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  1. When attempting to open KSP with this mod and its dependencies installed it always crashes once loading is complete.
  2. i have been super busy and haven't had the chance yet
  3. Thank you for your detailed answer.
  4. I am a little confused but do you need Tantares as well as this for it to work?
  5. let me try it and get back to you
  6. Yes i am using KJR and I am not using RSS I usually use 3 or 5 degree inclinations at 600km
  7. I have tried, i never experience those fx. I do not use any mods like rss or ro
  8. Hmm, even when i fly manually it still ends up upside down and back to front
  9. I am using the prepared craft files with necessary adjustments, aka the landing gear etc Is mechjeb an issue?
  10. Sort of, it just rotates and fly's back towards Kerbin
  11. Every rocket from this pack seems to just flip out in 1.1.3
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