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  1. Great place for a crop circle, that will give the news something to talk about... and leave you a place to view from.
  2. If you are going to use welding glass - as others have mentioned use a minimum of #12 glass. Don't take a chance with less. I live in a 95% eclipse zone. I have two scopes. An 8" Dpbsonian and a 5 1/2" reflector on an alt/az computerized mount. I have full fitting solar filters for both. We have 3 sets of viewing glasses from Walmart. We have snacks. Life is good.... except now the forecast has changed to cloudy.
  3. Would definitely be something to complain about... He's 27.
  4. My son popped in today and operated on my laptop. Remember the screw I couldn't get out? Turns out it isn't supposed to come all the way out. He googled a video and two minutes later had the laptop apart. Now I feel stupid for missing the last step. Anyway, my Rogue One DVD that the drive ate is now back in my possession. It suffered some battle scars from the ordeal and skips several times in the first few minutes. Arrgh! I only got to watch it once before it got scratched up. Don't know if I can buff any of the scratches out but will attempt.
  5. Went at it again today, Success. Didn't worry about scoring. Just want to give it a try. My launch stage completed circularization with 2 dv left in the tank. That has nothing to do with the challenge but I was impressed. My first asteroid was in Kerbol orbit. Getting there was easy enough as it was pretty much in same inclination as Kerbin. My second asteroid was the same one I grabbed yesterday and put in a highly inclined but stable Kerbin orbit. It was much more difficult requiring a lot of maneuvering and wasting a lot of dv. I have been playing since 0.25 and this is the first asteroid attempts I have made. Thanks Cpt KerbalKrunch for the challenge. My opinion is while this is doable it is far more difficult than it sounds. I think anyone who is able to snag even a single asteroid deserves a big thumbs up.
  6. This does not meet the requirements of the challenge but I had to share my first ever asteroid capture. total weight at capture 280.649 T. Weight after release 21.772 T Before releasing, moved it into stable Kerbin orbit. I did not pack drills and refining equipment so not able to go after a second asteroid. Barely had enough fuel to get back to Kerbin. Landed safely. Point is, this can be done.
  7. I've been waiting for others to post to get an idea of how to go about this. Stopped waiting and gave it a try today. Failed miserably or maybe not, as I gained some knowledge that will be needed later. Here is what I've learned so far. Way more Dv is required than I planned for. The plane change alone is huge. I plan to try again and match the asteroid plane while launching - does that work? I have no idea yet. Next, I could not figure out how to target the object. Go to map view. Select. It will ask if you want to view it from the tracking station. Sure I say. Uhmm ok, now what? Couldn't select it to target. That is when I learned that in the lower left corner is a blue sat. dish. Clicking switches it to start tracking objects. It also assigns a name. Now you can target it in map mode. I rendezvoused ok but then got confused and couldn't make contact to grab. My docking/RCS skills are terrible. Next time I hope to at least grab one asteroid. Two seems way to difficult at the moment. Hope this helps someone get started and do better than me.
  8. I have two today. So when Rogue One was in the theaters I was too sick to see it. Bought it in May. Watched it once really liked it. Put the DVD up and.... it got lost. Been trying to find it all summer. Finally found it yesterday. Much joy ensued. Got out the headphones and the laptop. Opened the optical drive. Inserted disk. As the tray closes the disk decides to come out and slide between the laptop housing and the drive. How is that even possible? Sigh. Get the screwdriver out. Flip the laptop. Turns out the one screw that typically holds the drive is not accessible on this model without removing the protectsmart cover (whatever that is). heavy sigh. Remove the battery to access the screw holding the cover. Try to remove the screw. It comes loose but won't come out. It just bounces in the hole like it has a rubber band on it. I had this cover off once before to check for available ram slots, so I know it will come off. It just won't Second complaint. Why do T-shirt manufacturers make the graphics so large. Take your typical Batman shirt. The logo should not go armpit to armpit. It should bee about 1/4 the size they make it. This must just annoy me as I don't hear others complain about it.
  9. Feeling quite inspired by Scott Manley's landing beneath the arch as a marker, because it highly resembles most of my attempts.... I tried again this morning to thread the arch. Yeah, not looking good. By the time I get a 90d inclination orbit, the arch has passed way beyond my orbit path. Fast forward, now its dark. I stink at this, and you guys are amazing.
  10. Oh Badie, that Kill Bill Vol 451 in your voice is a little frightening.
  11. Important Safety Tip! I've been trying again this morning to thread the arch from orbit when I had one of those D'oh! moments: Choosing an arch that does not sit at the bottom of a crater would be a really good idea (D'oh! See I told you). I would post pictures to explain why, but the repeated incident was too horrific.
  12. Maybe ride a Womp Rat through it? Use the Force Luke. Oops, mixing franchises... uhmmm.... I'm giving her all shes got Captain... Live long and prosper.... He's dead Jim.
  13. Trade in your gaming rig for a potato laptop. The drop in fps gives you lots of time to think and react. About my third attempt I got it with little more effort than a Mun landing. All hail the lowly potato!
  14. I would have been disappointed if you hadn't tried. About an hour, but I held the record for one hour! Celebrate Good Times!
  15. Given my gaming skill set, the realization that Elon Musk will never allow me near even so much as his golf cart has set in. Aliens will never land and request I be their last starfighter. Further I lack the ability to reprogram the game to win against impossible odds as one James Tiberius did at Star Fleet Academy. But I have come up with a way to achieve the seeming impossible. I will go down in the record book as having the fastest EVA Kerbal in this challenge - because no one has done it yet. Until someone (anyone) else tries it Jendine Kerman holds the record. It will be a glorious 5 minutes! Sizing up the challenge: Threading the arch at a blistering 68.4 m/s. Woot! Jendine stands on the crater rim looking back at her accomplishment and remembers her predecessor, Trauki who was turned to dust when she collided with the arch head on. Score one for team Red Shirt! I accept your applause for all the expendables in the world, of which I am but one.