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  1. RS-25 section fully textured. The new update will probably be released on Thursday. More photos!
  2. @Garuda Changing the part size to stock dimensions requires changing a few models. Unfortunately, neither the diameter of 8.4m and 5.5m are a multiple of the stock dimensions. First, I want to focus on making the mod work properly again.
  3. @Garuda I think so. SLS has changed a lot since the last update. The textures have changed, but there are also many models to improve or recreate. Unfortunately, I have very little time lately so updates will be rare. There should be one soon. For now, I can only show this: In the update you will get a new SLS Engine Section with a huge amount of details, updated configuration files for the stock version and the RO version. Stay tune _.sobol._
  4. OK fine. I haven't worked on RO files for a long time. And I don't quite remember which ones were developed by me. I thought maybe you corrected one of the files. In that case, however, is fine.
  5. @Gordon Dry Thanks for your commitment. Could I use your files to prepare an official version of RO files? RO files are almost completely ready. Unfortunately, correct installation on version 1.8.1 will require downloading the latest SLS Part Pack version. I go back to further tests. I hope the update will be released this week. Finally, I send some photos, I think they are really nice.
  6. Hi everyone. I will deal with any issues you have reported soon. Today I have some parts for you that I've been working on recently. I'm still working on parts for the Main Core. I also returned to work on the lander.
  7. @Eras Yes. I have just added the latest update. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to check if everything was working properly. I also updated RO files. Have fun and let me know if something is not working properly.
  8. @Virtualgenius Thanks. As for the second stage engines, I intentionally used a manual nozzle setting change. I will change the name of the function from Active Engine to Extend Nozzle.
  9. Unfortunately, I don't have the best days lately. I was out of work yesterday. So if you would like to support me, please donate. I hope that this will motivate me to work even harder on the modification. Orion has already been completely implemented. I start testing files for Realism Overhaul.
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