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  1. That refers to the surface escape velocity, wheras OP probably launched from Kerbin's altitude.
  2. I like minths! Also, hehe, I'm bad at tables it seems, I mixed up weeks and months.
  3. Isn't a Kerbin month (AKA munth) about 6 days, based on the Mün's orbital period? Where did you get 10 days?
  4. Possible crater (on the scale of the major crater)? The lone 3km mountain seems suspicious, but I might be wrong. Center coordinates: 29N, 67W
  5. Airbrakes = non-glitchy, futuristic-looking landing gear. No suspension system, but that's actually helpful for modular base building.
  6. Not sure about you, but in space (let's pretend the engine somehow has air), I get less than a meter per hour.
  7. Bop. Low gravity and allows access to Jool's moons.
  8. Sorry I've been inactive here lately, school appears to be sucking my life away. So is there any one plate tectonic map we agree on? And does it need to be changed to account for the newly discovered volcanoes?
  9. Didn't you hear? Jack killed them all. But seriously, SQUAD said they would add GP2 years ago, but so far, nothing. Eeloo happened, but no GP2. Seems like it's been abandoned. I hope I'm wrong...
  10. Nothing yet, but my friends are starting to tell me "Just stop talking about KSP". Maybe I need a break...
  11. Seeing your first Evian sunset. It's beautiful, especially from orbit.
  12. *STAR TREK SPOILER ALERT* I guess I was a little late for that...
  13. 0%! I only just started my career mode. But only Jeb gets to use quicksaves/reverts, and only to avoid certain and imminent death. It's only a matter of time...
  14. Vectors. They have a bottom node, they have awesome gimbaling, and the mammoth is only useable on large craft.