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  1. Look at this guy`s work: totally awesome,doesn`t even know how but he made it.
  2. Let`s talk about spaceplanes.But not the SSTO or STS kind. More like this: The esa`s hermes. or,this: The Roscosmo`s Klipper. Are they useful? Capsules are better?Why? Does ksp have a good suport on making this kind of spacecraft? There`s a mod on this subject? Will we see a spaceplane like this in our lifetimes? What company/country will build one first? Let`s discuss.Be friendly.
  3. Really great mod there.Definitely downloading this. I`m leaving a sugestion here, more like a wish though,how about one of these in this mod.(maybe some open and closed cycle) Thanks. Just a quick edit.I have some questions. -Thouse engines will work like the near future reactors? -looking foward to some fusion stuff?
  4. I have a proposal for a (really really)endgame engine that is a nuclear powered R.A.P.I.E.R in it`s open cycle it utilizes the nuclear reactor to heat and expand the atmosferic air to provide thrust,when clear from the atmosphere you would change to the closed cycle that uses the internal propelent like the Nerv engine. Well: It would be much overpowered? Yes. Even for a endgame engine? I guess not,it would be the game`s last engine. Why would you make such a engine? To make more dinamic SSTOs that can make a bit longer trips not using mk3 parts. So, what you guys think of this in the stock game? And if there`s a mod that have a engine like that let me know please.