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  1. Hi, sorry for the slow response — i had to extend my vacation for personal reasons and left my KSP-playing machine back home. I'm back now. @EpicSpaceTroll139 I just confirmed this mod seems to behave queerly with aircraft, not sure why. I have not tried fly-by — this is a mod, yes? I will need to investigate further. I do hear the engines in subsonic flight however. Would you make a video of what you described? It might help me know whether i'm reproducing what happened to you. @awang I believe ASE uses a simply lowpass filter for atmospheric attenuation. I was hoping to use a proper Stokes filter, but my sole attempt so far failed...
  2. @awang Yes, this mod has a flat gain across all frequencies. Audio Muffler Redux has some neat features — it may be possible to combine the mods (i.e. as one mod). Alternatively, Sonic Realism could have a flag of whether to mute sound by atmospheric density, which shouldn't be difficult (but may be difficult nonetheless in C#, cuz it's C#). The latter is likely easier but the former seems preferable. This is now on my agenda — no guaranty it will happen soon, but will try to make time. Meanwhile, if you care to build the mod yourself, you can use the branch "no-mute-by-density" from my GitHub repo, which has only the shock effect.
  3. Yes, the actual texture replacement feature works. I am downloading Unity and will try rebuilding the shader.
  4. Yes, it was Player.log. I reproduced with no other mods: Player.log, KSP.log. Mod files are untouched, including textures in Default directory. I rebuilt the mod locally too, in vain.
  5. Real reflections mode turns EVA visor magenta: KSP 1.3.1, TRR 0.5.1 Log
  6. Not as such — the sonic boom, to my knowledge, is essentially due to the Doppler effect, so all the sound emitted since going supersonic (in theory) hits the listener simultaneously; a comoving listener hears no such effect. However, the motion of the medium affects the relation between the angle at which sound is emitted and the angle at which it propagates, which makes the sound essentially bunch up at the shock front, which amplifies the sound close to the shock front, which this mod simulates.
  7. Thanks, modified instructions/installer script. (I was following a mod tutorial which said to put it into Plugins.)
  8. Modifies the in-flight sound to be more realistic: Makes the amplitude what an actual comoving listener would hear at the position of the camera — if the craft is supersonic, you will not hear any sound outside the shock cone, and will hear louder close to the shock Mutes the sound by atmospheric density — the thinner the air, the quieter the sound Has no effect in IVA mode I was using Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, but it not works with latest KSP, ergo Sonic Realism. Code Download MIT License To use, copy SonicRealism.dll somewhere into your GameData directory (for example: GameData/SonicRealism). Cheers!
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