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  1. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    Thank you for the report, I was wondering if CKAN updated correctly
  2. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    EDIT : removed because too tired and quoted an old thing
  3. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    New Release of TRR : V0.5.2 :
  4. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    You can't update TextureReplacer (TR) by TextureReplacerReplaced (TRR) , they are different beasts Uninstal TR and simply instal TRR .
  5. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    @Cetera : I'm working on your pack today, didn't had the time last days. I'll PM it tonight or tomorrow depending of how it goes
  6. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    Hmm, well I didn't though about this one I'll try this, one folder is indeed better for me. EDIT : forget that idea, I noticed the problem of this too, TRR MUST be named after the SQUAD folder, otherwise, it can't replace the texture that are loaded in the Squad's folder ..
  7. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    @Cetera and @Doxel : I've noticed the alphabetical problem yesterday, don't worry about it, I fixed the problem for the TRR 0.5.2, I've added a 000_TRR folder with the old @Defaul.cfg moved inside. No more problem with any name modder could use (well .. dont use something that goes before 000_) Also Cetera, your cfg file is indeed totally broken, but don't worry, I make it right and I'll send it back to you tomorrow if all goes well and I can PM your Suit pack back
  8. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    I looked at the compression & mipmap generation code, and I was wrong and I mixed some old souvenirs together. It was Active Texture Management that converted the .png in .dds. Since KSP 1.XX, it seems that Unity does it by itself. I think its time to change some things, since we can (and all should) play in 64bits, I wont bother with that I tested the pack you PM'd me and I tried different settings : The helmet in middle is the .dds (DXT5) , the rest are in .png As we can see, the quality is better better on the .png (the left one on the second picture) AND the colour is different on the .dds ! you can clearly see that on the first picture, the grey is more white, only you can tell us witch one is the closest to your creation I seems that KSP still convert and compress the .png but I don't know the compression method Finally I tried with adding the generateMipmaps = ^Cetera/ in your .cfg, and I must say this is HORRIBLE for the .png ! The .dds does a better job because it already has them. All these tests where done with the setting isCompressionEnabled = never Well I think its time for the default settings to change, I will disable by default the compression and mipmap generation. I see that there are multiple mods that seems to be using these mipmap generation but I think this is from an old and ugly time where compromise had to be made. For example I see UmbraSpaceIndustries inside by default and I can confirm that it convert a number of texture. In all honestly, I can't let TRR degrade hard works like that just to save a tiny amount of RAM space when we can have so much space now. So for now, I think I'll suggest to make them in .png compressed. This is the best middle ground. TRR's Unloader can handle the freeing of space needed for the .png I tried .tga but the result where poorer than .png. @RoverDude : Maybe you can help us a bit on the question : I see you have your UmbraSpaceIndustries folder that was included with TR for the mipmap generation. I see that some of your textures are in .png and others in .dds. Can you explain me why ? Is it because of time or better results for some textures ? Also , are the mipmaps really obligatory ? I don't really see the differences when I use them or not on a Kerbal, is there a way to see when/why they are a needed? Lastly, Do you mind if I remove I disable the mipmap generation for your mod in TRR or do you want to keep it ? I think I will disable it by default and if people need it, they still can put the setting in their config. (I'm not talking about the unloading, witch need to stay)
  9. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    @Cetera : I wont have the time to do the TRR's release today, if you want to test it anyway, you can download the 0.5.2 branch on github: To install it : delete your old TRR folder and copy both folder from the GameData folder you will find in the .zip, respectively "000_TRR_Config" and "TextureReplacerReplaced" 000_TRR_Config/ is the new place for the (renamed now) @Default.cfg The female badass jetpack is also fixed and some button label have been changed to be more understandable. I will also make a new version fo the TRR_guide, I saw that I forgot to put the informations in the .cfg for the suits (that's why you could only find these in the @Default.cfg)
  10. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    OMFG , yeah its horrible in .dds hmm Ok let me figure out a good solution for this. I'm still not familiar with the compression/conversion things in TR/TRR (didn't had the time to look yet). I'll look at that asap because I'm sure I have the same problem with the texture bundled with TRR (and in my future texture pack, I did not noticed it yet because I'm still at the .png/development phase) Meanwhile, I've fixed the .cfg setting problem and even improved it : you can now also override the DEFAULT_SUIT in your .cfg. (useful for the Tourist class) I'll now "fix" your texture pack (name, settings) and propose you how I saw the veteran (and even badass) for your suit pack. It should be "trivial" to do And also get the new version of TRR released ...
  11. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    I did NOT changed anything on the conversion side and what you are showing is the "crappy" DXT1 with BC1 compression that seems to be what TRR/KSP does when converting. Better convert it on your side first, KSP load slower and TRR need to purge nearly 1Go of RAM after it has converted and unloaded (it save RAM yes, but you still need to have have this free space on them so the conversion can be done.. so it wont work well on lower machine) I found the problem of the .cfg file ! I need to change how I look for the cfg when there is more than 1 cfg (typically when you have multiple texture pack , so TRR + a texture pack = 2 cfg). Right now, it load correctly the cfg but when he read another cfg without the cfg for your suit (so for example the default.cfg) , it change the loaded config with the default one (as it suposed to do when there a no cfg). I'll fix that EDIT: more search has showed me the real problem (I didn't saw that when testing), TRR loads the cfg file with the same alphabetical order of the folder in gamedata, I did not noticed that because my test folder is named TRR_Guide and so the .cfg is loaded after the one from TextureReplacerReplaced. With a folder named Cetera, it load before (so it does Cetera -> TextureReplacerReplaced -> TRR_Guide). Off course, I wont oblige you to name your folder with a naming convention , I'll find a solution
  12. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    @Cetera I'm also trying with the nvida plugin in photoshop but I got pretty much the same result, DXT1 and DXT5 give the same lossy result And in the setting menu , we can see that the compression grid seems to be 5x5, witch is really bad for "low res" textures. I think this is a limitation of the compression method. Nothing we can change. I can see 2 solutions for this : - bigger resolution - more "noise" in the draw, I mean if you have an image with a lot of "noise" and elements, you would notice less artefact than when you have a clean draw of a basic and clearly identifiable form like the star on a flat grey. This require some test, but maybe you could have better result if you had a noisy background like this (1 sec search, you can do much better) than the flat grey you use ? EDIT : forget about the noisy solution... it change nothing
  13. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    I tried the dds exporter from GIMP, you can clamp but you don't really have the choice in the compression method and both do pretty much the same crap : - DXT1 with BC1 compression (682Ko) - DXT5 with BC3 compression (1,33Mo) Maybe DDSconverter use the same settings and this could be the normal compression method for either DX1 or DX5. Anyway both don't give you good result like BC7 compression.. I think people won't really notice this ingame. And usually modder don't have the problem because they make their own model without the weird thing that is the helmet model and his texture placement. Squad made a "multi facet" model that need to be clamped with a big curving and stretching area in the most visible place
  14. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    I don't believe, I KNOW there is a problem if you don't clamp the .DDS. I coded it You have 2 choices : clamp or repeat, and TRR (I got that from TR) use the clamp (I believe the game use it). While its not a problem when you make your own model; we don't have acces to the kerbal model , they are in the KSP.assets and we need to do as the dev "hardcoded" it. I can't agree more on this. Make your life easier, get photoshop like everybody that works a little with images (you are not "really" obliged to pay to use it you know.. ) But , as we are in open source water, we should be able to have a really free solution don't we ?
  15. [1.3.1]TextureReplacerReplaced v0.5.2

    I also tried some time ago (I noticed this when using your old texture before making the "rainbow dev" ones and I didn't got any good results too. I think we have an engine limitation problem BUT hopefully @Galileo can maybe give us a "not too tedious to use" better tool (I really hope so because its a shame that we loose hard clean work just because of conversion problems) We CAN'T use DXT5 for simple texture with no alpha of normal map, it weight too much for the number of file needed. And btw, TRR (TR did that too) convert these DXT5 to DXT1 when it can to spare memory. If a file weight 10,6Mo in DXT1 , it weight 16Mo in DXT5. And the compression method is not in charge of this (DDSconverter use the same method for both) Better have a DXT1 with a good compression method than a DXT5