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  1. oab2

    [1.0.2] Solar Panel Action Group!

    Hey Joe, I don't want to be a bother but is there any chance this could get updated for 1.2? I really love this mod. Or is there an easy way to put this in the key-bindings of the settings.cfg file? Thanks for all your work on your mods!
  2. No I am using non-physics warp (green triangles).
  3. hmm I will give this a try but it seams that I tried timewarping 1 triangle and it still did a pretty big jump going to minmus. Any chance they are going to fix this?
  4. I have searched and found similar complaints about where there is orbit drift under 100K orbits after coming out of timewarp but the problem I have seams to be related but different. When I make a burn that provides and encounter to either the Mun or Minmus from Kerbin and then start my timewarp out to the Mun or Minmus my Pe around that moon changes considerably. Sometimes I have to apply prograge half way to the Mun or Minmus to correct the encounter (usually when trying to rendezvous with Minmus), other times it just moves my Pe (either closer or farther away, no idea which it will be on each time I do it.) Is this an issue that others are having? In past version the encounter with another moon did not change at all with timewarp. I have not yet tried this with a trip to Duna as I have not had time to check this out that far. I am using 1.2.1 though this started in 1.2.0.
  5. oab2

    how did you find out about ksp??

    I saw it in a Smarter Every Day video on Youtube. Destin was explaining space rendezvous and had a Scott Manley clip. I played the demo till I just had to have the full version.
  6. oab2

    SAS and non-pilots

    Safe? This is KSP, where we build crazy rockets that will surely kill Kerbals because it's funny as heck to watch things go wrong... sometimes that is.
  7. oab2

    SAS and non-pilots

    There seems to be a few things with the new communications network that you don't know if they will work or fail until you are on a collision course for the back of Minmus and have little way of correcting the situation. I guess I could do the math but I just assumed my antenna would work for a scientist minmus trip and I was wrong.
  8. oab2

    SAS and non-pilots

    In 1.0.5 if I got a scientist up to 3 stars he was able to do SAS. I checked in 1.2 and in science mode game all classes were 5 stars and all had same SAS abilities. So does Science mode deviate from Career that much? Thanks for the tip. I have also found that 1.2 and the comm network makes it harder to go to minmus first with a scientist and a probe core.
  9. oab2

    SAS and non-pilots

    While playing Career my scientist at level 3 still does not have SAS abilities. Old versions they did. When I play Science mode a level 5 scientist has full SAS abilities. The in-game wiki does not show that a scientist ever gets SAS. What gives? In Career mode will a scientist ever have SAS abilities?
  10. oab2

    [1.0.2] Solar Panel Action Group!

    Joe is there any change this can be updated for 1.2? I really appreciate this mod and miss it in 1.2.
  11. oab2

    [1.0.2] Solar Panel Action Group!

    This does not work for me in 1.2.0. I really like this mod!
  12. I tried out 1.1.2 last night and ended up kinda frustrated. I tried out a science game. When I am in orbit around a planet I can't click on either AP/PE to get them to continually display the altitude. Is that a bug or am I missing something? This is a major function of KSP and it seams to be missing for me. I also had an issue with EVA. When I let go of the ship my orientation would not change. In prior versions I could change the camera angle and hit space and it would adjust my orientation of my kerbal. I then tried holding Lmouse and changing the orientation of my kerbal. This worked but as soon as I tried to move him following that he returned to his prior orientation. Had a hard time getting back to the ship. Are these known bugs? Also I think the new map icons are horrid. The AP/PE markers are hard to see compared to 1.0.5, and the icons look like comic book icons to me. I know I found some other issues but got frustrated. This really feels like the devs don't play the very games they make.
  13. oab2

    Devnote Tuesday: Wednesday Edition!

    Any chance of implementing this for all orbiting craft? This or even the 1.0.5 arrows would make rendezvous much easier when one is needing to determine orbital direction.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I take it this means that Squad may release a complete download but it is steam that determines only 2.2mg is all that needs downloaded? I will give WinMerge a try to see what changes. I agree the total folder size is not a huge issue.
  15. I purchased KSP through steam. I however don't play from the steam KSP folder. Instead after downloading KSP I then copy from the steam location to another folder on my hdd and play form there. That way I don't have to worry about steam updating my game when I don't want it yet. I am also able that way to have an original KSP folder, a modded folder and a non-modded install of KSP. My question is this: How do I apply a small update in my situation (build 1025 to 1028 as it is today)? Do I have to copy all the contents of the Steam KSP folder over to my other folders or is there a way to only copy over a certain file. I noticed the update from 1.0.4 was 345mg so that was a complete copy and create new 1.0.5 folders. However I noticed the update today was only 2.2mg so it's obvious very little changed.