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  1. Hey guys -- Any chance we could work on full screen issues? I run two monitors and want to be able to play KSP on one, while doing other things on the other. I know this has been posted many times, but bear with me... While in full screen, the program minimizing when you click into another program. Fixing this would be super oober cool - but my guess is it's not do-able? A band-aid might be fixing not-fullscreen. Either allow the program bar at the top to auto-hide, or reduce the screen by that many pixels. IE - The monitor I run KSP on is 1920x1080. When in not-fullscreen, the game area is 1920x1080+program bar...pushing the bottom of the game off the screen. Any chance we could do one of these? It would be ssoo awesome. Thanks for the awesome game!
  2. Winter is coming.... ...and I need something to occupy my time while hanging out indoors. Anyone up for working together on a control panel? I'm not a software mod'er, so I need help with actually integrating with KSP, but I am pretty good with electronic design, Raspberry Pi/Aduino, etc... Essentially, I'm thinking of building a small instrument cluster and a cluster of tactile controls (buttons, switches, joystick?) that would sit in an angled enclosure that would sit on your desk. Anyone up for teaming up?
  3. Right on, guys! Thanks! I made the jump last night, things seem smooth and everything is there. Kudos to these guys for continuing to improve an already excellent program. Thanks again guys!
  4. Hello all - Did some searching but couldn't find anything that answers my questions. If there is a thread I haven't seen, feel free to direct me to it. I have to imagine I'm not the first to ask... What's the best way to move to a new version? I have a pretty good game going in 1.2.1, but would like to move up to 1.2.2. Can I just move my game files over? What about mods? I'm on a Mac, if that makes any difference.
  5. OK. I searched it. And there are many threads, with hundreds of pages, of what to build into a KSP machine... But I'm impatient, and don't like to sift,...and I really want to see the results. I suppose that's the jest of this.. So, those of you who post those beautiful shots of KSP - with high resolution details, large space stations with many many many parts, crazy realistic clouds, highly modded installs, etc,..etc,... Can you do me a favor? Post your computer specs (hardware and software) as well as a screenshot showing how bad!$$ KSP runs on your machine? Maybe even a short description on stability, load-times, frame-rates, etc...??
  6. Hey guys -- When your working in the map, it's very difficult to see the info displayed next to maneuver points, apsis, etc.. Any chance those could be bigger? Also also - I found it rather difficult to click and drag a maneuver point. This is important when planning a Hahlman transfer as your delta-v doesn't change, but you have to time things right... also also also - why can't I left-bumper-click more than four modes of time-warp?