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  1. Today I decided to teach pig how to fly. Despite pogowheels doing their worst to obliterate my craft and impossibility of rolling straight on strip I achieved... partial success. Climbing to 20km? Check. Accelerating to 1500m/s? Check. Level flight at 20km to accelerate? Nope. Water landing after failing to achieve orbital speed? Check.
  2. I finished surviving mars, but not all mods are updated to 1.8 so I decided to check out those breaking ground propellers. I also did fun.
  3. In 1.8 changelog there is So something did change. Maybe you need to try bigger projectile?
  4. Once you get out of safe network and visit, for example, infected wordpress site because client set password to "admin" or simply go to "free" porn site without phalanx of adblockers (easiest way to test if your setup is blocking well) you will discover how creative adscums are There is a reason why I use multiple browsers with different setup :] Ahh, nothing like ordering new wife from vietnam because previous ran away. Gotta keep my fetishes secret!
  5. I think you wanted to quote Snark for that one. Anyway, both static IP and static DNS are noob moves. Pro advert scum use randomly generated multi-level DNS's on multiple second level domains with changing IP so user can't keep up with blacklisting, in such cases whitelist is a solution. Analytics collectors can learn a lot from shifty advert networks Over my dead body. This fight is hard because so many people don't care or gave up. But as you can see, some of us still got that fire going. Come, join the resistance. We don't have cookies. UI optimizations, I'd guess. With some NSA deal as cherry on top Good example of that is MS Office "ribbon" menu. They collected user interactions and built it so most used options will be now on top.
  6. Hmnh. Sounds like using whitelist instead of blacklist might be more future proof solution. I guess we could make some short ps script to put wildcard ban and few selected exclusions (ckan, github or whatever else is used for autoupdate in mods nowdays). If I am not mistaken, good antivir/firewalls respect windows firewall rules so it should work for most setups.
  7. Eh. Let me try to use simple words in simple sentences. I'll assume you have now acepted possibility that I play games other than KSP. Feel free to ask for clarification if something is too complicated. General issues with analytics: Analytics/Telemetry gather data. Analytics/Telemetry sends data. Analytics/Telemetry uses bandwidth for certain time to send data. By default upload will go at maximum possible speed. In case of Microsoft's "Telemetry" it can result in Telemetry reporting process using 100 mb/s ethernet connection for few seconds at full speed. My Internet connection is about 100mb/s, so saturated ethernet means saturated internet. This is, obviously, my persinal experience with M$ Telemetry which is influenced by how I use my computer. In my case it results in much more telemetry than for people using PC for single game and webbrowser. Such usage of network can result in higher latency (often mislabeled as ping) and/or packet loss. Both of which are a problem for fast paced, real time, games. MS Telemetry, and related tasks, is working on a schedule. It could be set to run when computer is not in use, like automatic defrag, but MS in their certainly finite wisdom have not choose that way. That's what I called "stupid", it negatively affects my "user experience" when less obstrictive ways exist. So I disabled it all, because its net effect on my life was negative. And it reflects my personal stance on data collection in other products as well. Your experience, and priorities, can be different. And now for KSP specific issues: As I mentioned earlier, ion burns can easily take 30 minutes. So I use MechJeb assistance for this tedious task. Staring at screen for 30 minutes is boring. Therefore I play another game in meantime. Sometimes its a game which requires aiming at specific parts of body and/or vehicle. Doing that against moving target during your own movement is much easier with stable connection. All that deteriorates my experience in game shall be removed. Of course it might be possible that some people enjoy random "lag spikes", but I am definitely not one of them. KSP does not require internet connection for playing. Having it hinder my online experience even in slightest way is not acceptable for me. Therefore I blocked KSP neywork access, preventing any networking issues to be caused by it. Summary: All of that reflects my personal stance on unnecessary background tasks. In short: "if it is not required for me, it shall be disabled and/or removed". I intentinaly left out privacy concerns, as it is not my primary reason to regard unnecessary analytics as evil that should be vanquished. Other forum users explained it well enough already. Please forgive any spelling errors and lack of formating. This post has been composed over several visits to toiler, because only when sitting on "throne" I was bored enough to answer in-depth.
  8. 1. Its MY boring metadata. 2. You realize there are other games than KSP, and that modern computers are capable of running multiple programs at "same" time? And with enough mods you can have battle mode. 3. See 1. 4. Bugs. Bugs are everywhere. footnote: "... when I am NOT aiming at someones head". Mind the context.
  9. There are multiple reasons to hate it. 1. Its not KSP related analytics. Its just Unity engine gathering everything they can. so it pretty much violates our privacy without giving us anything in return. 2. It will consume network bandwidth in background. That's primary reason I blocked it, as having lag-spike in battle because some nosy company wants my data is irritating. (I fly with MechJeb so I can play other games during 30min ion burn) 3. Can't disable. No, leaving your data on some website to "opt-out" is not "disable". 4. Yet another unnecessary thing that can break. It sure will be fun for game to crash during landing because data spy got bug Primary reason for me is #2, that's why I disabled all spy modules in Win10 because stupid M$ could not be smart enough to steal my data when I am NOT aiming at someones head
  10. Oh well. Thanks for heads up, as I am not using any mods that require network I just nuked it all from orbit
  11. Today in Aptur Yard Misadventures... I found my missing fuel pipe in stationary orbit at not so stationary attitude. Bill got ready for space varpines. Bill uses alternate way of relocating new pipe. Jeb's Triginta Duo got Station Science payload for its voyage. A little wrench got into my plans as it turned out there are no Kibals on Aptur, I'll gotta launch them from KSC. Other than that, I mostly watched DS9 while MechJeb took care of stack of maneuver nodes.
  12. OH FRAK YOU! YOU OVERGROWN BALL OF GAS! In order to get rid of some never ending "do X at KSC" contracts I deployed Kuriosity for test ride. But nooo, eclipse just had to happen exactly here and now... in meantime I discovered that Joint Reinforcement got updated by folks from RO, yay! Time to build big. I experimented with my failed runabout design from last session. Turns out asymmetric design does not work well without gimbal on engines. So while I wait for advanced NERV's I had to make something that works. An ugly space bus has been built. With low-G VTOL capability as delivery of crew to Aptur Yard is on its list of duties. And stable in standard flight, which is major improvement from last design. While SB1 did its run I ejected Apollo B, with major assistance from certain autonomous booster, from Sonnah system into deep dive into sun gravity well. Booster, sadly, will not be recovered but upon booster separation Apollo B was almost full of fuel. SB1 turned out to be quite successful vessel. I visited oldies in Kerbin orbit to gather everykerb up. And took them to Jeb's Triginta Duo... ...and during crew transfer I remembered about that silly flag planting for crew xp so I took them down at 4 fps caused by Quattro Formaggi which has just finished fueling up. So to get my FPS back I launched it on its mission to asteroid belt where it's four cheese block drones will perform space rock science. As a light cruiser (light compared to 500 ton Apollos and a thousand tons of Jebs new base of operation, it sits at meager 250 tons) it required a bit of assistance in take off. Extra control authority from Thud's gimbal was quite useful as well. Now I just need to find some rocks fitting contracts it was made for. Once it was gone Kerbs enjoyed a party: After which I VTOL'ed SB1 half a meter forward because pipe was too short... Aptur Yard received new commander, and one more engineer to boost productivity. And then I launched again, to deliver crew to for Jeb's ship, fully enjoying smooth switch from VTOL to space flight.
  13. I mostly designed stuff. And I even managed to launch some of it. Today in Aptur Yard Misadventures... As I unlocked mighty aerospike engine I crashed my first attempt at reusable crew shuttle to lift crew from KSC to my nuclear runabouts \. At first I tried to make it fully reusable, but added cost in fuel and complexity was accumulating fast so I just slapped two Thumpers on it. Turns it could use a chute and more delicate throttle on landing. Then I returned to second revision of Behemoth Autonomous Booster, this time without capability to obliterate everything in vicinity upon launch. And attached it in... uhm... retrograde slot in Apollo B to assist with its upcoming dive deep into gravity well of sun. Major update from first Apollo is usage of large docking port, which taught me I should use multi-docking-port trick (or EVA struts if crew is available) as it is a bit wobbly in combined configuration. I had to order MechJeb to remove HEV from vicinity of Aptur Yard because its presence halved FPS >.< And in meantime in Aptur Yard its commander, Jebediah, designed himself a space liner. Because he forgot to include probe core decision has been made to exile Jeb from Aptur. But first Bill had to add few EVA Struts because EL is not deploying standard struts. After five days of refueling, and a month of assembly, Jeb git the button. Lf/Ox boosters had to be dropped early due to classic problem of "not enough struts", but they were meant only to clear ship of building site to prevent collateral damage. Ship itself still have TwR > 1 on just nukes in meager 0.1g. After a bit of stress on early ascent Jeb got to space again. Current mission: gather some scientists, find co-pilot crazy enough to join him, and visit all moons in Sonnah system to finish bunch of old contracts. A bit of science will be done in meantime, but it will require addition of some cargo. Meet newest addition to Kerbal Space Navy, a scientific long endurance space liner... Triginta Duo! A result of my yesterdays blood alcohol level. After that Bill attempted to commission new intermoon runabout to replace aging Boat. Large docking port was mounted, for compatibility with my autonomous booster/tanker monstrosities. Vacuum VTOL capability rated for 0.1g was desired, build and tested successfully. Despite bug in action groups it managed to switch to standard flight with minimal manual input. Sadly CoM/CoT misalignment was too high for even RCS to compensate. A slight revision will be required.
  14. At the start of career yoy can get 3-star Kerbs by landing them on both Mun and Minmus, followed by brief visit in sun SoI. Anything more will require interplanetary flight. That should boost your science output greatly. And yes, orbit will accomplish flyby requirement. A bit weird, but thats just how contracts works.
  15. Yet again I continued my misadventures with Extraplanetary Launchpads... Turns out distance of building site from yard is limited by skill level of Pilot. At first I thought something was broken, but then I noticed I simply had no Pilot in new Aptur Yard. Which was weird, as I transferred whole crew from old yard... Turns out Jeb forgot his favorite snacks and ran back to old base just as new one was taking off. Thankfully HEV was still there and Jeb always wanted to drive it. Of course, given Jeb at the wheel, ride simply has to be fun. Considering I got a half of ugly "planet" to cross I guess its gonna be all for today
  16. I managed to squeeze in second session today, so I continued my misadventures with Aptur Yard.... Damn abomination started slipping and didn't want to stop, so I let it slide at physics x4 warp and it arrived to almost flat spot on its own. Yay, I guess. Building stuff on top of it, however, was still a dangerous process. After some reading I decided to use some sticks and a hammer. new construction finallyr has been deployed in stable parking spot, quite different from previous mess. Fuel transfer, however, turned to be a bit problematic as KAS/KIS changed since last time I used it so I made quite a mess before getting hang of it... Bob happily connected fuel line among remnants of two utility rovers sacrificed for engineering progress. Despite minor setbacks an upgraded version of my previous space whale, an Apollo B class autonomous space cruiser, has been successfully launched in preparations for upcoming transfer window. Now I just need to clean up this mess...
  17. I upgraded my Aptur Yard to new version. As you can see in background, first attempt was not successful. Once all was set up for construction, I deployed an autonomous interplanetary cruiser. To deal with limitation of KSP (part count lag, wobble, Kraken) I decided to deploy its payload with EL, most of it will be assembled on the way. Cruiser is designed to reach Laythe and its moon and hopefully return back to Sonnah for reuse. Despite being a space whale it managed to take off from Aptur 0.1g with full load of parts for payload, however I'll need to not only refuel ~20k LF of its nukes but its Lf/Ox boosters as they are actually meant to be fuel tanks for payload Manticore Autonomous Booster delivered required fuel and is ready for return for tanking. Predecessor to MAB was Behemoth class AB, which displayed tendency to obliterate everything in its vicinity upon launch so a bit of moderation was deemed to be in order Sadly celestial bodies did not align well, so forceful transfer burning 5k m/s, out of 8k, had to be used, 50 days to first burn, 390 until circularization. Then few dozen more to perform some science.
  18. Continuing from yesterdays short, uneventful, session... I activated a Surveyor C swarm, deployment was routine and mostly uneventful. Which was preferred outcome. All four departed on direct transfers to target moons of Sonnah in order of Mun, Serran, Kerbin and Eli in five hours from deployment. Kerbin transfer took 34 m/s, Serran whooping 1900m/s@5min while remaining two took modest 500m/s. There was slight screwup of borked control point due to unorthodox delivery to parking orbit but it was detected early and swiftly corrected. 5 minute burn for Serran highlighted small issue with parking orbit at the edge of SoI, small manual correction was required after sudden change of SoI screwed up maneuver node position on navball. Just your usual beta flight Capture burns set, KAC enabled. Now I have 3, 5, 5 and half and 21 days to build something interesting. In meantime... Space Pug is still driving, looking for good spot to relocate Aptur Yard.
  19. And if you go KAS/KIS, it makes Kerbed flight even more intriguing!
  20. Continuing from two days ago... I deployed a Heavy Engineering Vehicle... ... with handy floodlight system ... ... and while doing enginery stuff I enjoyed some kind of eclipse... In meantime I did some mundane stuff:
  21. Seems so, found screenshots with it. I'll have to check compatibility with my current career carefully >.<
  22. Whats the deal with those claws?
  23. Random people randomly talking about it in random online game so I randomly decided to google out what KSP stands for to get a grip on context. Fast forward few years and here I am.