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  1. I took a long-distance manned exploration contract called the Eve 6. Obviously the craft had to be named the "Rendezvous Then I'm Through With You".
  2. Edit: Nevermind, that guy's issue cleared itself up. Disregard entirely. I'm suggesting that whatever stops NDAI from activating on the navball when a probe core is the target may be causing issues with a mod docking port. It works fine with the SpaceY docking parts that I use, so I can't really help troubleshoot further.
  3. I'm pretty sure the indicator only activates when the target is a docking port. I assumed this was intended behaviour.
  4. ExtremeSquared

    What gameplay rules do you impose on yourself?

    Only take "Science data from XXX" contracts if you have some fresh science to sell. I don't care that those contracts feel like an exploit. This provides a reason to park a science base on bodies, and NOT immediately collect all experiments. Over the next few years in game, that base gets fully paid for by all these companies wanting to lease its capabilities. It forces me to not abandon surface bases. Also, capitalism.
  5. ExtremeSquared

    KSP Weekly: Planum Australe

    Technically, the game says there is life on Moho and Eeloo.
  6. ExtremeSquared

    KSP Weekly: Planum Australe

    Ehhhh, that's more of a 1.0 joke. For those of us here from 0.17 or so, this game is finally getting pretty well polished.
  7. ExtremeSquared

    KSP Weekly: Planum Australe

    If it was just wrong, they would have fixed it by now. After this long, it makes more sense to assume omnipresent life forms. Add to that the fact that they survive decades in just a space suit with no air, food, or water, and it paints a picture of the system being the home of some really hardy biological specimens.
  8. ExtremeSquared

    KSP Weekly: Planum Australe

    Yes, that too. I was referring to the fact that the R&D building lists 5(edit:nope) biomes for Duna, and biomes, by definition, all contain biological life. In fact, there is no body in the entire system that does not host life. Pretty sure the mystery goo plays into this somehow?
  9. ExtremeSquared

    KSP Weekly: Planum Australe

    If you pay close attention to all parts of the game, there is already explicitly life on Duna in stock KSP.
  10. I wonder how relativistic speeds would play havok with the inner working of a rocket turbine... This being on reddit is amusing as well. It's like finding a peer-reviewed neuroscience article on buzzfeed.
  11. ExtremeSquared

    Double Docking

    In old versions, the joints weren't locked, but the second set of ports still provided strength through collision/attraction. Closed loops were impossible in general for a while.
  12. ExtremeSquared

    puff engines

    The one scenario in which I find them useful are small jumping rovers on low-grav bodies, especially if there's a fuel depot in orbit or isru nearby. If they are built with rcs blocks for safety anyway, then avoiding LF/Ox can be worth the extra simplicity at the cost of a little dV. One fuel tank instead of two, which is actually worthwhile on small rovers.
  13. ExtremeSquared

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Trying to figure out if it will hit an altitude/time to catch the sun while a viewing position on the ground is in the dark... it's close at least. Still not as ideal for visuals as a sunset launch.
  14. ExtremeSquared

    The biology of a kerbal.

    Good luck justifying the biology. Kerbol system contains life on both Eeloo and Moho, which is... unlikely based on existing organisms.