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  1. I would suggest that you use either CC-SA-2.0 or the MIT license, both are pretty good. As for hosting, github can be used as well as used for source.
  2. This needs to be a sub-assembly on kerbalx, like yesterday >..
  3. Sounds like what I've been doing with the add-on I've been working on lol
  4. Sounds good, and just trying to give some ideas to work off of
  5. If the part could be placed into the editor, the contents can be changed there then dragged into the inventory. (I found this out quite by mistake, but happy I did)
  6. You could also use FSfuelSwitch from Firespitter like so:
  7. I need that boat man >.> Also, check out sometime. (still under dev, but it's something)
  8. It's sorted (for the most part) by author name. It's still a freakishly large file.. 61.5 gb...