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  1. i used a UV preview tool in Unity to look at the UV data and the first UV channel is all over the place. not even sure how that got created in the first place. the second UV channel is a perfect match do you guys have any idea what's causing it? what should i do in blender to fix it?
  2. i downloaded unity and imported the blender file and the .PNG and it turns out the model opened in unity displays the EXACT SAME distortion as the texture in game i'm gonna try to fix the texture in unity and export the new .PNG
  3. @taniwhathere's another thing that might be the source of the weird texturing. i rescaled the engine once because i got the radius wrong the first time. it was a downscale of about .6 i think but i did re-bake the texture when i rescaled it do you think this could be it?
  4. Unfortunately not. Sorry for misleading you but the same .png that matches perfectly in blender don't match at all while in game. Since then i tested the .png file with x and y mirroring and no luck i spoke to the person that is making this add-on and they said the only mirroring needed is when converting to .dds flip it vertically. still no luck with making the engine look as intended in game.
  5. @taniwhathe texture file that's generating the texture in game is the exact same texture file that's generating the texture in blender the exact same .png. and the import thing was for another project this engine doesn't rely on any imported asset.
  6. This is the same .png that in blender generates the image on the right and in ksp generates the one on the left... i'm not sure what to do...
  7. No. Since my last post i tried the only the .png alone and the .png with y and x mirroring. It is still not correct...
  8. it would also be nice to know how to import the .mu files. when i click on the import .mu files on blender and go to the gamedata->parts.... folder it only shows the cfg files.
  9. hey taniwha, i've been using the add-on to make a custom engine. i got to the point where i can add the model in the game with the transforms in the correct places. but the texture is all over the place i've tried to make the texture a .png and mirror it in the x and y also make it a .dds and try the mirroring as well
  10. i've managed to fix the scale and the nodes but the texture's still wrong i've tried it in .DSS pure / y mirrored / x mirrored / .png pure / y mirrored.
  11. Hello folks, i've been trying to add a engine to the game for two weeks now and i'm a bit stuck. As the title mentions i'm using the blender add on to mod the game (because that was the first tutorial i stumbled upon). As of right now i've been able to model my engine / texture it / make the .dds texture file / add the connection nodes, the thrustTransform and the smokePoint / generate the .mu file and see the modded engine in game. but the problem is that the engine looks like this the first problem is the radius. the radius on blender is 1.25m but in game it's as big as the tier 3 tanks. second is the textures on blender the textures align just fine but here i can notice that the texture is smaller and gets repeated all over third is the attachment node that is offset from the actual engine the thrustTransform seems to be at the same place as before if you guys can help me out here, i appreciate
  12. Look at this guy`s work: totally awesome,doesn`t even know how but he made it.
  13. Let`s talk about spaceplanes.But not the SSTO or STS kind. More like this: The esa`s hermes. or,this: The Roscosmo`s Klipper. Are they useful? Capsules are better?Why? Does ksp have a good suport on making this kind of spacecraft? There`s a mod on this subject? Will we see a spaceplane like this in our lifetimes? What company/country will build one first? Let`s discuss.Be friendly.
  14. Really great mod there.Definitely downloading this. I`m leaving a sugestion here, more like a wish though,how about one of these https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Pluto in this mod.(maybe some open and closed cycle) Thanks. Just a quick edit.I have some questions. -Thouse engines will work like the near future reactors? -looking foward to some fusion stuff?
  15. I have a proposal for a (really really)endgame engine that is a nuclear powered R.A.P.I.E.R in it`s open cycle it utilizes the nuclear reactor to heat and expand the atmosferic air to provide thrust,when clear from the atmosphere you would change to the closed cycle that uses the internal propelent like the Nerv engine. Well: It would be much overpowered? Yes. Even for a endgame engine? I guess not,it would be the game`s last engine. Why would you make such a engine? To make more dinamic SSTOs that can make a bit longer trips not using mk3 parts. So, what you guys think of this in the stock game? And if there`s a mod that have a engine like that let me know please.
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