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  1. I am seriously confused because I can't set up the sticks to do pitch and roll. How would I set up easily?
  2. i do have an Nvidia GeForce but it does make sense thanks
  3. I used to be a beta tester for this and if it is an atlas pad, there is something that may look like a little 4 sided pyramid (I THINK) use that under your launch pad and that is where you launch if it is other ones, do the same
  4. what the heck does PHYSX CPU mean?
  5. uh no, @Orca? actaully nevermind, I am an orca on discord howabout @Kepler68 for realz this time
  6. Piney Miney Pine, can I spam trees?


  7. how about the all mighty @Kombat engineer? make sure he doesnt burn my house down again @SparkyFox
  8. NOPE! Sorry @max_creative I am never in the fourms
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