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    Guns (real ones), more guns (airsoft), rain of guns (lego guns) hailstorm of guns (blank guns), avalanche of guns (Planning to build a man-portable RAIL GUN no bigger than an ordinary assault rifle) RC-modeling (mostly aircraft), Dirt Jumping (on a 26" Dirt Jump Bike), PC gaming (KSP for 90% of the time), Electronics (hence the rail gun project and many, MANY more) and Mechanics (Hence my interest in guns, they're great mechanical contraptions!!!).

    Oh, wait, did I mention guns?

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  1. So we're all gonna have to play the waiting game, aren't we, @JustJim?
  2. Original or not, it's a nice 1. 9/10 Mine is a little off-topic but 1 of my fav pictures of me. Not least coz it was taken by a newspaper photographer.
  3. I'm going with 4 on this 1. There's a ton of stuff u don't really need them for but there are also things u DO need them for. Packing parachutes, repairing broken parts, taking surface samples, restoring experiments, planting flags (which I've also used alot to mark future landing spots, like probably a bunch of people have) and of course piloting stuff that doesn't have a probe core in it. But sometimes I also like to take out my anger on them, like crowding a bunch of them somewhere near KSC, putting the BDA equivalent of a GAU-8 Avenger on 1 of my planes and playin' a good
  4. Oh HAILLLL NAAAAW!!! Actually, yes, I'm pretty damn sure we'll have to wait another year then! Unless of course @Just Jimis gonna change his plans accordingly and make Volume 2 still based on KSP1
  5. Any news on the making of Volume 2, @Just Jim? Or has it been postponed until the release of KSP2, which to my knowledge has also been postponed to some time in 2021?
  6. I think pointing at my signature should make crystal clear what I would've done to Joenie's attacker if I was Jonton. | | V
  7. Too bad it's coming to an end soon. But with Project Starseed just getting started there's gotta be more to come.
  8. I've been gone for a while and honestly hoped to find a bunch more to catch up on, tho I can't say I'm disappointed! Can't wait for more!
  9. I feel like everytime I learn something new about rockets and space flight it pops up in 1 of the next few chapters, like the exhaust plume widening with dropping pressure. I've learned that just recently. Did u too? Coz it seems like it.
  10. I'm not a coding kinda guy but given the fact that u went a little further in modifying the script than I did and mine worked fine I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work. I'd say go ahead and fire up the game to see if it works, and if it doesn't revert to the original or start over.
  11. I think modifying fuel cells to use intake air instead of oxidizer (don't forget to save the modified one as a separate part) could indeed simulate a generator like the one shown in the OP. I think I'll go ahead and give that a try right now. EDIT: Yup, works just fine. So if u don't mind a generator that doesn't sound and look like a generator u could just go ahead and modify the regular fuel cells to atmospheric ones.
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