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  1. My mk1 cockpits (for space planes) are not showing RPM modules. Works great every where else though!
  2. Please, give us an "advanced gui". You hold my hand far too much, and as great as the command line can be, having a list of checkboxes in advanced mode would be awesome.
  3. Love B9 Aerospace!  OMG I do, but could we get some triangle panels that are equilateral?

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airborne_early_warning_and_control When used at altitude, the radar on the aircraft allows the operators to detect and track targets and distinguish between friendly and hostile aircraft much farther away than a similar ground based radar.[1] Like a ground based radar, it can be detected by opposing forces, but because of its mobility, it is much less vulnerable to counter-attack.[2]
  5. So...Could somebody tell me why the AWACS radome is *NOT* locking/Tracking? Defeats the purpose of Awacs...
  6. V8jester, Maneuverability is not an issue for the Beartrap, though watching some replays from last nights dog fight I think the gyration might be a mass-strength thing on my wings. *sigh* they've already got a mass-strength of 2.5. =( Still trying to figure the engine thing out.
  7. Hello! Firstly, this is an awesome mod, though I'm having some difficulty with the A.I. and the engines out of the b9 aerospace pack, specifically the F119 turbofan. For some reason, it seems that the AI pilot won't with out the A/B on on this engine, leading to some interesting behavior such as Take off -> Throttle to 0% -> Switch Mode -> Drop to minimum altitude -> Switch Mode -> repeat. Also, the AI seems to have problems maintaining level flight with these engines, which don't exist when flying manually. After switching to A/B the plane will gyrate through the air for several seconds until the pilot comes to terms with the thrust vectoring, I guess. Trying to figure it out via the tweakables hasn't done anything for me, so I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else was having similar problems?
  8. How do we opt-in to the pre-release?
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