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  1. Apologies DarkOwl57 for the poor timing. Wanted to share one of my favorite bands from back in the day playing a Buddy Holly classic.
  2. I'm not sure why I am so fascinated by this thread. I have no mod or Emiko Station to worry about. My opinion is it is unlikely T2 will offer clarification - because lawyers. It is their ballpark and their ball. They control the game. On the other hand, this is a niche game with a small player base. T2 is extremely unlikely to alienate the core, especially the modders who have made the game more than it was imagined. There is little precedent to suggest any of the fears will come to pass. There is much history to suggest the work of the modders will continue to be encouraged. I may be totally wrong. I just can't conceive of any reason or financial benefit to T2 by enforcing stuff that destroys the game.
  3. Hey, I'm still maintaining my WifeMod. Hands off I'm a big fan of mod it til it breaks and I'm not totally broke yet.
  4. The very first bank loan I ever had was for stereo components. Most of it was Pioneer - that was pretty much the name in home equipment at the time. I haven't even seen components in years. The loss of sound quality today doesn't seem to bother anyone but us old guys - and yes all my stuff has been ripped to play on my computer or phone.
  5. I am not as 'the sky is falling' as most here but understand keeping a cautious eye out. I'm also not a lawyer and tend to glaze over when reading this stuff. Disclaimers out of the way, it seems to my uneducated guess that if you publish a mod on github or elsewhere with a license attached then post a thread about said mod with your license info then you are safe. Unless I'm missing something the mod does not exist on this forum. With fan fiction, if you start a blog and post your chapters there first you should retain copyright. I really think you are safe anyway. I suspect T2 is not stupid and wouldn't alienate an established community. I do have some concern that DRM (is that the correct term?) might be added. I never run my game through Steam. I have crappy limited internet and would likely no longer update KSP beyond my current 1.3.1 install if I had to be connected to the internet to start the game. I generally only use one install but I do have all my old versions saved.
  6. When you're watching a Bundesliga game where the temperature in the stadium is right around freezing. Everyone in the stands has on a heavy winter coat. During a close up shot you see a girl wearing her massively oversized hood. There is plenty of light colored pleated material inside the hood on either side of her head. Immediately you think Val is at the game.
  7. I'm that way with Halo type games. Truth is I'm not interested enough in the content to figure out the controllers. Original Wolfenstein 3D had a joystick and 4 buttons. Why do I need 42?
  8. My son bought it for me after my wife saw him playing it and thought I'd like it. This was back at version 0.23. I've told that part before. What I haven't touched on was that I had recently been retired on disability. Translation, I had all day to play. It kept me sane and depression free during my life transition. My son had the demo version as well so I had him copy it and I gave it to four friends who I considered space nerds who played games occasionally. Of the four, one never bothered to open it. One quickly gave up. Two stayed with it a short time. One stayed long enough to launch straight up into an orbit around the sun before quitting. The other I wrote instructions on how to get to orbit. He said it was too hard and 3 pages of instructions on his smart phone proved his point. Oh well, I tried. The learning curve was too steep for him.
  9. I was born before Gagarin went to space. I was in second grade before we had indoor plumbing. When I was a kid we had three channels on the TV. They signed off the air around midnight. We had to go outside to turn the antenna. Good times. I was in college before the Atari 2600 came out.
  10. Somebody should have checked the staging tree before hitting the spacebar O come on, tell me you didn't think the same when you first read it.
  11. So today I put on headphones and started going through my collection. While playing The Vibrators - Pure Mania album, from my punk/new wave days, it got me thinking about my influences. As a young teen I was listening to a lot of K-Tel 22 original hits by the original artists type stuff (Brandy you're a fine girl). Then one day while looking through my tape club catalog I saw Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power. What is this? Have to have it. This began the musical journey that scared my mom. She once confiscated my records because she read the groups I liked caused all kinds of deviant social behavior. Sorry mom, it wasn't the music. It was college Kidding (no I'm not). It was actually Black Sabbath's Lord of this World that completely changed my tastes. I heard it while riding to school with a friend. I had never heard thud guitars like that. I went out the next day and bought the first 4 of their albums. I was never into drugs or devil worshippy stuff, I just loved guitars and attitude. Today I play guitar in my church praise team. You just never know where the journey will lead.
  12. Currently you can put a lander can into Mun orbit with thrusters but the craft will be heavier than one using a spark engine. Try it yourself and see.
  13. I'll spam the F1 key on my next attempt at Tylo. It won't be pretty but it will have explosions. -------------------------------- Update: First the boring shot. Tylo completely manual. Cut engines at 2500m. Lost engine and a wheel. Here is a more interesting attempt where I started with MJ. I actually aborted above 2500m but didn't close window. Things were moving quickly and I got a little sideways. It made for some explosions. (you're welcome) We're all going to die! Good bye Bill! Oh wait, Bill is back. Never mind. Pass the snacks. I'm done. After Tylo, Eve, and Kerbin, pretty sure they are all doable but Jool. ---------------------------------------------- Edit 2: So Jool you evil giant. I expected to burn up quickly in the atmosphere. To my surprise there was barely any red glow, and I was at around 3500 m/s when I ran out of fuel. Instead I slowed down gently. Hit the "surface" (0 m) at around 40 m/s. Kept falling into the planet. At -250 m the craft just exploded without warning. I tried to get a pic but it all happened too quickly. The look on Bob's face. He knew.
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