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  1. This is a picture of one of the very first rockets I designed from stock parts. This was from the first day or two that I owned Kerbal Space Program. I named it Bob. I failed, and failed, and failed some more to get this into orbit back then - I gave up on it thinking it did not have enough dv to make it to space. Several months later just for fun I put it on the launchpad and hit the space bar. I hit orbit so fast I was amazed. This shows my original ideas weren't all wrong. It also proves practice makes a big difference. By the way, my son gave me a three minute lesson after he bought me the game. So that put me about a month ahead of being on my own and not knowing Scott Manley existed.
  2. Possibly not understanding. I have TexturesUnlimited_Stock.cfg and TU_PartOverhauls.cfg running on my install. My PorkJet parts are separate from stock parts. Does the TU_Config listed above replace what I have installed and is there a reason/need to update?
  3. KSP Weekly: A Private Space Race

    More of my favorite mod parts replaced by stock. I have been building similar styled landers for some time. Thank you.
  4. Help!!!

    Look for ascent guidance in the mechjeb menu. This is what you are looking for. If you don't see any mechjeb menus, make sure you have the AR unit installed on your craft. If you cannot find this part you may not have mechjeb installed correctly. Another thought, I always play sandbox but if you are starting in career, all the options may not be available to you at first.
  5. I love what @Electrocutor has done on his first pass at the stock parts. Here is the Mainsail on the launchpad: And here it is in orbit as it cools down - I can't stop staring: And here is a landing can heading for Duna. The foil oscar B's are from Munar Industries. Though they don't (yet) use this mod (they should) they have a kind of shiny thing of their own and fit in nicely:
  6. Name the Series!

    UFO Marionettes in spaaaace.
  7. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    I'm not disagreeing with you entirely. IF I had a stock option for better looking 2.5m tanks I would surely use them - though I find using orange comfortable. In my own game playing style it is the much loved, by others, plane parts that don't match the random style of everything else. I very seldom use the plane parts so their appeal is lost on me. I do use the overhaul stock parts released by Squad. I find most (not all) of them pretty cool looking. I would like it if the 2.5m tanks looked more like a mix between the overhaul and NASA parts. Looking at what Squad is slowly leaking to us, I presume we will soon have newer more closely matching parts. Some of us may be less than thrilled with the chosen aesthetic but an update is long overdo and welcome.
  8. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    But I like big orange. I added a mod (Munar Industries) that gives me a shorter orange and some and coned orange tanks. To each his own.
  9. KSP Weekly: Longest Stay on the Moon

    I know, each to his own, but after the 'glaring' comment here on using the PBR shaders, I had to see for myself. I downloaded the above tiny mod/patches. They take up next to no room and require minimal memory to run. I found the visual change in the stock parts to be pretty amazing. At this point I'm hoping @Electrocutor writes a cfg for stock parts in the Making History release when it comes out.
  10. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    Thanks... thanks a lot. I think it has been done before so won't repost but the Banana Splits song comes out of the cobwebs every now and then,
  11. More Female Defaults?

    I almost can't believe I'm taking the time to respond.... My personal view is I couldn't care less, but if adding two default female characters attracts even one young girl to have an interest in science, then I change my position. A nice compromise would be a starting game setup where you choose your three default characters to fill the positions. In my own game I use Star Trek TOS uniform colors. Jeb gets Kirk gold, while Val gets Kirk green. Bob gets science blue and Bill is a fellow Red Shirt. After these 4 I leave all others as orange. The last is for no reason other than keeping track of the 4. Full disclosure - once I get a game rolling and flights are routine (little chance of killing a character), my favorite pilot is a female named Trauki. Why? No idea. I just like the name.
  12. The Kraken is real and apparently tastes good

    The page said sweet and lemony. Have to take their word for it.
  13. KSP Challenge: " Visiting Duna and Ike"

    I don't know that I'll get around to an official entry but today I worked out a lander, set it in orbit, and landed on the north pole of Ike then Duna. Chutes were used on Duna. I first had 4 spider engines but later traded up to one 303 pug engine from Squad's release of Porkjet's stuff. Neat engine. It worked so well, I thought I would try to land on Kerbin. With a TWR of only 0.87 it would work with the chutes.... shouldn't it? Well yeah, it did but only after all the 0.62 tanks exploded one by one along with the landing gear. It got a little tense. Maybe I'll work on a rover and mother ship before this ends.
  14. Tunnels and Caves?

    Who needs tides for global flooding when we have Kopernicus!
  15. The Kraken is apparently a citrus fruit - who knew? This fruit is called Buddha's hand and is native to India, if the page I found this on got it correct. Anyway, it adds to the theory the Kerbals are plants.