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  1. Probably, unless the mod author changes the license from ND to SA. A shame, since this was a great mod.
  2. It's been revived in a mod by @linuxgurugamer
  3. Do you at least have access to the config file? One potential solution I just thought of would be to disable the (asymmetrical) RCS system of the HL cockpit. Obviously that's less than ideal, but it can be mitigated in-game simply by slapping a pair of RCS thrusters onto the sides of the cockpit. Seems a bit better than asymmetrical RCS, or trying to solve that issue in-game by putting an RCS thruster with a non-zero mass on one side of the vehicle without a counterweight on the other side.
  4. Follow these instructions and @blowfish should be able to help you resolve your problem(s).
  5. The half-size fuel tanks have always been an potion for the OPT parts. I guess it's for missions where it would be better to have a lighter vessel than a bigger fuel tank, especially if such a mission requires in situ refueling. It's a little easier to fill the half-size fuel tanks to full than it would be to fill the full-size fuel tanks exactly halfway (as opposed to a little more than half, or a little less than half)
  6. Please DON'T ask modders to update their mods. It's rude and against the rules. The next update will be ready when it's ready. Please be patient.
  7. Maybe. It's a parts mod, but it has plugin mods (e.g. RPM) as dependencies. If the dependencies work in 1.3.1, then B9 should Bfine. For the record, I am not a modder, so I can't guarantee it will work, nor can I help you if it doesn't work.
  8. Did you install it properly? Note that I'm not a modder; you should follow the instructions in @blowfish's signature. He should be able to figure out why the parts are not showing up and help you fix the problem, whether the problem is a bad install or something else.
  9. Nothing idiotic about making mistakes or asking for help.
  10. I think those parts are in the B9 Legacy pack.
  11. You need KSPWheel.dll, which is included in Kerbal Foundries.
  12. My guess is that you don't have Kerbal Foundries. That mod has the magic sufficiently advanced technology necessary to make pre-1.1.0 wheels, landing gear and landing legs work properly. There's a small but non-zero chance that something else is causing your problem. Follow the instructions in the link in Blowfish's signature, and post your log, and he or another modder will take a look at the log to diagnose the problem.
  13. Soon™. Updates to this and all other mods will be released when and if the mod maker feels like releasing them. Asking for mod updates is against the rules and is also rude, so don't do it.
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