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  1. I can only guess since I don't have to catch up anymore, but yeah, I think skipping right to the next chapter without searching all the chatter to find it would be very useful, tho one could of course always take the extra step to go back to the first post where they're all linked and find it there. Would still be faster than searching the thread.
  2. Let's just hope the emergency lockdown of Site D prevented the worst case scenario altogether instead of delaying it.
  3. Well that's whatcha get for giving us such an awesome story. Btw, how are things goin'?
  4. My first docking attempt ended with me scrapping the whole save. Of all places the first where I tried it was in Duna's orbit, after I had made a not quite cheat-free return from the surface (my ascend stage ran out of fuel just before the Periapsis rose out of the opposite side of the planet, so I had to toggle infinite fuel on to make orbit and rendezvous with the rest of my ship). When I arrived at said rest of the ship I did manage to kill all my relative velocity, but my ascend vehicle was so badly out of balance that I just couldn't get it lined up properly and every attempt to stabilize everything just made it worse. From that day on I always made sure I had my RCS thrusters on plane with the CoM or, if that wasn't possible, an even distance away from it to keep the RCS center of thrust in the same spot as the Center of Mass.
  5. I suddenly feel like joining the kolan forces to kick some Doreni backsides and pelt them with some copper-coated candy out of a 6-barreled dispenser which goes by the name of Dillon Aero M134, but with twice the normal operating voltage pumped into that thing to boost the rate of fire!
  6. Ok, quite obviously I've released a poorly thought through challenge here, and I'm not sure wether or not to leave this open. That being the case I'll go with "no" and have this thread closed.
  7. I thought I had an idea for a nice challenge but didn't think it through. Closed.
  8. Would u do me a favor and message me if u start a new thread? Don't wanna miss anything.
  9. Btw, will Volume 2 and anything else that may or may not come after that be on the same thread or on a new one?