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  1. Wow, ur sudden change of profile pic caught me off-guard and I couldn't tell ur posts from other people's posts for a moment. Anyway, I'm glad to see some chatter return to this thread so it doesn't sink to the forum's sea floor until the next chapter is posted (which I can't wait for of course).
  2. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 95 - Every Kerbonaut's Friend)

    Wow, "posted 57 minutes ago". Must've been only a few before I started reading. Ur really good at keeping me hungry for more and mad about the expected waiting period for the next chapter.
  3. Besides anyone being able to rename their Kerbals to their liking using the save files I don't see any direct connection between Stephen Hawking and Space Flight. That would mean a "no" for me.
  4. DualDesertEagle

    Tweakscale bug

    Norhing happens. But as I said, I'm fine with buying the game another time when I find the time is right. It's always been fun to play and I do actually find it worth buying twice, but then it'd better not break on me, I'm not doing that again. I'm not even sure where the problem came from, it might just as well be my fault. Sometimes I tend to f things up without even knowing I tampered with them.
  5. DualDesertEagle

    Tweakscale bug

    Again, I've been though all that already and nothing helped. And yes, indeed, the launcher doesn't seem to be working correctly either, but I haven't got the SLIGHTEST idea how to fix it. I've been bypassing the launcher ever since.
  6. DualDesertEagle

    Tweakscale bug

    Hey everyone, I've got this weird bug with tweakscale where some or all of the parts sometime switch back to their original sizes when I launch or load the craft. I once had a 10 m diameter fuel tank with appropriately scaled up landing legs on minmus, one of which was suddenly back to its normal size as I approached the tank with the next payload and had the tank tip over to that side. Another time I wanted to try and make a remotely controlled missile out of a kickback at minimum scale, a scaled down probe core and more scaled down parts, and as I put it on the launchpad the kickback, nose cone and battery switched back to ther real size, giving me a huge rocked with a seemingly floating nosecone and tiny stabilizer fins. And just recently I wanted to try if I could build a really small plane and still have it fly, but all parts switched back to normal and were all clipped into each other coz I had first built the plane and then scaled all the parts down which required realigning them as their center points were still in the same relative position. Now since I've been unable to update from Version 1.0.2 onwards I'm stuck with that (don't get caught on that again, ok? I've tried everything I could to fix it but nothing worked and I've settled with buying the game again some time) but I did set the CKAN filter to compatible mods when I browsed for new ones and as far as I know tweakscale hasn't been updated since some time before 1.0.2 so the version of the game shouldn't really matter. Does anyone know how to fix that bug? Maybe I need to install it manually? Maybe I need to move some files to some other place? I really don't know.
  7. DualDesertEagle

    Any tips on landing a booster on a drone ship?

    Dunno if this would work for u, but whenever I land a ship somewhere I use SAS retro hold to keep the engine pointed in the direction of my descend. I've never attempted an actual target landing tho, not on such small targets anyway. But u could also set the barge as a target and switch the sas to anti-target hold. Or u could install a mod that displays the directional icons in ur environment, the prograde and retrograde markers included. I've already used the prograde marker several times to mark the spot I wanted to touchdown on using a plane, aswell as using the standard navball prograde marker to land inside the radius of a career survey site (soil samples for example). I guess the same thing would work for the retrograde marker if u kept it on the barge during the descent.
  8. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 95 - Every Kerbonaut's Friend)

    Except the cockpit was fitted with reaction wheels by default like basically every pod in KSP
  9. DualDesertEagle

    KC-505 Medium Airliner (Stock)

    As hard as it may be to believe when looking at the position of the wheels relative to the fuselage, that could actually mean u've got the main landing gear too far aft of the CG. In this case this prevents tail strike on take-off, but on landing u still have to be careful to land at a shallow angle of attack coz the main landing gear of course only takes effect after touchdown. If it was me I'd just clip a full ore tank into the tail (and maybe add some more cabins at the rear), adjust the position of the wings and landing gear accordingly and see what that does. My guess is that the higher angle of attack allowed by the better clearance reduces the required landing speed and having the main wheels closer to the CG will get rid of the elevator authority problem.
  10. DualDesertEagle

    KC-505 Medium Airliner (Stock)

    The wings and CG seem to be awfully far forward. I smell tail strike. U may wanna put more weight to the rear and move the CG and wings back a bit to increase the tail clearance at an angle with the nose gear off the ground. EDIT: I've made a crude edit to the side view of the plane to show the difference: It may not look like much, but for a plane that's a pretty noticable change in its angle of attack and, as we all know, the way from an undamaged part to an exploded part (as long as it's not a landing gear) is MUCH shorter even when it touches the runway ever so slightly at speed.
  11. DualDesertEagle

    First Flight (Chapter 95 - Every Kerbonaut's Friend)

    AAAND we're back to silence it seems. Somehow makes me feel like the whole thing is out of fuel and slowly rolling to a stop.
  12. Something's tellin' me uncle Nick may have ended up somewhere on Kerbin, too, most likely to protect Chibi, but why a year before them?
  13. Just like I got "Cerenna Kerman" once in my game. Sure, not QUITE the same, but still very close. This just gave me a truly evil idea: Hire tons of Kerbals but use everyone except the Emiko Station cast as targets in a game of BRRRRRRT! (And once again would I need an evil smiling kerbal here and can't find one.)
  14. DualDesertEagle

    Rotating docked objects

    Is there a version of t5his for 1.0.2?
  15. DualDesertEagle

    Rotating docked objects

    Not only that, it would help correct any misalignment that may have occurred on docking and may hinder certain parts' performance (such as additional docking ports facing the same direction being obstructed by parts sticking out or KAS fuel lines or struts not connecting due to their anchor points being twisted apart too far). And don't give me any "Well just redock properly and it's done" type of comment, coz sometimes it takes me 3 tries to get everything lined up perfectly, even if it's just for clean looks.