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  1. I just started a new Blog on http://yurikerman.blogspot.nl/ for the daily training, missions and ridiculous actions of Yuri Kerman.
  2. @legoclone09 I think you can do it with the current contract configurator without big problems, but at this point I dont want to force it in the pack. Maybe later if its more balanced and completer. Engineering Tech Tree is more challenging then Seti indeed, beside the rocket parts, plane parts are also tougher to acquire. I think the idea of crashing in the sea makes it a fun part of the challenge, it is also a big part of the real life challenge when launching rockets. But i agree is hard when launching a rocket without available flaps, SAS or construction part to put it tilted. I u
  3. @inigma I follow your missionpack already some time and I think its great and you are far more ahead then my current pack. There are not so many airplane missionspacks and it is one of the underrated parts of the game anyway. I took a look at your progression map and I looks impressive! I see that your SSI speed missions run al the way up to mach-6, do you expect to do this with a conventional plane that is rocket powered? My Falcon missions run up to mach-4 and even that is very challenging due to heat and friction (mostly resulting in overheating and destruction). Only way to avoid this is
  4. Thanx! thats fast, English is not my native language, so help with typos and grammar is very welcome!
  5. Beta version 0.1 for download: https://github.com/KSPJack/Dawn-of-the-Space-Age/releases/tag/DotSA_vB01 Still a rough version, a lot of polishing must be done!
  6. @inigma Thanks, I will divinely take a look at the Community Career Framework and your GAP. @BLUESTREAK Thanks, i haven't thought about orbital construction but I think it will be very interesting for a mission program. The Beta release of the mission pack has some delay (running in some programming errors again and I expended it with missions of the GAIA, RCOM and MUNA programs). I finished my first testround of all the missions today and expect to put it for download tomorrow.
  7. @Augustus, I hope to release Beta at the end of this week. Its my first mod/missionpack so I want to make some decent release and i run into some programming challenges (although the contract configuration programming is very easy, so its more a shortcoming from my part but very interesting to learn ). Currently im working on the "Aura" program (first manned space exploration) the Falcon, Eagle and Dawn programs are already finished for Betarelease but I like to include Aura as well to make it a bit more interesting as a release. @legoclone09, I like your idea of Muna very much! When i
  8. Im making mission overviews for every program and will put them in the main topic. So if the first test release is out you know what to test for. It gives everybody also the option for suggestions, ideas and comments.
  9. Thanx, I would really appreciate it! Im rewriting some of my missions so its more based on real progress made than completing the last mission, but this makes testing far more harder and complex. I hope to bring out the first test release next week, i will include some documentation so people know what to test for.
  10. Thanks everybody for the good reception and interest in the idea, gives me the courage to continue my efforts and put me right under pressure to deliver . Currently, im working on the first programs. I hope to complete them at the end of this week so i can test them in the weekend to get the first error/typos out of them and for some initial balancing. Next week I will try to get a first download up so maybe some of you can take a look at them. Dont expect a finished release, it will be a rough pre-beta early access version. Like how KSP started, but we know how that turned out . To
  11. Im currenty working on a new mission pack. Somewhat bassed on real life where some sort of caution and care for kerbals is present, and more robotic exploration before we send kerbals al over the place (although Jebediah will probably challenge this ). Also I like a more structured approach like they also do in real life (Mercury program then Gemini then Apollo, etc) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/128807-wip105-contractpack-ksp-campaign-28122015/ I would like to know if there are any suggestions, ideas, bottleneck or issues I can run into and most important how
  12. Contractpack: Dawn of the Space Age (aka: KSP Campaign) I'm new to mods, so be kind. I play KSP already for a longtime and like the game very much but I think the game lacks a good mission structure. I think you are send to quickly to other planets, whereby you mostly lack the technology/science or you have to make ridicules multi biome missions sending kerbals on the first rocketish vessel to minmus. I like a more realistic approach where some sort of caution and care for kerbals is present, more robotic exploration before we send the kerbals (although Jebediah will probably ch
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