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  1. I actually find out the issue. My SAM sites were using probe cores but once I added a crew command module to it. the turret began to work.
  2. yeah and the issue was also present for me in 1.6 and 1.5. there is probably an issue with macs. Idk what else could be the issue
  3. the problem appears to only happen if i build the craft in the SPH so if i keep it in the VAB it should be fine
  4. Im running ksp 1.4.5 bda PRE and module manager 4.0.2 and I am having an issue with guard mode where an air turret locks on to a plane, selects a missile to fire but only fires the missile if the plane is below 100 m. Any tips to fix this problem
  5. Im having an issue in regard to the hitpoint system. When I build my plane in the hanger the wings have 9000hp but when I spawn the plane on the runway the hp changes to 1000. I have BDA, PRE 1.7, and MM 3.1.1. Im also running on KSP 1.4.5.
  6. I apologize for asking a lot of questions, but I increased the guard mode visual range to 10km but the missiles still only fire at 5km.
  7. When I drop an atomic bomb, any vehicle loaded in the world seem to also have a nuclear explosion even though they are not in the blast radius.
  8. I know I am asking a lot but I am just confused on how to increase the guard visual range to 10km. I have seen videos where the range of the guard mode is 10km. My guard mode is defaulted to 5km
  9. I was setting up some SAM sites and I wanted them to fire 10km but when I pressed ALT-B to change the physics range the only option was to change the competition distance. Any help?