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  1. Due to KerbalStuff shutting down, we only have Dropbox and Curse for download clients
  2. You may have been the greatest Man to ever live.......

  3. Wow, nevermind. I just noticed it only happens when I launch a save and I'm currently out of the KSP window (because I don't use fullscreen)
  4. Why does this happen mostly when I load my sandbox save file? I really want to know. After it has loaded, it just shows the center of the KSC with the VAB on the right and the Administration on the left.
  5. Well, I agree. I haven't been practising landing on another celestial body. And furthermore, my computer is laggy as hell. So it'll be hard to manoeuvre my vessel for landing. But I'll try to strengthen up my PC. Thanks for all the suggestions and tips!
  6. Put this on Wattpad. Although if the site is good or not........
  7. Does Billy talk like those hillbillies?
  8. Could you help? Whenever I run CKAN, it shows a pop-up and it shows if it can add a handler. I clicked no, and everything was fine and CKAN was running. But then the next day, I run it again and it shows the pop-up again. I clicked no, then nothing happened. Then, when I tried to run CKAN again, it shows that unhandled exception pop-up. I already have .NET 4.5 installed, so I don't know what's happening.
  9. Just tried this out, really great. I would suggest a re-designed GUI ( the current one is great, but takes up too much space). And that third picture, I would really like it if you would make as a feature, as that's really hilarious :D. Anyways, all the success for your modding journey!
  10. Thank you for all the explanations and I'll try to get more familiarised with KSP. And I'll definitely download the Trajectories mod...........
  11. I would like to suggest a new orientation mark(?) on the right side of the NavBall. This orientation mark will indicate the actual position of where your vessel is going to land/dock. I really would like this to be added as sometimes (I just started playing a month ago) I just don't know where I'm going to land.
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