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  1. Is there a Download link somewhere ??? I really want to try this mod
  2. And we all know whats coming after a earthquake ???? yes a Tsunami
  3. Mechjeb does that now but its stile work in progress
  4. no it start with unmanned first and not rover then planes
  5. Don't you wish you could start with plane and rovers to start with then progress towards unmanned exploration and then manned?? well I for one wish that But i am not a modder nor have any knowledge to make this true so please someone make this true
  6. i downloaded 1 mod a few days ago where it was green smal keiniken tanks and some smal powerful engines but i had to reinstall my computer and now i can't find that mod again http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660982796 thanks in advance
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