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  1. Granted. You find a harpsichord in your living room. I wish for a free subscription to SolidWorks.
  2. Granted. However, each and every function only results in the number 7 being typed. I wish to get all 7's on a scratch-ticket.
  3. Superpower Drain-O-Matic 3000 activated.
  4. Granted, you speak ancient English. And while you succeed in that pursuit, no one understands a thing you say. I wish, nay, demand more coffee!
  5. No, sadly I don't have a birb...and neither does respondent
  6. Granted. But that results in Akagi meeting a horrible fate. I wish for today to be stress-free.
  7. Galactic reverse card is dealt and the boom is compressed back into its constituents again.
  8. Granted. Loboysters are a thing. However the creature proves to be ecologically damaging to the seas and they taste down right disgusting. This wish has single handled has ruined the oceans and scuttled the seafood industry. On the topic of seafood, I wish for a baked haddock sandwich...before Loboysters depletes haddock stocks.
  9. 8/10. Sound legit As a human, I desire to know more about our forms of passtime.
  10. 1/10. You are a cat! Such ability to identify a cat among the ranks of humans must mean I am human.
  11. 2/10. A nice attempt at subterfuge, but most humans would not care to write their math equations in such an unambiguous manner and I question the Kerbals ability to do math properly. But the score leave room that I could be wrong. The willingness to admit fault is a human trait, thus I must be human.
  12. Granted. A lesion is made in your brain, eradicating the engram the stored that joke in your memory. But in having this done, you now no longer remember your ATM PIN code. I wish to avoid having my own brain undergo lesioning.
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