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  1. The Horrifying Implications of the Kerbin Crater

    Given his immortality, I assumed that was caused by Jeb's first attempt at a soft landing.
  2. Standard Lift Subassemblies

    Gone are the days where basic interplanetary missions required an intricate lacework of struts and fuel pipes holding dozens of small 2.5m tanks together. Those lifters took a fair amount of time and testing to build. Now lifters are the most painless part.
  3. Which celestial bodies may have or had life?

    According to the game, all bodies currently contain life. Biomes contain biology. Probably anaerobic bacteria, but it is on literally ever body. According to the game.
  4. What is the strangest bug you have found?

    Stable Kerbin orbit at 20km, complete with non-stop plasma.
  5. Fix for shock heating on assent yet?

    The most efficient ascent is usually ball-of-fire ascent. I'm not sure how that is debatable. If that's immersion-breaking, and you're not willing to do an inefficient ascent of your own accord, you could turn up re-entry heating. That way the most efficient successful ascent will not be a ball-of-fire.
  6. Still the overheating

    May very well be a mod issue. The timewarp overheating bug seems to have disappeared in stock KSP in the last few releases, from my experience.
  7. Someone check my anomaly detection thinking?

    The fact that sin(theta) / tan(theta) approaches 1 as theta approaches zero ends up being somewhat horrifying in real life. Tracking down huge discrepancies in calculations is usually way easier than a result being consistently off by 0.3%.
  8. Someone check my anomaly detection thinking?

    The term StahnAileron is trying to use is "tangent line" and he's correct. You can't see an entire hemisphere at once. Depending on how KSP models occlusion, that is. The correct calculated SMA should be SMA = 600 / sin(5 degrees) At such low angles, making this trig mistake results in a ~0.3% error based on my quick calculations.
  9. Pol awereness

    It's great if you send a manned mission to scope out saddles and valleys for landing spots and plant flags. Otherwise, the terrain makes landing a mining rig just anywhere pretty rough. The nice thing is that it's one of the only places that a manned ion powered lander will work -- if you bring enough batteries to compensate for low solar energy.
  10. Celestial Objects with Naked Eye from KSC

    When panning the camera, there are flickering graphical glitches in the places the planets are. That probably doesn't count.
  11. Unity engine update

    At this point, a lot of the most annoying and noticeable KSP bugs are Unity bugs. It's probably a necessary evil in the long-term roadmap to KSP end-of-development.
  12. Relay Network Moves Magical

    With 8 satellites in 8 totally random orbits you ought to have 99.999% uptime. I usually do two equatorial satellites and two polar and have extremely good coverage with both occlusion modifiers at 1.0. Unless you can enjoy station keeping, geostationary satellites are more of a pain than they are worth in the game.
  13. Have you "cheated" like this?

    I've cheated like that a few times when game bugs prevented the triggering of contract completion. Manually verify all conditions met... open cheat menu... mark as complete. I think of it as taking a non-paying Kerbal company to court for breach of contract.
  14. What was your highest velocity ever achieved?

    31km/sec encounter with moho orbit vs retrograde moho orbit. 1x warp.
  15. Should the "Wheesley" Engine be Changed?

    I imagine that realistic thrust reverser values would be boring and useless from a gameplay perspective. Cosine losses alone should be around 29% based on my two minutes of wikipedia research. As someone who likes the wheesley, I'm fine with <100% reverse thrust.