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  1. The challenge is simple, fire a rocket from kerbin and use it to knock an asteroid off course by colliding with it. One point for hitting the asteroid and changing its orbit in a noticeable and significant way. 2 points if you can change its orbit enough to enter another bodies sphere of influence or enough to make it intercept another body. 3 points if you use another ship to launch your rocket. 4 points if you use a ship or vessel attached to another asteroid to launch your rocket. 5 points if the asteroid was on a collision course with kerbin. 10 poin
  2. Here is my Raptor SSTO, uses 4 j60D engines and a vector for vertical landing on the surface. Can enter into a 100k orbit of kerbin with around 5k delta-v left over and has a full mining setup in the service bays.
  3. I thought that the reaction wheels are just shifting weight around the spacecraft and changing it's center of mass. By shifting enough weight around you could do all sorts of stuff.
  4. You read that correctly, you must build a spacecraft without using any of the node attachment placement thing and show a node display screenshot as proof. As an extra bonus if you can do this using the KAS to build a spacecraft out of debris left behind by a previous mission. No editor mods allowed.
  5. [img]http://i.imgur.com/vGDD4uy.jpg[/img] Vtol shuttle and it's cargo. Could be called a jump jet? Or I guess a jump-rocket? I really don't know but it gets the job done.
  6. [img]http://i.imgur.com/q3TC4O6.jpg[/img] X-Stream Spaceplane Worked all night at 10fps trying to get this thing worked out. 4 Whiplash 4 Rapier 2 Aerospike 4 Nukes 12 Ion engines Makes orbit with about 1000 liquid fuel left, plus 5k of Xenon. Drops the whiplashes once they're toast, also the aerospikes, they just help reach full speed and keep altitude. I know it's not strictly an SSTO, but honestly I really don't care if I have to drop off some extra hardware that becomes useless once I leave the atmosphere. Once you fire the nukes and switch over
  7. Yeah, I mean at least some kind of manual control over the directional DV, radial, normal, prograde numbers should be typable. Kind of tired of trying to massage the click and drag mechanic especially when my mouse likes to occasionally "let go" when I'm holding the button down.
  8. Instantly fell in love with this game. I'm interested in maybe even making a few little mods, or at least working on some. Would be most interested in stock-alike type stuff or anything that adds to the game play. I have experience with 3d stuff, programming, the usual stuff. Let me know if anyone wants to maybe collaborate a bit and see what we can come up with. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone. I found some mods that add sounds to various things, rover wheels, ion engines, rcs thrusters, and non of them seem to be working. I looked into the ion engine one as that was my main goal and I checked the versions to see that it didn't quite support 1.05, but with the sound files and a little cfg editing it shouldn't be that big of a deal. I looked at the old ion code with the sounds and grabbed these lines: sound_loop = running sound_stop = disengage sound_stop = engage sound_stop = flameout and pasted them into the new 1.0
  10. I have encountered the disappearing contracts bug twice now. It happened once after starting the game back up for the day, and once during an interplanetary mission to Duna that I was working on while also cruising around the mun-minmus area saving astronauts and putting up satellites. It really sucks because I was earning money for the last VAB upgrade and almost had a few different objectives accomplished. Now they're just all gone, not failed, not anything, like they never exsisted. Before I was actually kind of glad because I had some tedious ones built up that I didn't want to take a pena
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