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  1. Was having trouble parsing what the final partial transmission was.
  2. Guy on the Dart Livestream: You don't want to blow up an asteroid. The pieces will still hit earth. You don't want to miss a thing. I refuse to believe this wasn't an overt reference to that awful scene in Armageddon with the animal crackers.
  3. Must just be heavily time-delayed. The captions are clearly human-generated and showing up before the words. If youtube does live human-generated captions it could be just a minute or two delayed, though.
  4. Was this filmed yesterday? All the captions are clearly finished already.
  5. Is a "failed range" a range violation or a sensor value out-of-range? edit: In this case, it was a plane. Ambiguous words in dynamic environments worry me. But I guess they have been chugging along with "LOS" having two different meanings relating to comms and understanding based on context for a while.
  6. Falcon 9 flights are officially boring enough that there were no posts in this thread from launch to landing.
  7. Are we sure the previous footage was burned? Hardened storage of telemetry and footage is far from impossible.
  8. That thing is sitting on the absolute edge of the pad.
  9. Hope they get all the failure data they need from that... 'footage'.
  10. Never make critical plans that depend on government employees on a Monday. Source: was a government employee.
  11. My point is that these similar systems have a rather low expected landing velocity. There's no reason to think the goal shouldn't be right around zero, depending on good software. Falcon plops down on a gyrating barge.
  12. If the plan to snatch one of these out of the air by the grid fins is real, then those anemic looking legs ought to be enough. That was a pretty high landing velocity.
  13. Last landing failure happened one day short of a year ago. Starlink 4.
  14. Suggests there was ballast on this one. Maybe more fuel.
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