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  1. Sorry guys, again... I thought creating a mod will be easy, but it seems like it doesn't. I received an important job, and now I really don't have time for making this mod, although I had big plans. So I decided to shut it down, until I have time to fix all the bugs, and finish the project. I promise, I'll be back, in the summer, with a much better (and working) mod! I hope you understand the reason, and thanks to that more than 700 people who gave it a try!! And Geschosskopf, I know about that bug, probably a 1.1.2 compatibility bug, but I have no idea about that.
  2. Sorry for that, I don't know why is it broken. Anyway I put a link to the album, until it's fixed
  3. Hi all! First minor update is here! This is now a playable version! Try it out, and leave your suggestions here!
  4. Great! A place where I can share my notes! Only problem is.... my tablet's browser can't load the page
  5. So, I created a simple code that adds, removes, and saves modules at runtime. It works fine.... Well, with most modules. Some of them just don't want to work! Like the science lab or the science experiment. Maybe they have some dependencies? It's not a single error, because the error logs are different. Source code of the full mod is here:
  6. Hi, and thanks for trying the mod, but, as mentioned in the post, it's a very early release, so currently there's no much parts in the mod, BUT I hope I can release an update with some new features, at the weekend!
  7. Yes, in a future version, you could control a robot arm, that can print everything, like a dome or a flat launch site! The esa is working on a moon base plan, where robots would print the protective shell around the base. I've put a link in the features list.
  8. Yeah I've just threw everything up and I realised I forget a lot of things. Please be patient I'll update soon!
  9. TEMPORARILY DOWN!! I'll back in summer! Hey rocketeers! Let me introduce the <advertisement goes here> Far From Kerbin mod! Boring things about me and this mod: UPDATE: 0.2 is here! News: Why I need this? Features: Why would you bring heavy printing materials with you, when there's a lot of things on the surface of the planets? Simply collect some planetary rock-fragment (aka dirt), from the surface with a special vacuum based-electromagnetic-fragment-collector (aka big vacuum cleaner)! Use the collected materials to print building blocks, with the help of the Ulti-Compress-Machine Use the printed blocks to build the base of your dream The blocks can be configured to different modes, like a ware or a bionics module (aka garden) Use the internal walk option to walk around your base Use the STB EVA Backpack to carry resources on an EVA! USI Life Support support! (other ls supports are planned) Modder friendly: I designed it to be easy to mod, and extend! Inspired by: Parts: Ulti-Compress-Machine: This is the machine that can be used to print the building blocks Ulti-Planetary-Rock-Fragment-Collector: This machine can collect printing material for the printing machine Building blocks: Airlock: The main part of your base. This provides the base life support and things like that... Corridor: The most important part. By default it just a corridor, but with some resources it can be configured to other really useful things Structural block: It's really just a block. Warning! This mod is VERY work-in-progress If you see bug please report here, or on github! Known Issues: It's too perfect (Seriously, please report, if you have an issue) Screen Shots: I cannot make the embedded version working here is a link Required mods: Kerbal Inventory System Module Manager (of course included) Community Resource Pack (included) You can easily extend this mod: ToDo list: Credits, licenses, and things that most of you won't read : This mod licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License thingies: Communty Resource Pack: Made by the Roverdude, distributed under it's own license ModuleManager: Made by ialdabaoth & sarbian, distributed under it's own license. Thanks to: ObiVanDamme - For some code bits form OSE Workshop KospY and Winn75 - For making KIS, my favorite mod This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin.
  10. Yes, I know that and I made a simple system that handles the saving and loading the added modules.
  11. Hello! (Sorry I couldn't answer, because I was on a holiday) I would use it, but I need to add modules in-flight. BTW it works without calling the awake method(as far as I know that's called during the flight screen). This is a more or less working code: part.AddModule(addNode); ...more or less, because some modules cannot be added whit this method like science experiment module and science lab module.Whit those I always get a Null Reference Exception.
  12. Ok, I've solved one problem, but I found out there is an other. I solved the black screen problem(It was just a mistyping) but the other one is still exist.
  13. Hi all I think I've figured out what's causing the problem. I'm adding a PartModule to my part in flight, that I've loaded up from a config file, but when I try put Science lab module in, it throws this exception: I tried this, but it's just don't want to work. Any ideas? This is the code: