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  1. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 94 - Through the Gate)

    +1 Well even if KSP is losing attention, being stuck with 1.0.2 and unable to fix that Squad can be sure to sell me another copy of the game when I find the time is right! At least the requirement of getting a MUCH more powerful PC has finally been fulfilled, now I just need to find something of all the other stuff I want to reduce the priority of.
  2. DualDesertEagle

    Messed up planets orbits...

    Not having to mess with files and getting back into a properly working game far quicker.
  3. DualDesertEagle

    Messed up planets orbits...

    I was about to say...
  4. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 94 - Through the Gate)

    That made me check back on Emiko Station and yes, there's also been a surprisingly low amount of chatter. I hope it's not due to people leaving coz it takes to long to up a new chapter by now. Not ike I'm not eager to read on in both stories but I understand that the further an author advances in a story the tricker it gets to keep all the ends tied together and not have inconsistencies, so I just keep quiet and wait. I'm currently experiencing the problem myself writing my own book, and I haven't even written 50 pages of it yet. I always have to re-read certain passages to remember how to fit the upcoming events to what's already happened And I'm not even sure yet wether or not to release that book to public coz I don't consider myself that good of a writer.
  5. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 94 - Through the Gate)

    I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been any kind of chatter going on here, I expected several pages of that since my last visit. Oh well, that gets rid of the catching up, so I'm fine with that.
  6. DualDesertEagle

    Going Mostlywhere

    "mostlywhere" Why didn't I ever think of that?
  7. DualDesertEagle

    need advice on chess pieces

    I remember the last one I've seen to use X-wings / TIEs as pawns but I don't remember what the rest was. Found the TIEs and X-wings pretty fitting tho.
  8. Just passing by to create a new direct warp gate from my profile to the thread so I don't have to search my posts for one linked to the thread and then skip to the last page. And before anyone asks: I'm not subscribed to the thread on purpose since there's so much talking happening between the chapters. I'd get notified of every new post and I don't want that.
  9. If ur willing to use mods go ahead and install Kerbal Inventory System and Kerbal Attachment System. With that u can get rid of near-surface docking ports and surface tankers and instead connect the landed tanker rocket to the fuel mining station directly via kerbal-laid pipes. It'll require personnel on the Mun but at the same time make things a crapton easier. And u don't even have to send all new hardware up coz with the 2 mods installed u can just send the parts required for the modification and have an engineer attach them to the existing machinery. On top of that the pack includes its own manual as an item that can be put into kerbals' and containers' inventories and accessed in the game itself. And it also includes tanks to refill ur kerbals' EVA pack with., so even if u do alot of jetpacking on EVA u don't have to swap the guys out all the time.
  10. DualDesertEagle

    I'm going to kill Val

    I wanted to play a game of BRRRRRRRT with her but I didn't have my joystick connected and kept missing with the unprecise keyboard controls. Not even the SIX FREAKIN' GAU-8 installed on the plane could crap out enough lead to compensate for that. But if u want an idea how to kill her that involves guns and piloting skills, there u go.
  11. DualDesertEagle

    KSP vs Orbiter

    Nope, not working, I've tried. Let's not derail this thread any further.
  12. DualDesertEagle

    KSP vs Orbiter

    I've been there already. I've settled with buying the game again sometime.
  13. DualDesertEagle

    KSP vs Orbiter

    I'd say Orbiter doesn't come ANYWHERE near KSP when it comes to fun of gameplay simply coz it doesn't have the same grade of freedom that KSP offers. In KSP u can build pretty much ANYTHING U LIKE and still be semi-realistic. U could launch a freakin' HOUSE into space, have Mech Warrior style robots fight each other, do time trials with the most ridiculous vehicles u can imagine, go to Eve's sea floor with a submarine u sent there with nothing but ion engines and stock fans as propulsion (a hint at Stratzenbitz's video, where he went to Duna and back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee59XkEufjA), etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, PP. Orbiter may be more realistic but that's really the only thing in which it surpasses KSP. And this is coming from a guy who can't even upgrade to the latest version of KSP yet and has to be content with 1.0.2, missing craptons of fun that other people have using new parts that I can't even use with mods since said mods aren't compatible with my long outdated version.
  14. DualDesertEagle

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    Ok, this is gonna be a long one, the following list includes EVERY SINGLE GAME I've played within the last 3 years or I'm about to install. Multiple pieces of the same franchise are listed as individual games since they ARE individual games, Mods of a game are listed in the same line. Games played within the last 3 years: KSP (Now with TONS of mods) Far Cry 1 Far Cry 2 Far Cry 3 Splinter Cell 1 Splinter Cell 3 (Chaos Theory) Splinter Cell 4 (Double Agent) Battlefield 3 Battlefield 1 Counter Strike Source Portal 2 Planetside 2 (at least I want to again now that I FINALLY have a new PC) Need for Speed Most Wanted Mirror's Edge Left 4 Dead 2 Payday 2 Garry's Mod Civilization V Company of Heroes (pretty new to that) Legacy Edition and Blitzkrieg Mod Fallout 3 Spiderman Web of Shadows Borderlands Avatar the game (another one of those badly matching movie based games but still quite fun to play) IL-2 Pacific Fighters Microsoft Flight Simulator X Crazy Taxi 3 Minecraft Games I have yet to install but will definitely be played (again) too: Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (This is a REALLY old one from before 2000 that I still find fun to play) Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway (A former friend of mine gave me that a long time ago) Resident Evil 5 (Same goes for this one) Worms World Party Worms 3D Escape from Tarkov (Will have to see if the new PC can cope with that in its current config) Games I have yet to buy (definitely willing to do so): Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Far Cry 4 Far Cry 5 Mirror's Edge Catalyst As hinted multiple times I finally made it around to getting a new used PC with decent specs. It needs some upgrading but not alot of that. Just needs a new power supply to handle the powerful graphics card I already put in (Can't use it yet due to missing external power connectors on the power supply, but at 350 Watts that'd be a little weak anyway) and some new RAM.
  15. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 94 - Through the Gate)

    Yeah, I've got some first hand experience in that case. I got into that situation when I was taught how to control the plane at very slow speeds (very, VERY little aileron movement [too much may induce spiraling] and a little more on the rudder) and when I was taught how to recover from spiraling after a stall had already happened. And I have to say, that description sounded like u'd had some experience with similar situations too. EDIT: One question tho, is Val's plane equipped with a fly-by-wire system or mechanical connections? Coz the above only applies to planes that have their controls connected to the corresponding control surfaces through mechanical linkages. EDIT 2: Actually, why am I even asking, I didn't even leave u any choice for what it can be, except ur honest enough (not sayin' I doubt it) to admit that u had fly-by-wire in mind and not a purely mechanical linkage.