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  1. That fairing screenshot doesn't do it justice. It's only about 1.5 seconds of video, but go watch that thing dancing around on the deck. That fairing is toast. And that ship's crew deserves a raise.
  2. This is where ultra-simple mini mods shine. I'd rather play vanilla than add all of kerbal attach mod to achieve refueling capabilities. Luckily dmagic made a bunch of spartan single-function mods, one of which adds a basic fuel hose for engineers to connect. I don't feel like it's "cheating". If you're ideologically set on pure stock, then I respect that, though.
  3. This has been a constant thing since the beginning. I've had it happen with no SOI changes involved. This is why the cheat menu exists, in my opinion. Infinite fuel yourself back to where the game said you were going to be, then move on.
  4. Unless you're pretty lucky, floating point errors in the physics engine will ruin complex gravity assists even if you understand the concept and set everything up properly. Using tylo and ike for crude gravity assists can still be done easily enough though.
  5. What would cause a reseed? I'm certain I've had scatters move into a Pol base on extreme-long-term career saves before. Running Kopernicus if that makes a difference. Although I've been playing with scatter off for at least a year now, if something changed.
  6. If you're in career / science mode, you need to unlock them. It used to be that you had to re-unlock after mod install even if the node was already unlocked, so check that anyway.
  7. What is the rationale for the space center ambience being one giant cricket? Where's it even coming from when I am hovering a kilometer over the VAB? Why can't it be an owl? I can be relatively certain there aren't owls in my house when I accidentally leave KSP running at night.
  8. Could be space-comms specific. In years of general radio/satcom work I've only seen Line of Sight. Regardless, it's a pretty unfortunate overlap of acronyms considering the heavy intersection of those fields.
  9. Ah that makes more sense. I've only seen the acronym used for Line-of-Sight in a comms context. I'll have to stop using that acronym. Overlapping acronyms in the same field are no good.
  10. I had always assumed it was a sat link, not LOS. The antenna size for high bandwidth LOS at that distance would be fairly large.
  11. If they make core gameplay robust enough, I could see them believing that a DRM / mod ban / paid mod scheme would be viable.
  12. I'm just sort of worried it's getting heavier every time a failure is addressed. There comes a point in beefing up the structure where mission capabilities need to be adjusted.
  13. If one of the astronauts pulls the escape system lever, they can still have a much smaller rocket launch.
  14. Not that it's relevant, but one of the commentators said the weather was "bad".
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