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  1. ok so hear is my output file and a image of the loading screen.!Z1FhFQSZ!IVTsXwxCu9SgZElJ39sCSR75_4P_ZkP13WAySfAtbJc again i replaced the Module manager with a newer version than what was in the mod file. if there is anything else you need let me know. - - - Updated - - - i had to use tinypic, because imgur didn't work sadly. i was able to upload the image to imgur. but ksp didn't show the image.
  2. Hello, i have a big problem. i installed your mod and launched the game, but i have no command pod or anything, like everything in the build hanger is gone. even when i load a saved ship it says its missing parts. if you know anything about this please help. thank you
  3. SORRY that the pictures are not working idk how to add the picture from my desktop :(
  4. Hi first thing i have to say is amazing design, i seen it in action but i have a problem. after moving everything in the Gamedata folder into KSP Gamedata, and launching the game it seems to always get stuck on Module manager, i have already searched to see if there was any other Module manager files in the KSP folder, but there wasn't, and i have updated the Module manager file to the latest but still did nothing. i also tried launching the game without the Module manager file but it gets stuck on the Mk2TwinTurboJet files, and other files from engine folder. Idk if those folders need Module manager but i'm really stuck. it would be wonderful if you could help me please.