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  1. So I have created a newer version that doesn't use automator and fixes space handling in the path. Also doesn't require a separate download of ckan.exe and works like any normal Mac app does. I don't have control over the GitHub main branch and am waiting for the maintainer to merge my updated version. The working version can be found here: https://github.com/jwwolff/CKAN.app/releases/tag/1.0.4
  2. So for the .app, double clicking the app is how to use it, but because mono is also installed on the portable drive, if I'm understanding correctly, I don't think the .app will work. If double clicking the app doesn't work then typing into the terminal won't work either(the app uses terminal). To get around this you'll need to make a shell script that finds the mono directory and the location of ckan.exe then executes the mono command with the correct directory and path. You can find information about this on the mono website. If you need help creating the shell script just pm me and I can try to help. (might take a little while for me to get back to you though)
  3. For the problem, terminal reads spaces in folders as ~/library/Application\ Support/~ but with command mdfind it outputs a user friendly format that doesn't include the backslash. So you can either manually edit the app(which if you want to do I could provide instructions of how to do) or change the location of the ckan.exe file.
  4. What operating system are you on?(the terminal commands do slightly different things depending on what MacOS your on) Try typing into the command line "mono $(mdfind ckan.exe) version" (without the "" ) replace version with "help" and run it again then finally with "gui" For some reason when updating ckan to the new version it won't launch the gui (even if you launch it regularly without the .app) and gives the same problem that you're having but after using these commands it starts working for me. (if this still doesn't work go to the ckan github and manually download the Plasma window version of ckan I know that one works)
  5. I just redid the command line code hopefully this will force it to launch the GUI. (You can find it here: https://github.com/jwwolff/CKAN.app/releases)
  6. So from what I can tell its not recognizing the mono command. Do you have the latest version of mono downloaded? It can be found here(http://www.mono-project.com/download/)
  7. It works fine on OS X El Capitan. Also I made a pull request on your github of a modified version that doesn't require you to have ckan.exe in the downloads folder.