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  1. Sorry if I wasn't clear. It was just the terrain settings that reset, so it must be something with the driver. I do use gedit, which didn't highlight any errors the first time, which is why I was confused. Didn't know I could collapse the brackets though! That will help a ton in the future. Thanks!
  2. I copied everything from "PLANET" (beginning with Kerbin, of course) to the end bracket before the next "PRESET" (Default) and pasted it in the place of the values for Default and High. I'm still not able to change the setting to Low, but after loading KSP, this solution seems to work perfectly. I had actually tried this before, but the values would be reset upon starting KSP. Who knows what happened then. The only difference between when I tried the first time, was that I was in the Unity desktop environment in 14.04. now, I'm running xfce in 16.06. Could've been a combination of bracket and graphics driver issues, or just one of those. If anyone wants to dig into this issue more to find out if not being able to change the detail to "Low" in the first place is a bug or something, I'll be here, but this solution seems to be a good work-around for the moment. Thanks to all who helped!
  3. Moved KSP to my home folder and the problem still persists.
  4. Updated to 16.04 LTS, ran dist-upgrade, and added Oibaf. Seems to be running better now, but Low terrain detail is still being reset to High in the Launcher, so I'm guessing that if it is set to Low, it will render at high still. Right now, I've been using the Default preset (this preset isn't reset to High) and it seems to run better. I still want to figure out what's going on with the Low preset though, in case it's a bug or a problem with my graphics card. I ran glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version" and it said I have OpenGL 3.0 and Mesa 12.1.0, so both of those are updated. I'm starting KSP from the KSP.x86_64 file in my KSP_linux folder (not the Steam version), which is on my desktop. Same with the Launcher. I don't have any shortcuts.
  5. Should be versions 1.0.5 and 1.1.0 if I remember correctly. And it think its an Intel Haswell Mobile card. Least that's what it says under my graphics specifications in "About this Computer," so hopefully that's what we're looking for.
  6. Will try updating my graphics card. Never actually done that before as I haven't had the need to until now. Where should I start? It could be a bug, but if so, then it is evident in the past two versions of KSP as well (I tried using those to solve this, but neither worked).
  7. Unfortunately again, I use the prerelease that I downloaded off KSP's website. I wish it was that simple!
  8. I ran this on my unity3d folder and, unfortunately, my terrain detail is still reset. Now I'm just plain clueless as what to do.
  9. I'm not too advanced in the terminal, but this command recursively changes the permissions to read and write for my KSP files, correct? I ran this and the terrain detail still resets to high, so I'm guessing that the problem is beyond my game files.
  10. I'd prefer to use the GPU I have now, only because I know that my computer can handle the game at low settings. It would probably be easier to solve the Terrain Detail problem. I'm not picky about graphics. Just don't make it look like an old arcade game! XD Ah. I see it. Assumed you meant the KSP.log because I've never actually noticed it until I changed the log settings. And no, I have a 64 bit OS. Meant to add _64. My bad. Anyway, I think I've actually gotten somewhere. I still have no idea what is causing the problem, but I loaded KSP once with Read Only permissions on the settings.cfg file and looked in the log. Sure enough, it said: UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path "/home/etpof/Desktop/KSP_linux/settings.cfg" is denied. I changed the permissions back to Read and Write and the changes seemed to stick in the KSP settings menu again. Problem is, its still obviously rendering at high terrain detail. If it helps, I've noticed that the terrain detail setting in the Launcher doesn't stick. For example, when I move the slider down to Low terrain detail, click accept, and look back in the settings, I can see that it automatically reset it to High. I can set it to Default without it being reset, but I'd like to use Low detail if possible. With read and write permissions on, I can't find any UnauthorizedAccessException errors in my Player.log, and enabling Read Only permissions on the settings file denies KSP access. (I guess KSP needs to be able to read AND write in the settings file to access it at all?). This is all I know so far. Will be playing around to see what I can find. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the quick replies! Both the KSP_linux folder and settings.cfg have permissions to Read and Write/Create and Delete Files for all users (might be a bit overkill, but whatever helps. I'm the only user on this computer anyway). I ran the commands you suggested and got this: For find ./ ! -writable: ./.config/google-chrome/SingletonLock ./.config/google-chrome/SingletonCookie ./.config/pulse/ For find ./ ! -readable: ./.config/google-chrome/SingletonLock ./.config/google-chrome/SingletonCookie Nothing to do with KSP I assume. I opened KSP after moving the settings.cfg file to my desktop, changed a few settings in the new file for "testing purposes," and attached my KSP.log (I'm guessing that's the same as the Player.log you mentioned? I don't have one of those in my KSP folder) and new settings.cfg file as well as the old settings.cfg file to Dropbox here. I don't use Dropbox much, so I hope I did this right! All changes in both the new and old settings config stick, excepting the terrain detail. I'm also unsure of why KSP is still creating a log, even when I disable it in the launcher. Not insulted at all! Will listen to anything that might help. I run KSP.x86 instead of the executable because I'm on Linux. I assume that this is linked to my settings.cfg because all other settings do change and stick. This is evident in the game and config file. It's only the terrain detail and "Do not produce log" options that I'm having trouble with. I'm looking to increase my FPS by not creating a log and I want to lower the terrain detail for this same purpose. Instead, KSP resets my terrain detail to high and still creates a log, even when the "Do not produce log" setting is turned on. However, if I, for example, change my rendering from Fantastic to Fastest, it sticks and I can see the change in my FPS and the config file. As for bracket issues, it is very possible, but even the low and default terrain presets end up resetting to high. I've even tried coping the low preset's values and pasting them in place of the high preset values. It still resets to high and also resets the high preset's values. Just another thought: I've been trying to change the settings manually as well. In my settings.cfg, I've changed the "preset" value under terrain to Low, but KSP resets this on the game's restart. This is evidence that KSP can, in fact, read and write its files, or at least the settings.cfg, correct?
  12. Hi, I run KSP 1.2 prerelease on Ubuntu 14.04. I've followed every guide I can to increase my FPS, lowered every setting to the lowest it can be, (My computer is a lemon. Don't even ask!) and have it running as smooth as I possibly could get it to be. The problem is planet terrain. Say I have a ship in orbit around Kerbin and I rotate my camera to face space. Everything runs great. But say I rotate to face Kerbin. Everything starts to run slow and laggy. I've lowered my Rendering to Fastest, my Textures to Eight Res, and even created a custom Terrain Preset, "Lowest", where all minDistances = 3. I am wondering if the terrain detail is what is screwing with me though. Whenever I restart KSP, it defaults to "High." Stupid question, but could this mean that KSP is possibly rendering terrain using the High Preset even when it is set to Low or Lowest? I've also noticed that KSP still creates a log file, even when I turn on the "Do not create log" option in the launcher. Other than that, if anyone has any tips to increasing my FPS, mainly while at Kerbin, any help would be appreciated. This same problem occurs in older versions of KSP (so it's not just because of 1.2), and I've already tried redownloading the stock files multiple times. I can attach my settings.cfg file if needed. Ty ETPOF
  13. Hello. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and earlier today my game crashed. I'm not sure why, but it has happened before and everything has turned out fine. The first time, Kerbal told me I had invalid/broken saves and I needed to either delete them or cancel. I canceled and replaced my persistent.sfs with my quicksave.sfs file and was able to play again. However, this time it asked me again and I clumsily clicked delete. Now my save is gone. Is is possible to recover it before I spend most of my time hyperediting everything back? If you need more information I can give you more. Any help is appreciated.