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  1. Yeah, it is. I think at the time that we were just starting verbs I wrote it in the dictionary as the word for 'to cut', which now turns out to be incorrect. Such is the work of a linguist deciphering an alien lanuage I suppose XD. And this is a pretty simple one at that, mad respect for people actually deciphering actual ancient texts.
  2. Ah, I read over the first line of that section. It is quite a bit more elaborate than my dictionary so I thought those were KSK's own notes on it. I think some stuff like the numbers never came up before... Maybe I should go to bed now...
  3. This is gonna be a long one folks, a lot of translating and commenting on my reading: Thank you so, so much for writing this all @KSK, I very much enjoyed reading it. Perhaps I should sub your new fictions on spacebattles, I haven't been on there in ages. and I ran out of likes before catching up, as is tradition. EDIT: @LordOfTheNorth The full download had a bit of weirdness going on with the index/contents list, having the parts 1, two, three and three. EDIT 2: Hey, you took that from my dictionary! (Although now obsolete, it is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r0eDcf2dWf6_HwHZTgiDGwFXxOZ7Qxv-LyD2Jgpj8u0/edit)
  4. Ah nooo! somehow I stopped recieving mail updates! Well, guess I need to read the finishing chapters now... I'm sorry for making anyone who was looking for them wait for translations guys, will be there shortly EDIT: It seems I wasn't the only one with this problem, @mstachowsky had it too. I wonder how many people suddenly dissapeared because of that...
  5. Interesting... As we have seen before, proper nouns are typically the same in Old Kerba and in modern English. However in earlier cases as far as I remember they were always words that seemed to have started as Old Kerba and kept as a name. However Leviathan is very, very different from any other word in Old Kerba so far, so it must be from later. Of course this instantly gives us new vocabulary: Pilla: Thruth Manaliant: great beast. man- indicates 'biggest', aliant seems to be a proper noun for beast soathraban: -aban means past tense, -r means he, soath would logically by flight/to fly djaldaban: -aban indicates past tense, djald remains, seemingly first person singular, or it could be avoiding aa and be They instead, which makes more sense mahomr: it go. -r denotes 3rd person singular, mahom seems root of verb 'to go' dja: and (suprised we didn't need it so far) orbdaban: this convinces me the -daban is for 3rd plural past time. Root verb orb meaning 'to name' Manaliant occurs again, but this time the translation leaves out the greatness of the beast. This shows the translation is not exactly literal. We now have one word left: onkerbal This word is annoying. I seem to have misplaced the -al suffix, but even if we just use kerbal as a species name, like human, it still doesn't make sense. on- is for dependance on. Thus onkerbal ought to be 'dependance on the kerbals', while the stated translation is 'All the people' or plausibly 'All the kerbals'. We do not at this moment seem to have an 'all' classifier or a way to make one, but if I needed a word, at this point in the story, to describe all kerbals, I'd go with 'Kerbinada': Inhabitants of Kerbin. There are only two possible answers to this pressing question: What happened with this translation? 1. We are dealing with an unrealiable narrator 2. Edit: Oh, let me not forget to plug my terrible amazing Old Kerba dictionary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r0eDcf2dWf6_HwHZTgiDGwFXxOZ7Qxv-LyD2Jgpj8u0
  6. Warning! This post contains a TvTropes link. Proceed at your own risk, preferably when you don't have anything to do for the rest of the day. I caught up yesterday and removed the 'new post' mails from my 'Story Update' folder. Those were literally half the mails in my story update folder! I should come here more often.
  7. 21 hours is pretty good relative to my track record! Half the time in the last year I read the chapters people release a month late or more!
  8. Yeah, it could be great, but on the other hand my laptop already has trouble now, which is one of the reasons I barely play anymore, and this will obviously not help in that department.
  9. I got likes from LordOfTheNorth too! Already pretty far in he is, I'm interested in what he'll think by the end of it EDIT: This like has now taken me back to the era of when I first commented in this thread, and you mention Fire in the Sky, which made me think of this song:
  10. Ooh, the Kerm will get to talk to another? I'm very interested to see if they can think of a faster communication protocol after they telegrammed with each other for a while, I think for a Kerm there must be a more efficient way to compress information than English New Kerba telegram by morse code
  11. So I forgot whether this was maybe already mentioned once, but copper is very, very straight. It looks suspiciously like you could attach an engine module on the front and pull the entire thing around the system. Is it going to be a huge mothership for some far mission?
  12. That seems like a good idea. I'll also try to upload my programs to a drive folder, so others can try to do stuff with it.
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