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  1. Ivan Pomidorov

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Your effors to handle situation have so much value to us!
  2. Ivan Pomidorov

    Welcome to the new forums!

    I think this tool would be a salvation for those of us, who store links for topics with important info for us in the browser's bookmarks and in opened browser tabs. It would be great for community to have that opportunity to get access in any way to info through old links!
  3. Ivan Pomidorov

    Welcome to the new forums!

    Being a DB-admin and a DB-programmer simultaneously I must say: migration to a new sofware with any information lost is an unsuccesful migration. But with added that your staff have managed to lose this VERY IMPORTANT information of the links correspondence between the old and the new database, this migration is a DISASTER! I suspect, that forum is already dead for some period of time.
  4. Ivan Pomidorov

    Forum Migration Nov 27th!

    [quote name='DuoDex'] Can't say about the links, but preliminary testing indicates they will be broken :( Though I expect Kasper to have a few tricks up his sleeve.[/QUOTE] But, you can build redirector using database table containing old-style to new-style URL pairs. And this redirector could return just send HTTP redirect with new-style URL. I think this redirector will have a simple code. The main problem is to generate this database table during conversion.