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  1. Wow. I didn't, realize that you all has been debating about KSP's "laws of physics" for so long. As for my say on the matter, I believe that Sqaud did a wonderful job of creating KSP's own "laws of physics". That Being said, KSP does follow some real physical laws vaguely.
  2. This might not be the right place to post this but....Oh well. I was wondering if i could get any advice on a mod i was trying to develop. the mod basically is a beautification mod. You know the steam you see before a rocket launches from fuel boil off, I was trying to replicate that in KSP. I think that it might be a fairly simple project to start of modding. I was looking for advice such as: What software is used, How long it might take, or were to post my mod once done. any help would be much appreciated. Happy game play. Cheers.
  3. Hah! that's exactly what I did. once, I believed you would ruin the game if any mods were installed. Next thing ya know, my game was crashing from all the mods I had installed. That's probably were i would stand on the matter. I believe that both game play styles have their pros and cons, and we can appreciate each game style.(although I like Realism Overhaul a bit better .)
  4. Ok this link should work. Edit: The link above is not working. This link should work https://photos.google.com/shared Sorry guys hold up. both links are not working. give me a bit and I should have a working link.
  5. Yeah, sorry about the confusion. I meant Realism Overhaul not just Realism. Tourist sorta said the same thing.
  6. Yeah, Realism Overhaul is challenging but Stock can be just as challenging. I once tried a crewed mission to Eve. lets just say R.I.P Jebidiah .
  7. Hmm. Can't seem to be able to paste a pic in the forums. any suggestions?
  8. Yeah, that is what I sorta thought the complex part would be. Integrating mods into one save, and no mods in the other
  9. Sure thing. I'll have to get around to it tomorrow though(bed time and all )
  10. I agree, stock is good but I just like to spice it up a bit. As for playing with RO, I like to keep it original and unique. instead of directly copying the vehicles used in real life, I like to make my own versions and see how they measure up in real life
  11. I get what your saying. You're looking for a serious answer from someone who has accepted the contract before. I have taken the contract before, and I have completed it by going from kerbin's SOI to the sun's SOI. as for what you said being rude, you mabye could have worded what you said a little better .
  12. Hmm..mabye I don't know my code, I thought the complex part would be integrating both game saves into the same game. one with mods and one without mods.
  13. Hah! I get where you're coming from But I, for some reason, am really fond of Realism. That being said, I do enjoy going crazy in stock. I once planned a mission to Duna, but when making the return trip home, I realized that I didn't have enough delta-v to get back to kerbin. I barely made it into a highly elliptical orbit around kerbin. Little did I know, I could have made it home with plenty of delta-v. my transfers to and from other planets were horrendously sloppy back then . Wow...just now realized that I forgot to finish the title(speed typing and all that). Sorry for the confusion, I meant Realism Overhaul, not Realism. I'll be making an edit to the title
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