was very successful during this semi-annual, and we were able to absorb the cost of those batteries, ...valued at approximately $F 2000 each." "Ultimately, the correct balance was found, and our 3rd test was managed without costly damage." "The first crew-rated vehicle is now in assembly, planning an LKO mission to satisfy our current TOURIST contracts." "The vessel has been designated the Local Body Conveyor, though crews will be allowed the latitude to choose a mission name for their craft." "On LBC 1 the resource capacity will be tested, though we anticipate that we will find it is over 40 days for a crew of 6." "And, of course, I would be remiss in not mentioning our successful SOAR mission, which popular press has covered extensively. The probe continues to relay solar data, teaching us about our interplanetary environment." "Here we see our active contracts. None are fast approaching, and our launch window for Duna is coming up at year's end." "Our available contracts are somewhat more interesting." "We see here a paucity-" Linus here knocked over his glass of water with a start- "- ... of traditional contracts. The eye grabber is provided by DMagic Orbital Sciences. It seems they have developed something they are calling an 'electromagnetic telescope'..." Here Linus had to bite back a laugh as he had told DMagic not to use the word 'radio' with Gene. "...which has identified, so they say, that our binary companion Valentine has indeed its own planetary system." A few intakes of breath from the press corps and a blizzard of photo-snaps followed. "Not only do they feel Valentine has planets, but they are sure enough to have named one- Lomina, which is in an eccentric outer orbit. Lomina, they were surprised to discover in their data, seems to have a moon, which they have named Deemo. DMagic, or rather their science team, is now desperate to gather data on these bodies, as are of course all of Kerbal kind." "Having hardly begun the exploration of our own solar system, never-the-less DMagic is lobbying hard for an orbital telescope to study Deemo and Valentine as well, and they are offering the sizable advance of 1.2 million $F." Loud gasps spread throughout the room. "Despite our inability to act immediately upon such a contract, the extraordinarily generous terms of the offer- over 50 years to completion- allow the extraordinary ability to develop technologies and capabilities which we cannot now envision." "Given our investment in furthering the development of the LBC, we would like to submit that the Deemo proposal be accepted, and - for this, very busy year- no other contracts taken. Should simple, in place magnetic field contracts be presented through the year, we will of course however pick them up." "Lastly, the Program has identified a very promising engineering student, Peggy Kerman, with a very rare set of abilities and focus, and we would like permission to hire her into the program." "Oh- the Minmus lander contract window we feel should be extended another year, as no private contractor has yet had a chance to submit a proposal and we do not wish to discourage enterprise from contributing." 'Hmm... the naive kerb is learning the ropes.' Mort thought to himself as Gene's presentation ended.' I should add something to his diatribe. Best not to let him have a big head.' "This is a momentous occasion, indeed. Establishment of this telescope in Low Kerbin Orbit may look like a small feat, but it will be the first of the many steps which will lead Kermanity to the stars. I support this endeavor wholeheartedly, and hope DMagic will provide us with extraordinary results in the near future." Gene sat down while Linus stepped up to answer many clamoring questions about the Valentine discoveries. Gene looked over at Mort and took a drink, nodding his thanks. The finances meeting would follow after lunch, and he was now sure that they would have the huge influx of funds that would set-up the program for years.
  6. The Duna Enterprise

    Gene stood at the open door of the vehicle assembly building, regarding the craft which would for the first time send Kerbal instruments beyond Kerbin's realm. The 90 meter rocket massing nearly 90 tons was built to cast into Kerbol's orbit SOAR, the Solar Observatory And Relay satellite. This mission would fulfill 2 valuable contracts and as well expand our knowledge of the solar system, with the added bonus of proving we could reach out successfully beyond Kerbin Orbit. Making economy of the boosters recovered from our Local Body Relay satellites, the main stage was built of 5 hex-clusters of LV-T3's, each with a center mounted LV-T4.5. 35 engines to set the craft on its way. The lift capacity was known to be barely sufficient after assembly, so 4 powerful sounding rocket motors were added to provide extra thrust until the fuel load had lightened. Unfortunately, shortly after booster burnout problems were immediately apparent. "Flight, motors 1 through 4 have burned out but are not disengaging." "What? That's never happened before, in any situation! Econ, do we have a short?" "Negative Flight, booster sep triggered, they appear to be physically fouled with the engine assemblies." "So that's extra mass and drag, with a booster that we knew needed help getting off the ground. What's our status?" "Craft had reached about 40 meters/sec and is now decelerating. Engines gimballing to maintain azimuth. So far trajectory is as programmed." Gene chewed an unlit cigar to ribbons as over the next minute the ship slowed to a bare 15 m/s before finally accelerating again. After nearly 2 minutes of flight the first stage finally burned out, managing a meager altitude of 3.8km and not even 100 m/sec. The staged booster glowed white hot, aluminum rain being found across the launch site. "Clear the viewing stands, that's not going to make the bay!!", as frenzied activity broke out in response to Gene's call, alarms blaring as the monitors showed the stage 2 motor igniting 4 km over their heads. Less than a minute later, the stage 3 motor fired with the altitude being only 17km high. "Jool-damnit we're not even at 20km and need to make orbit on a freaking Terrier! Range Safety stand by." "Gene we've got over 3000 dV available yet, we can at least make orbit so-long as we remain in controlled flight. We can do it." Gene chewed the remains of the cigar. "Safety, abort on my command. Navigation, its up to you. We will fry that thing before it starts to break up." Gene watched as over the next 2 1/2 minutes it was proven that the craft would be getting to space. Accomplishing its mission seemed laughably out of touch. ...unless. "We are coming up on orbital injection Flight." "Copy. Econ, take one of the main probe batteries offline- if we have a chance later on it won't do us any good if the probe is dead in the aero-shell." "Shouldn't we just deploy the Shell sir and use the solar arrays?" "Negative Econ. Until someone proves to me we can't do this we're doing it.'ll save me a long talk with Mort anyway..." And a few minutes later... "Stable orbit Flight, we made it." Relief and a few low-key cheers broke out around the room. "Very good. Navigation, check your plots with a Munar rendezvous, you have about 5 minutes to find something useful." "Copy that, Flight..." followed by backward glances. But is wasn't 2 minutes later that a young kerb popped up with a result. "Flight, a 854.3 m/s burn will get us a Munar encounter that will cast us into solar space. We can do it." Gene chewed. "What's our margin?" The young fellow replied without hesitation "1.7 m/s." Griff, the back-up Flight Director and next on duty scoffed. "You can't do that Gene! A burn like that with no margin? We don't have the tech to automate that, it'll have to be programmed manually! The tiniest error and we don't raise our periapsis out of the Mun and we make a new crater! We can't do that." Gene glanced askance at Griffon than back at the young kerb who'd figured the trajectory. "We can do it. Aaron, plot your course and prepare for the burn. Its all yours." "Copy Flight." Came his brisk reply. Griffon leaned over Gene's shoulder; "I hope you realize you're hanging yourself if this fails Gene." Gene didn't even blink. Well, the rest was history. Aaron Kerman's course was steered to a whisker's margin, and with the last .1 m/s in the probe's tanks the PE broke out from the moon. 2 weeks later the craft was fulfilling 2 contracts earning nearly F$ 400,000 as it crossed into interplanetary space. Gene was quite pleased with how the mission had gone, all things considered, and was thrilled he wouldn't have to announce a $F 100,000 failure in CRAP. He had ordered a round for everyone that night, and lifted a toast to Aaron Kerman, "Steely-eyed Missile Man."
  7. The Duna Enterprise

    Y4d214, Kerbin Space Campus Program Proposal Memorandum Request for Type Reference- The Scientific Committee on Advanced Navigation has submitted this Ratified and Accepted proposal for the Program to obtain and transmit or recover data from the surface of Minmus. This probe though potentially designed by the Program and not of foreseen technical difficulty will none-the-less be presented for 3rd party design. Submitted designs will be evaluated at the next CRAP meeting and the winning proposal chosen. Amongst the factors which will be considered under evaluation are simplicity, cost, elegance, and maximized science return. The winning proposal will either submit their designs for VAB assembly, or ship the probe whole to the Campus for vehicle integration. Please note, any errors discovered during assembly would reflect negatively upon further work with that construction house. If plans alone are provided, the Program will assume liability for any errors in planning as they should be found out during assembly. The Probe in its entirety should ideally be able to utilize our current Local Body lifter system; gross mass should not exceed 2,000kg. However, an especially enticing probe which massed more than this might still be considered. The probe should have *ample* dV available for landing, to accommodate unforeseen errors and occurrences in our first attempt to land on an alien body. A probe which came in under $F 31,625 would be preferred, the contract completion award. Please Note, the following contract also exists- This opens the door to a sample-return mission which could conceivably be budgeted in excess of $F 100,000. However, Finance will of course wish to maximize its return, given the funding apparatus by which the Program operates. Interested parties shall submit proposals prior to the next CRAP meeting [estimated at 3-8 RL days]. Should no interested parties field proposals by this time, the Program will have the VAB put together their best attempt. Successful partnerships born of this agreement would carry forth the good will of the Program when future Private Industry opportunities develop. [Author's Note!] [This is where the collaboration I first envisioned comes in. Fellow writers, you are invited to participate in this narrative! We ask that you present your proposal in character, assuming either a specific or corporate (or University in the case of a JPL-like relationship) voice to represent the entity you create. KSP is a Fun/Cool/Cute game, so sticking to the classic Kerbal memes is fine, however we do ask that excessively silly names and nomenclature be perhaps thought about before being submitted. The tone I have tried to set of one of intensity where humor comes from our poor protagonist butting his head against his reality. Feel free to PM me if you would like further guidance, however if you simply give your best shot at matching the tone of the tale so far you cannot stray too far from the mark. Any general questions may of course also be asked below, if it seems reasonable the answer would be useful to the readership as a whole. Also, the authors of course reserve the right to remove any submissions which are deemed to detract from the enterprise. Good luck!] The above tech-nodes are fully researched, and my operating Mod list is posted here;
  8. The Duna Enterprise

    "Good afternoon. At this second full CRAP meeting I will provide a survey of the previous 6 months of activity and then discuss plans for current projects and extant proposals under consideration." Linus grimmaced sourly at "extant" and grumbled. "Available funds have increased nearly 400%." "To begin with, we rolled the wheel unit and sepratron to the pad for a very unexciting test, though we did have a brief discussion about why on earth a hexagonal strut wasn't considered to be in touch with the pad..." "...because its not grounded Gene!" was shouted from the back. "Yes I KNOW that's what you said, and its still hooey!" Gene spat to the back of the room, before returning to his audience before him. "Regardless, the data was eventually obtained. Both Mun and Minmus survey contracts completed successfully as well, actually 3 in total." "As this series of stills show, the 2nd crewed flight of the LBT went well, saving for an early launch glitch which occurred when unmanned servo commands were sent to the vehicle on ascent which did not take into account that the vehicle was crewed. The slight initial roll to the south was easily corrected, and a quite nominal orbit achieved with no dangers. Re-entry was also nominal, and we had zero part losses from re-entry or recovery. Following this, we had a low-cost flight to carry a new meteorology sensor into the upper atmosphere." "The vehicle departed stable flight once the first stage burned out, but it had sufficient momentum to tumble into space anyhow, and with a safe recovery of all 3 science pods the mission was a success." "However, using low-cost sounding rockets on upper stages in the future is here-after resoundingly discouraged without appropriate attention to stability mechanisms. Lastly, here we see in development our soon-to-be standard crew vehicle, as yet un-named. Rather than build a vehicle from the 3-person capsule which we have developed and yet which would in time become clearly insufficient, we are constructing a 6 person pod with integrated thrusters for use in extremis." "This craft in assembly is a stability test, which will be launched uncrewed to about 30,000 meters and its recovery characteristics mapped and the thruster plumbing tested. Now. Here we see our current contracts." "We have plenty of time for all as we have discussed, and we are currently waiting just another week or two for access to new science instrumentation before starting on the solar probe that we will place within the aeroshell which needs testing. Here we see the contracts which have passed CA review." After staring at the D-Magic proposal glassy-eyed for 5 or 10 seconds, he proceeded. "The most interesting contract here is to obtain data from the surface of Minmus, which would be our first landing on another body. We see plenty of opportunity for innovation here, but with the VAB crew fully invested in the 6-crewCap, this may be a good window to open this to private industry for submissions." For a few minutes, there was silence in the meeting room. Mort could not take his eyes away from the Valentine mission details. “Hmm.. congratulations on the good work, Gene. Although I have to ask a few questions. How in the bloody Mun did the Valentine mission pass the CA review? Don’t they have basic astronomy knowledge? Do I need to fire someone, Gene?” “And you seem to have taken my advice in the last meeting. A probe along with the aeroshell. Clever, very clever..” “I don’t think that it would be smart or cheap to make a trip to the poles just to take a temperature reading. We are not that desperate.” “While its good to see kerbals at KSC innovating, could you please make your next crew capsule a bit more visually attractive? Look at poor Gus, he’s hyperventilating! It doesn’t matter much to me, though. As long as it can get its job done.” “And to think that you, of all kerbals, would support private industries… Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, Gene? I don’t have any issue, just make sure you don’t do this more often. The Civil Authority may just decide to cut funding if the private companies produce probes at a cheaper cost.” ‘By all means, feel free to have private parties involved. But I will be the one to decide on the prices, and certainly not the CA reviewers’ Mort thought to himself." Gene smirked and grunted, bearing Mort's whimsical mirth and the barbs buried within. "In the future we may find a use for exoplanet observation projects, which I am sure is what the scientists were really interested in. Big satellite telescopes aren't quite yet our forte' though. I'll get to work on everything else, and we'll have a memorandum out to private industry by week's end." Gene nodded and rose, knowing they were about to embark upon a new chapter in the Program.
  9. Good afternoon! I wanted to ask a question about this mod and its power requirements. The OP states it would be "really hard to achieve in stock", however I think this under-sells the difficulty. I built a trial ship in sandbox and obliterated my EC storage by simply jumping to Mun. I haven't had a further chance to play around with this. About how many RTGs are we talking if that would be the only power source, and what would be the simplest (least invasive memory wise) power mod to add if I should decide to go down that road? It will be a long time before I use it, so no hurry, but I am very interested in other folk's experience with this. Thank you immensely for creating it!
  10. The Duna Enterprise

    Gene returned to his office and wrote up an inter-departmental summary of the short-term plans for the Program and sent it out. He used lots of big words like the scientists liked, and was quite proud of it. It wasn't 15 minutes before his door was thrown open by a livid chair of the science wing, one Linus Kerman. "You 'demurred' on the Orbital Farming project???!! - 'DEMURRED' ???" "Linus, yes, now-" "DEMURRED ????!!!!" Gene sighed. Ok, note to self, avoid excessive thesaurus use. "Yes Linus, now take a breath before you turn blue." "YOU WOULDN'T NOTICE! GREEN AND BLUE ARE MONOLEXEMIC CHROMATIC AND DICHROISTIC!" Linus roared furiously. ...Gene was pretty sure Linus was just playing with him now, but he couldn't call his bluff and they both knew it. "Ok. Linus, there is no feasible need for growing food in space on the meaningful horizon. Simple stored supplies are suff-" "Gene are you That dim?!? ...It is not about supplying a mission! This is science! Elemental foundational science!" Throwing his arms in the air in needless emphasis Linus planted the book he had probably been holding when he had gotten the memo onto Gene's desk and yanked a chair over to fall into. Gene was just about ready to break another pen and grind the pieces into his palm as he glanced at the book's title, Kerbal Morphology; Kerbals as an R-Selected, Semelparous, Belemnoid Cephalopod. ...Fun. "Linus, -" "Gene." Fury. "...look. There is no need to do that project right now! We don' need it!" "Gene, why do we have a space program?" Gene blinked and his counter offensive sputtered to a halt before he could get it going. "Gene, I can tell you why, *and* I can tell you that the reason You believe we have a space program is Crap!" "...C.R.A.P.?" "No Gene, crap! Gene! 20,000 years ago Kerbal kind was cast back into the sea by a cataclysmic event and it took us probably 12,000 years longer to escape the neolithic than it should have! We nearly died because we didn't understand and couldn't act on Space! We survived because we are an Absurd species! These two facts inform each other, and that is why our government invested *anything* in your precious program! We need to understand what is out there! And if *we* are so absurdly vigorous, how marvelously tenacious is life Elsewhere?? These are the questions that drive us and inspire the people! Gene, it is about Knowledge! Not replacing supplies on missions." "Duna has polar caps, a moon of Jool has an atmosphere thick enough to support some kind of liquid, and Eve is a bath-house!" Linus pointed to two framed photographs on his wall. "Those two photos represent most of what we know! Gene, we have to know more. Science." Gene clicked his pen a few times, completely lost on how to regain the initiative. " tell me why I believe in the Program," he asked dangerously. "Gene, you want to put a Kerb on our Mun simply because someone told you you Can't." Now Gene smiled, an icy, gin-rummy, 'I've got you now' smile. "No. You're wrong." He leaned forward. "I believe in this program because I believe we are capable of amazing things. We didn't just crawl out of the mud, we crawled out dug our burrows and remade society into something that would survive and damnit we did! We are capable of great things, Mighty things, and they won't happen if we sit here in the cradle Linus. The Jool-damned cradle! We belong out there." He leaned back. "Am I happy that a vocal minority think the Mun is impossible and wasteful? No. But I'll be damned if I let someone else construct my motivations Linus. The program is worth more, much more than that to me. That is the task I am going to see through." Linus paused, then collected his book and headed to the door. "- I'll get your agricultural project in eventually Linus, ...I promise." Linus paused and glanced back at the door, nodded once, and then stepped out much more quietly than he had entered.
  11. first glance I thought the title of this thread was "My Advanced Gambling Unit doesn't seem to be working."
  12. The Duna Enterprise

    Gene sat down at the conference table, not very comfortable with not knowing how exactly this was going to proceed. He couldn't read Mort at all, and had no idea if he was simply carrying instructions or if he had ground rules from which he would be making his own decisions. Gene passed out folders with glossy graphs to the baker's dozen of folks around the table. "Well. This is a representation of our current active projects." "It is very apparent that none of these current projects are especially difficult. We have the orbital mission for 3 university scientists, which will require the flight of another LBT which is presently in assembly, but otherwise the 2 Duna missions coming up in just over a year are the most challenging though - we believe - within our capabilities." "Now, as we can all see by the alignment of the outer planets, we have likely missed an opportunity to perform a multiple fly-by tour had we had the infrastructure 2 years ago, though we don't presently have the math to allow for such a complex mission. Indeed reaching even to Duna will be a gamble next year." "So to get down to business, these are the current contracts that have passed CA scrutiny. 4 of the 6 are not difficult at all; the magnetic field studies can be initiated immediately, and the part tests will require minimal prep. The additional TOURIST work would require two additional flights of the LBT, which is acceptable though we would like a more mature craft before sending crew beyond LKO." "The agricultural project we find we are not terribly enthusiastic on. While growing food in space may eventually be necessary for long duration voyages, in actuality stored provisions are far more reliable. The engineers and I agree that this is an unnecessary diversion of resources until mission parameters demand it." "Thanks to our recent Administration expansion, we could accept all 6 of these contracts, though we would prefer only 5. We could afford all 6, and if it is desired we could go into the exact funds demanded and awarded, though being at a non-critical stage this may be unnecessary at the moment." "Well? What are we doing here." Gene looked across the table at Mort and his bean counters, and waited for his reply. Mort sighed a little as Gene's presentation ended. This was not good, somehow the boffins had managed to develop financial sense! He figured he would be called upon soon and put his notepad away. It was time to mess with Gene a bit. “Thank you for the presentation, Gene. At the moment, we are in a very comfortable position. Specifically our finances are comfortable, and we are somewhat of a household name. At this point, it would be easier to take risks. Even if its something superfluous like Space Farm.. I am surprised you would willingly miss a chance like this!" Gene ground his teeth. Mort continued, "But the shortsightedness of the Civil Authority is no news. I doubt I could justify a mission like this.” “The other contracts look easy enough except the tourist contract. However, we have four years till the deadline. I am pretty sure your team can gather enough science for the 3 man command module? While two separate launches for this mission are feasible, I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to work on the concerned tech node.” Gene walked out of the meeting last. He had learned some important things in this first CRAP meeting, and they held him long in thought. First, Mort wasn't worried about suggesting that the government supporting the Program was out of touch with what was actively happening on the campus. Second, that Mort had said I. This was a critical discovery. "Knowing what side of the bread needs buttering is always important", he said to a quizzical Gus who had waited by the door for him to get up.
  13. Kerbin's Crater Age; guesses?

    Thank you- both guesstimates push it to the region I had considered, early pre-history. I'm more inclined to call it 15,000 years for my tale's purposes, but I had already imagined their current hobbit-like dwellings (in my mind) as a relic of vertical structures not being "safe" following the global earthquakes that may have sputtered on for decades. I see the Pyramid as an astronomical/religious structure that arose a few thousand years later on, once civilization had recovered (if you want to build elevated, build for stability). But, if I go on I will start to spoil bits of my story, currently awaiting a post-holiday resumption. At least now I can consider my figures to be utterly without validity, though I doubt this passes for peer review.
  14. Kerbin's Crater Age; guesses?

    I was referring to the prominent ocean-filled crater with the island mid-most. However, I think this is my favorite answer- So, I think for the purposes of the tale I am writing, I will just invent a vaguely plausible figure and go with it.
  15. The Duna Enterprise - Dialogue

    @Geschosskopf, here is my mod-list! Forgive me it is in screen caps, far more expedient than typing; As to your specific questions, the checkered tubes at the base of the LBT are sounding rocket motors from SoundingRockets! by RoverDude. They are not as useful as they could be, as "normal" solid rockets (Flea, Hammer) are available just as soon, but they Are quite cheap so if your program is in trouble you can still cobble something together for science. However, the solid rocket motors have one Very useful ability. They mount radially, and automatically fall away when they burn out, so no decouplers required and useful initial thrust. They longest the largest burn is about 10 seconds (I think), but they can help you get off the pad.