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  1. Wow it seems like you made this yesterday Congratulations
  2. yes it should but if it was but if it did i hope it would make less lag
  3. Thanks also i think that is a good idea - - - Updated - - - [
  4. in one of my threads about medical syetem i noticed how few things kerbals can do so i wanted to make a thread that would make the little green men useful i then had an idea hand items there can be multiple things that they can hold like a gun a wrench(maybe for fixing stuff) and i then maybe some useful items would be a heat shield and a mobile lab mobile stuff would give less of what it does so the heat shield wouldent be as effective and the mobile lab would give less science tell me if you liked it our if you wanted something changed /added
  5. i have been thinking about moving multiple kerbals at once since i started playing and i do think it would be nice for the first DLC to be about the Kerbals themselfs becuse all the updates have gave us what the kerbals pilot
  6. i was playing ksp when i noticed that kerbal has no wildlife no life except them so i think it would be cool for a zoo yes i know it would not add any gameplay but think a zoo in space wouldent that be amazing also it would be cool if tourists could come up if you think this should not be here ok but thanks for reading this thread
  7. it wouldent be like that it would be a small chance of damage also the hole medical thing could be disabled
  8. When i was going to the moon i was thinking why bob and bill were in the cockpit driving they aren't pilots i then thought that there should be a new type of kerbal a docter he would not be able to drive but would be in a medical station and kerbals would go to it to be healed Yes i know you would have to code a completely new system but i think it would be cool now this is where i need help guys NO I MEANT THE PLAYERS NOT YOU KERBALS anyway i need help on the way kerbals would be damaged i was thinking if they hit something to hard or if the cockpit heat got passed a safe point but i cant
  9. Thanks now that i think about what you said it might be useful
  10. I don't know why this would be added but i think it would be cool if you could display ships So you could come back to them and see your old vessels i have some ideas Your First Craft A space station The first rocket to go to the moon The first craft to go into orbit and so on i don't know why but it could be useful i guess also check out my other post of the idea of a medical syetem
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