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  1. Thanks! My native language is indeed Swiss German.
  2. Tip: You can take screenshots in-game by hitting F1. Screenshots are saved to the "Screenshots" folder in your main KSP directory. That way, your pictures come out a lot nicer!
  3. So with the update to version 1.1 the problem seems to have disappeared. Hooray! Thanks for all your help!
  4. The version 0.18.3 demo is hard to get to. You could in theory use the Wayback Machine to go to the Wayback Machine and download the demo from there, but please be advised, the download links take you to MediaFire, and visiting that site is, judging by some pretty recent actions here on the forums, not the brightest of ideas one could have. You could use the torrent but you'll have to decide yourself on that - I have no experience using torrents, so do it at your own risk. Alternatively, someone who still owns the old demo might upload it somewhere for everyone to have, but I don't know what the legal implications of this would be or whether there would even exist any legal consequences. I wish you good luck on your quest to find the ultimate demo I also had a ton of fun with before I finally bought the game.
  5. Thanks for your replies so far - let's see if I can answer your questions. Sorry @Snark, I only turned that on for the screenshots to demonstrate that the tail rudder works in the hangar but not in the air in any way. I normally don't use the "deployed" flag at all. @Vanamonde As far as I know, the rudder shouldn't be overlapping with the nacelle. I tried deleting and re-attaching it in different places and orientations without any success, so that possibility can probably be ruled out. As for your questions, @FullMetalMachinist, let's start with the easy one. I only use a keyboard and a mouse, nothing else (way too used to that now). As for the mods, this is how my GameData folder looks like: I'm not actually sure what some of these are anymore, such as BahaSP. The debug menu doesn't say anything unusual, or more exactly nothing unexpected. There are errors about PPFX not being supported on my system and some OPT parts not being found (which makes sense, since I deinstalled that mod) but nothing else than that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't output logs only generated when the game crashes? Do you mean the KSP.log? Thanks for all your help. EDIT: I just flew my plane again, and the tail rudder actually worked this time! It seems this problem isn't consistent, it works sometimes and doesn't work other times. This is probably just a bug, I'm going to live with it as good as I can and hope it will be fixed 1.1. Still, if someone has a better idea, I'll gladly listen.
  6. Hello everyone I've been having a problem with a plane I built where the tail rudder isn't working in flight. It works fine in the editor but it simply won't budge while in flight or even just when loaded up on the runway. Here's what I mean: I'm not sure whether or not someone has encountered this before or not. In case it has been noticed, I apologise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (P.S: If this is the wrong subforum, please move.)
  7. Perhaps I should rephrase my request. While OPT and MK4 are awesome mods, I was looking for more of an "airliner part" kind of thing, such as a big circular crew compartment, B777-style, and things like that. Sorry for annoying people with my inexperience on the forums and mods. :EDIT: By the way, @Speeding Mullet, how's your computer, and house for that matter, not on fire?
  8. 8/10 I don't know what squibble RRD is, but it sounds fun.
  9. Thank you both! @T-Pilot395 I'll give that mod a try. Hopefully my Intel i5 with Intel Integrated Graphics doesn't fry itself And wow. That second plane. I looked at it and thought "Wow, that's big" when I realised, that the Tailfin and Elevons (?) were the Main Wings! How many parts does that plane even have, @Speeding Mullet?
  10. Hey guys! First things first, if I posted this in the wrong place, please move this thread. I have been trying to build bigger plane in the last few months. I love the MK3 plane parts, and I have been building quite good planes (ones that can be unattended for 4 hours and still be flying on course). Since the J-90 "Goliath" Engines came out, I have had an itch to try them out, but they seem to be a bit oversized, compared to the fuselages and wings of the planes I have tried to build, even the Stock C7 300 "Stratosoar" seems to be a slight bit off. So, can I please request some bigger Airplane parts? That would be awesome. Thanks in advance! P.S: If someone has built a stock reasonable-looking plane with the Goliaths, I'd love to see it! P.P.S: I have no experience with creating mods myself, so I can't offer any advice on how to solve problems with code.
  11. Happy new year, everybody! Here's to another wonderful year!
  12. Can this thread be moved to the correct subforum? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/127025-whats-your-connection-speed/ Thanks!
  13. Type "Why am I doing this, again?" with hands flipped and closed eyes: why s, j dskjmg z,od dd,f-ö. Hey, I at least got "Why"!
  14. What should I do if i notice that I have posted a topic in the wrong subforum?
  15. Haha, that's awesome! I always find it interesting to see craft on "autopilot"!
  16. Hello everyone! My question is simple: What's your internet connection speed? My average connection speed is about 500 Kilobytes per second download, ad 50 Kilobytes per second upload. If you don't know what your speed is, check it at http://www.speedtest.net . -mipmo
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