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  1. I feel like everytime I learn something new about rockets and space flight it pops up in 1 of the next few chapters, like the exhaust plume widening with dropping pressure. I've learned that just recently. Did u too? Coz it seems like it.
  2. I'm not a coding kinda guy but given the fact that u went a little further in modifying the script than I did and mine worked fine I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. I'd say go ahead and fire up the game to see if it works, and if it doesn't revert to the original or start over.
  3. I think modifying fuel cells to use intake air instead of oxidizer (don't forget to save the modified one as a separate part) could indeed simulate a generator like the one shown in the OP. I think I'll go ahead and give that a try right now. EDIT: Yup, works just fine. So if u don't mind a generator that doesn't sound and look like a generator u could just go ahead and modify the regular fuel cells to atmospheric ones.
  4. If only religion in real life was also based on something that actually exists and only 1 thing at that...
  5. I think I just realized a very important thing here: If I understood that right Kerm trees can be considered "gods" to the kerbals to some extent. And only now I realized that communing with awakened Kerm is basically like talkin' to whatever god one believes in, except everyone believes in the same god and as such there's no such thing as a "war" between religions like in real life. Only different beliefs about what the "god" wants. So all these kerbals with their different beliefs should end up agreeing with everone else after communing with awakened kerm, right? That would surely get rid of a crapton of problems.
  6. I thought u were gonna hold all upcoming chapter back Until u were done with the story? I'm glad u did NOT of course.
  7. Glad to see the intervals between new chapters going down a bit. Every single new chapter makes me eager for the next.
  8. When I read the part about the 3 getting ready to leave Tenacity I caught myself half-expecting them to be captured and held hostage by enemy military after splashdown. Glad to see things are apparently going the opposite way.
  9. Can't wait to read on, and I wish Just Jim was posting chapters of Emiko Station Volume 2 by now...
  10. How could it not have? As the tech freak that I am I'm basically hard-wired to like stuff like those analog oscilloscopes. And on top of that learning about those Lissajous images was part of my apprenticeship as a technician. Ok, that's effin' awesome!
  11. So the pics in the video u linked are in fact real and not fake!?