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  1. I must say I was rather disappoint when I got my copy of KerbalEdu. I was hoping to be able to use it with some simplifications to discuss forces, energy and movement and their interactions, but that was made much harder by the poor quality of the flight recorder. Most notably, there was no way to change the axis on it. I was hoping to be able to get a Force-distance graph that the students could use to calculate work, but that was made impossible by the x-axis being set to time, which is not that useful to me. Being able to see how various variables depend on each other is a must for it to be remotely useful (aerodynamic forces over speed, g over altitude, etc). It also needs to be much more readable if you're going to do any kind of calculations based off of it. Another must is to be able to use the variables you get from the force thingamajig with the function tool. Until these things are fixed I don't really see how I could use it other than to possibly introduce new concepts, but even then it's not very good for it.
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