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  1. ok..did a test with a fresh save. seems like all is working fine. evaced the engs (still getting negative productivity) and was able to finalize the stuck build. ill try a crew rotation to fix the negative prdouctivity issue. any idea what can cause this?
  2. Im prety sure, this was anserd before but i cant find it. maybe not. I have a larger spacedock in orbit around minmus, with science bays & n stuff also two EL pads, and two engineers (lvl1 currently i guess) i have enought metal, scrap metal, ore and other stuff, a melkter, workshop( both engineers assigend to it) enouth rocket parts etc. however, i cant build anything. the productivity of the workshop is negative, same on the cupola. is there a known bug/ issue with other mods? (I have quite a few of em) it was also strange that the teardown was working and now ticks into the negative. should i try to reinstall the el mod? or can i fiddel around in the savegame to increase the productivity? do not want to loose (again) this savegame thanks for the help
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