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  1. ExtremeSquared

    What was the best explosion that you ever encountered?

    On a sun-diving science mission, the thermometer was one of the first parts that overheated and blew up. It seemed KSP-appropriate.
  2. That 10m/s/s gravity loss is a killer. It adds up real quickly with low TWR rockets. Even though you're trying a spaceplane style shallow ascent, you'll still take way too long to get up to altitudes where you can approach orbital velocity.
  3. ExtremeSquared

    Orbital debris with low Atmo Pe

    Seems like this should be stock behaviour, but is there any mod that deletes debris with a Periapsis that dips far into atmo in orbit around bodies with atmospheres? I could probably write a python script to process the savefile that accomplishes this, but have no experience with modding.
  4. ExtremeSquared

    How a build a 22,000 m/s dV spaceship?

    Using ions for manned missions is usually a huge pain, but this mission is pretty much begging for it. That close to the sun, you can power multiple ions with fixed panels, or one pair of 1x6. Most of the deltaV will be spent close to the sun. Hope you got paid for this contract -- ions are expensive.
  5. *Pulling a somewhat flexible craft. Beware the Pendulum Rocket Fallacy.
  6. ExtremeSquared

    How a build a 22,000 m/s dV spaceship?

    A mining setup on Gilly is nice here, because the Gilly - Eve assist - Moho transfer is not nearly as bad as Kerbin - Moho. My single-LVN-core deep space relays with six radial drop tanks have around 15km/s deltaV, and if you were to drain them instead of dropping them on the way to Gilly, refuel, and then drop them as you do the rescue, you'd definitely have enough to get back to Gilly and refuel the remaining core. Make sure your relay network is comprehensive -- that close to Kerbol, coverage is terrible.
  7. ExtremeSquared

    Anyone plays KSP on Remote Desktop?

    I don't think any distro has ever released without extensive VNC capabilities in the repositories. It's a workstation OS, after all.
  8. ExtremeSquared

    Question on testing

    The PC version was pretty broken for at least a year after its "release" also. Not excusing anything, but I feel like it was worth the wait at least.
  9. ExtremeSquared

    The Horrifying Implications of the Kerbin Crater

    Given his immortality, I assumed that was caused by Jeb's first attempt at a soft landing.
  10. ExtremeSquared

    Standard Lift Subassemblies

    Gone are the days where basic interplanetary missions required an intricate lacework of struts and fuel pipes holding dozens of small 2.5m tanks together. Those lifters took a fair amount of time and testing to build. Now lifters are the most painless part.
  11. ExtremeSquared

    Which celestial bodies may have or had life?

    According to the game, all bodies currently contain life. Biomes contain biology. Probably anaerobic bacteria, but it is on literally ever body. According to the game.
  12. ExtremeSquared

    What is the strangest bug you have found?

    Stable Kerbin orbit at 20km, complete with non-stop plasma.
  13. ExtremeSquared

    Fix for shock heating on assent yet?

    The most efficient ascent is usually ball-of-fire ascent. I'm not sure how that is debatable. If that's immersion-breaking, and you're not willing to do an inefficient ascent of your own accord, you could turn up re-entry heating. That way the most efficient successful ascent will not be a ball-of-fire.
  14. ExtremeSquared

    Still the overheating

    May very well be a mod issue. The timewarp overheating bug seems to have disappeared in stock KSP in the last few releases, from my experience.
  15. ExtremeSquared

    Someone check my anomaly detection thinking?

    The fact that sin(theta) / tan(theta) approaches 1 as theta approaches zero ends up being somewhat horrifying in real life. Tracking down huge discrepancies in calculations is usually way easier than a result being consistently off by 0.3%.