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  1. Aero gets tweaked all the time without making it into the changelog. It's been this way from the beginning.
  2. Career with cash rewards bumped up allows a taste of sandbox play without losing the features of career.
  3. I'm saying the practice of launching to a 70+ km circular parking orbit and then taking your time waiting for an appropriate transfer is easier and practical in most scenarios. Direct launch to transfer would be unnecessarily frustrating to people who haven't played a fair amount. And the benefit is just a smidge of oberth efficiency and less orbital debris, which realistically shouldn't be a concern until you become a more neurotic ksp player.
  4. Really the only reason to launch in the dark is if you are using your first stage as part of a transfer stage to an outer planet, and even then, it's sort of a likely-unnecessary advanced technique. You may as well launch at sunrise.
  5. There are efficient transfers that don't require the use of transfer windows. Honestly, the two-burn transfer is the only way to do Moho and the best way to transfer back from outer planets. Hohmann transfers are just an option.
  6. Another fuel tank cam view at T+9:15 More footage that would be cool to have access to.
  7. It would be nice if they would release the non-streamed high-quality stored footage from past landings.
  8. That's the rub, I guess. I can't be bothered to keep track of this. I have definitely woken people up with 7am phone calls before because I knew they'd be up by 8am and they live in a place with spuriously changing timezones.
  9. I'm American and can't be bothered to learn what EDT means. UDT is just easier all around. Unless you're in one of those 30 minute offset timezones. Then you need a calculator regardless.
  10. 19:37 UTC Not sure why EDT is used given it is unreliable to convert from.
  11. Looks like they got the livestream start time wrong. Launch target is in an hour or so.
  12. KSP was an unstable mess before 1.2 or so. It would crash-to-desktop regularly. If this happened while you were flying a plane, the whole crew would be KIA. I lost probably dozens of Kerbals to Unity.
  13. I make sure Donner Kerman goes on all the extreme long-term missions.
  14. Consider that aerobraking can give you 5-10g of deceleration. RCS would need a pretty large fraction of that to compete if the craft is aerodynamically unstable, and RCS TWR is usually an order of magnitude or two less than 1.0. Give it a big 'ol airplane tail instead. Detach the tail once it's safe to open drogue parachutes.
  15. Aero surfaces on the leeward end of the craft are sometimes necessary with the inflatable shields. Like a dart. The inflatables are sort of a nightmare sometimes. I try to use overlapped regular heat shields when possible.