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  1. I wonder if this isn't bad timing. Maybe should have saved this until 1.8.1 for the sake of giving good first impressions to new players, considering the state of 1.8.0. Then again, KSP 1.0 was in even worse shape and a lot of us still got hooked in the EA days.
  2. You try middle mouse button? Not exactly intuitive...
  3. This sounds like a drastic change. Eve landers will highlight more subtle changes because the margins are usually fairly small.
  4. If you fly Eve missions in multiple KSP versions, you'll realize how regularly aero and heating changes don't make it into the changelog. The question should be "Is this better or worse?"
  5. You didn't put career game cost in there. You'd want some sort of complex metric like ( thrust2 * dV ) / (weight * cost) I have used the flea for some especially violent short landings in big planes. The burn time and twr are nice for that application.
  6. Redesigning all Eve-capable landers is a normal part of the upgrade process in my experience.
  7. Also 1.X.0 releases are notoriously buggy, and 1.8 is certainly no exception, so it makes sense for most mods which take any effort to fix to wait for the 1.8.1 release.
  8. I wonder if Unity handles HID in an absolutely wacky way. We keep seeing these input device issues that shouldn't really be issues with modern OS designs.
  9. It's a from-scratch install in a clean VM. Odd indeed. There are some other documented texture bugs also, so I will revisit this in 1.8.1. No complaints though -- this is pretty well polished for an engine upgrade.
  10. Is mouse wheel behaviour reversed everywhere in game now? Camera nav in the VAB is reversed, which is arguably based on preference, but scrollable sidebars go backwards too, which is just wrong.
  11. At the very least, this will hopefully make the bug where actions groups disappear part-way through a mission less crippling for landers. Nothing like trying to land an unnecessarily complex lander with half a dozen context menus pinned open during descent because the AGs stopped working.
  12. It's great on Newtonian physics, and questionable on chemistry, and total bunk on biology, so it probably calls for a little bit of framing as such if being used in a consolidated science class.
  13. It's a small price to pay for that level of detail. Switching to map view disables the aero fx rendering as a workaround.