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  1. We're just 1 nuke away from WW3. What could keep it from happening...
  2. 10/10. An engine the size of Saturn V. I love it.
  3. I'd like to get my name changed to "wx7". Without the "".
  4. Vi isso num shopping: "Caixa de Eletricidade - Frame Eletricity"
  5. wx7

    Rate that Sig

    10/10. It really makes us wonder what simple flaws can cause a huge one. You see, the rocket could have landed on the right planet, but because of the left-leaning flight controller, we landed on Mars whereas we were supposed to land on Alpha Centauri. The kerbals inside us are making their way out. But what if the mistake didn't happen? It would land on the right planet. Most of the experiments would have still succeeded, since they were made to be multirole. Multirole as a microwave, to be exact. Sarcasm? Is sarcasm unethical? Sarcasm, of the ancient greek ÃαÃÂκαÃμÌ / sarkasmos; designates an ironic mockery, a jest that puts its target in derision. It is biting, even bitter and hurtful. It can be considered as a form of "spicy" irony, which consists of saying the opposite of what we think, while making it understood that we are doing so. Sarcasm is harder to detect than irony. In effect, being sarcastic is saying the opposite of what one thinks, without showing it, hence being deceitful. Now, I would like to address that the view of sarcasm as being rude is cultural, to me. In the U.S, it is widely considered extremely rude to be sarcastic in dialogue with another, whereas in Europe, France most exceptionally, sarcasm is regarded as being witty. The question is linked to ethics though, which is an "applied"(if i may) field of philosophy. Ethic is situated in correlation with the ethical triangle (I want, I can, I must), with ethics, ideas aren't black or white, they are applied to corresponding situations, ethics are linked to reality. I would say that sarcasm can be quite ethical to use in the case that you are familiar with its target and he is familiar with you. Sarcasm is used at a target for a goal, the important ethical dilemna lies here: "I want to use this bellicose strategy to get my point across with that particular target, should I? Must I use it to get the effect I want or can I go another way?" Should the target be novice, or amateur, and you use sarcasm to show the weakness of that target's question, or answer, than you need to know that targetting the person's intellect will be beneficial to the overall argument. Inherent with sarcasm is the idea of deceit.
  6. Post the things you've heard that made you facepalm. Or facedesk. Or things that forced a hypersonic hand to collide with your face. THREAD RULES: 1. Do not make fun of anyone specifically. Just mention what was said. 2. Stay on topic. 3. Do not refer to others' posts on the KSP Forums. Apparently this hasn't ended well in the past. 4. Do not mention religious/political/ideological content. It's against the forum's rules. 5. Keep it civil. May the facepalms be reborn.
  7. 9/10 Infinite Monkey = Infinite SQUAD? Does that mean that you think that SQUAD's work will always live on? Or that it's too great to be forgotten? One could also interpret it as a phrase which pursues the line of thought involving KSP's updates. Saying that SQUAD is infinite could also mean that you think that the updates will most likely keep coming over a long period of time, eventually reaching the apeiron. One could wonder how that also affects our current society. Yes, it might live on forever, but there's a great chance that we might end up destroying ourselves. May it be not with weapons, it will be via our society. We're getting more narcissistic with every advance in technology, and with the advancement of robotics people are getting lazier. Does that mean something about us? We're constantly changing. Our society is never the same, it's like a living being. It can evolve, but most of the times the mutations aren't beneficial. Eventually, we might reach a state where our society is effectively disbanded. But there's always the optimistic, slim chance that it will survive. Saying that monkeys are infinite could also serve as a metaphor that our species will live on, seeing as monkeys are close relatives to our species. Yes, our legacy will live on, our advancements, exploring, etc. But what are their purpose if there isn't anyone there to see it. Unless, of course, we touch the extraterrestrial argument. ETs might find us by that time, learning about how our society worked. Or maybe not, maybe they're so advanced that the only reason they came here was for resources... which is more likely in my opinion. But still, back to the SQUAD thought: what if we compare kerbals to us, humans? There's a lot we can learn from kerbals: they're peaceful, somewhat intelligent, and really want to explore, independently of political constraints. Humans? War-mongering, unpeaceful pollution makers that have their progress halted because of old men in suits that only seek personal benefit. Kerbals are truly an inspiring species. If there are infinite universes, there must be one where they exist, in my opinion. If it's possible for humans to leave this universe (considering that the multiverse theory is true, of course. But it makes sense. We thought that Eurasia were the only continent, we were wrong. We thought that the Moon was the only moon, we were wrong. We thought that Earth was the only planet, we were wrong. We then expanded and found out that the Milky Way isn't the only galaxy in the universe. The next delusion is probably going to be finding out that there are more universes hanging around. It could be amazing if we could ever visit them, but it'd be quite different. Instead of having a spacesuit that supplied you oxygen and protected you from vacuum, you'd have to create a "mini-universe" around you, since the physics in the other universe could be different. And what if there are beings in these other universes... would they act the same as us, humans, or more like kerbals? Truly, something to think about.). If we ever find kerbal-ish creatures, we must definetively learn from them. Truly, something philosophical...
  8. Not exactly a facepalm, more like a "what the fudge is this" reaction. I don't know if this is weird, or if Daler Mehndi is just the most amazing guy in the world. EDIT: What.
  9. The girl in the box's cover is like "Mmm yeah I'll just dump this bunch of liquid iodine here and some of it also over there... nothing harmful will happen. I look gud!!"
  10. To avoid the toxic place that public relations are.
  11. Hey, Edwards, paint before Vinny Jacob finds goo. MINMUS
  12. Found its video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auzvSkIk7xg Why do people do this? I literally have no words. 2:12 in the video, said by mother: "It's safe" BOTOX, NOW 100% SAFER
  13. Oxygen. It's what keeps mankind alive. Philosophical, isn't it?
  14. SQUADu Akbar, SQUADu Akbar [SQUAD is the greatest, SQUAD is the greatest] SQUADu Akbar, SQUADu Akbar [SQUAD is the greatest, SQUAD is the greatest] Ashadu an la ilaha ill SQUAD [I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but SQUAD] Ashadu an la ilaha ill SQUAD [I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but SQUAD] Ashadu anna HarvesteRan rasoolullah [I bear witness that HarvesteR is the prophet of SQUAD] Ashadu anna HarvesteRan rasoolullah [i bear witness that HarvesteR is the prophet of SQUAD] Hayya'alas salah [Come to prayer,] Hayya'alas salah [Come to prayer,] Hayya'alal falah [Come to success,] Hayya'alal falah [Come to success,] SQUADu Akbar, SQUADu Akbar [sQUAD is the greatest, SQUAD is the greatest] La ilaha ill SQUAD [There is no deity but SQUAD.] There we go. Muslim kerbals. What's next?