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  1. Banned for complaining about long posts.
  2. Multiplayer could have that! Maybe you don't get to see the spacecraft of other people, only their progress. It'd make for a nice race to see who is the first to get to the Mun, etc.
  3. Banned because I flipped a coin for your ban.
  4. I wish I could rendezvous efficiently in KSP.
  5. I wish people would stop breaking the chain.
  6. Granted, the magical cure just moves the infection somewhere else. I wish I could stay home today.
  7. I hope KSP 2 meets our expectations. It'd be a shame for it to flop. I also believe that parts should become procedural, instead of having 500 parts. Seriously, I actually stopped playing for a while, and now that I came back, I have trouble finding the right fuel tanks and engines. Too many parts!
  8. Nope! @The Amazing Spider Pig?
  9. Granted, after watching 2 more pages, you are committed to doing useful, but boring tasks for the rest of your life, such as homework, and you may never come back into the forums again. I wish for a round trip to Mars.
  10. Banned because I see you everywhere in the forum, and for not liking my reply.
  11. Banned for liking my post, and not subscribing to T-Series.
  12. Granted, but this knowledge causes the universe to instantly come to an end. I wish I had more graphics power to get some nice visual mods on KSP.
  13. Granted, but KLADoS kills you with deadly snacks. Also granted, your job is to stand below rockets and ignite the engines with a match. I wish I had more rubik's cubes.
  14. Banned for a non-edited reply.