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  1. Just to verify: You mean the current compile works fine, right? (and what about Draggable Navball?) If they need rebuilding, I can do that. Otherwise I might as well update the Spacedock metadata before I forget.
  2. Not at the moment. In my first experiments with navball/altimeter dragging, I let them drag anywhere, but that caused issues. As an example, the rolldown-on-hover features did not play nice when placing them off their usual edges. The navball and altimeter UIs were designed with the top and bottom edges in mind; it was easier to snap them to their original edges than to modify their UIs. So that's what I did. (Technically, it's not really snapping to the top edge. The bit that responds to dragging just ignores the drag's Y offset.) It wouldn't be hard to make the snapping behavior to
  3. @linuxgurugamer : I did, but I'm out of the country at the moment and can't experiment (or answer much). Ask me again in a week or two.
  4. It's the "rich text" part I have a problem with. Well, no, I guess that's not strictly true. It's trying to edit rich text that I have a problem with. Latex is painful too, but asciidoc->pandoc->OOXML should work, if I'm only opening LOW to copy/paste from it. Thanks.
  5. I did a routine edit on my mod threads and their formatting got all screwed up. Fixing it was more aggravation than it should have been. Is there any form of plain-text markup that I can use for posts? I almost don't care what it is, I can always compose in a text editor and convert with pandoc. Even straight HTML would be okay. But I can't find a button for either inserting marked-up text or editing the raw HTML. And the WYSIWYG editor makes me want to kraken myself in the face.
  6. Seems to work fine at first glance. Marked as updated for 1.6 in spacedock. Post any bugs.
  7. First probe lander on Laythe. Heat shield is in place for re-entry, parachutes are correctly attached, approach path is well-covered by relay satellites. I retract the solar panels on approach. Everything looks good. Suddenly I realize that the atmosphere is probably going to rip off the probe's antenna on the way down. Oh no. I didn't plan for that, and the last-hop relays aren't specced to talk to a bare probe core from orbit. Maybe the antenna will survive if retracted? Maybe the probe can land blindly, and I can ship a newer, bigger relay to reestablish contact? Dicey, but it might wo
  8. It's not in stock, unless it was very recent. Having a slider buried in the settings is not the same as being able to drag the navball out of the way at will. I haven't played in a while, so I didn't realize 1.6 was out. Thanks for the heads up. I'll double check that it's not broken and then update.
  9. Done for 1.4.3, and thanks for the ping. Spacedock doesn't seem to realize 1.4.4 exists yet, but I will check again in a few days and update for that too. I'm not sure how quickly ckan picks up on spacedock changes, but I'm pretty sure it's less than a day.
  10. Hrm. I agree that is a thing I should change, but I'm not sure how -- I don't do anything with ckan directly, I just make my updates on Spacedock and they magically show up some time later. Anyone know how I can do what quietsamurai suggests?
  11. Updated metadata for 1.4.1. I don't expect to have time to play this week, but I'll pay attention to bug reports.
  12. Okay, I just had a chance to look at it myself. I noticed the navball unexpectedly reappearing too. I don't think it's anything to do with DN, as DN does not manipulate the navball's on/off status. There were no other obvious problems. I have updated the spacedock metadata for both mods to include 1.3.1. Thanks @DerGolgo for the heads up.
  13. That's relieving. If it really does work on 1.3.1, then I don't have to re-figure-out how to debug it. I'd just need to update the metadata on spacedock. Let me know how it goes. If anyone else watching has tried to use this and/or Draggable Altimeter on 1.3.1, please chime in. I'll inquire on IRC too. If I can get three independent user reports that they work, I will assume they work and update spacedock (and thereby ckan) right away.
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