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  1. I might be missing something obvious, but I'm using the mission optimiser to try and hit a specific Longitude of Ascending node for an encounter and I don't see an applicable variable for optimisation.
  2. @Galileo What do you mean by: and (with respect to what is career saver for?) Sorry if I'm being particularly stupid!
  3. Just wanted to say: thanks for keeping remote tech going - i don't think i could play ksp without it!
  4. As there hasn't been any progress on this for some time I will add something. I have re-written this to work with 1.x. The new version requires the YongeTech Tech Trees Plugin to work. If someone could advise me as to what licences i need before i post a link that would be great - please be advised that i simply wrote a program to do the conversion based on all of the parts in my gamedata folder. While most mods that this tech tree supported are in my edited version I may have made some mistakes or missed something out. If anyone would like to add more or check my work then feel free to get in touch.