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  1. 2/10 There is nothing to suggest non-humans can not be irrational. Rational...ratio...ration...I think of food, subject change! To abruptly change topic is to a signature of a human, therefore I must be human.
  2. Granted. And as good of a time as any. For your cat is a fully grown Leopard. Thus you better not miss a feeding time from here on out, else your cat will eat you. I wish for a house cat.
  3. That random deceleration was the ship crashing into Epimetheus.
  4. Granted. A spinning Kerbal come crashing into you. I wish for wonderful haircut.
  5. No, there is no gunpowder....just equal amount of matter and anti-matter, 1.2 kg of each will do. Thus whatever the object is now has been consumed in an explosion equivalent to the Tsar Bomb blast. Boom-shaka-laka.
  6. Corrosive stew put into soup bowl, dissolving it...and spilling the vile stew.
  7. 8/10 Oh snap! I forgot about that site! To be forgetful it a totally human quality.
  8. Granted. You receive more time to do stuff. However this come at the price of more tasks being delegated to you. Good luck, friend. I wish to have fewer responsibilities.
  9. Granted. You find a harpsichord in your living room. I wish for a free subscription to SolidWorks.
  10. Granted. However, each and every function only results in the number 7 being typed. I wish to get all 7's on a scratch-ticket.
  11. Superpower Drain-O-Matic 3000 activated.
  12. Granted, you speak ancient English. And while you succeed in that pursuit, no one understands a thing you say. I wish, nay, demand more coffee!
  13. No, sadly I don't have a birb...and neither does respondent
  14. Granted. But that results in Akagi meeting a horrible fate. I wish for today to be stress-free.
  15. Galactic reverse card is dealt and the boom is compressed back into its constituents again.
  16. Granted. Loboysters are a thing. However the creature proves to be ecologically damaging to the seas and they taste down right disgusting. This wish has single handled has ruined the oceans and scuttled the seafood industry. On the topic of seafood, I wish for a baked haddock sandwich...before Loboysters depletes haddock stocks.
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