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  1. @Eras Yes. I have just added the latest update. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to check if everything was working properly. I also updated RO files. Have fun and let me know if something is not working properly.
  2. @Virtualgenius Thanks. As for the second stage engines, I intentionally used a manual nozzle setting change. I will change the name of the function from Active Engine to Extend Nozzle.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have the best days lately. I was out of work yesterday. So if you would like to support me, please donate. I hope that this will motivate me to work even harder on the modification. Orion has already been completely implemented. I start testing files for Realism Overhaul.
  4. Hi everyone. I am very pleased that my work means so much to you. I hope I can find a lot of time to do everything right. I'm going back to work. Expect a new update soon.
  5. @SINO4894 The RO files are available in the first post of the thread. I'm not sure but they should work properly.
  6. @SINO4894 I think everything should work correctly. @santadze If you install the correct version of Kerbal Konstructs, everything should work. I'm going back to work on the parts. The last photographs from NASA have brought a lot of new information.
  7. @Cheesecake Thanks. My little mistake. Now everything should work good.