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  1. First I need to say a big thank you for this essential mod for me since many years I don't know if this has been notified before or not but it seems that the cylindrical shrouds in size 1,5m and 1,875m are missing. And if I can make a suggestion, it would be nice if we could also choose Electric and Liquid fuel as central payload for the core parts.
  2. Here comes a sad and a good news guys. The sad news is that TRR is going to an end as it is for multiple reasons. First, the new suit changed a lot of things and secondly, as @shaw is back on developing TR, I don't want to step on his foot with TRR being a fork of his mod. The good news is that I should come back with a brand new mod dedicated to our kerbals in the future ! I learned a lot of things with TRR and my bodies experimentation and now I want to make a proper body changer mod. I can make and play with the textures, lets now do that with new bodies with something I made myself and that don't concurrence directly any other mods. In the meantime, a big thank you to everybody that used and help me develop TRR. This is not the end !
  3. Don't hold your breath for the civilian bodies... I tried everything I could think of (and for a long time) and this is impossible to do without redistribute these bodies with a proper skeleton (and I can't do that legally..) I could successfully transfer the meshes, even transfer and rename the "bad bones" BUT then the weight of the meshes if off ... And, as far as I know, you can only correct this when you import a model in the Unity Editor and re-export them (and I can't do that legally..) I will give the possibility to use them but the arms aren't going to work as intended ... the new retro suit work flawlessly (good bones), so at least you will be able to change it in real time in the flight scene. Why on earth did they made so similar bodies with a different skeleton ?? I just can't understand this So my main focus is to change the texture system we have now to something more light because having to make and load thousand of textures files is not really a good thing to do.
  4. Last update changed a bit of things ... but this could maybe help for the idea I was trying. Sry guys still no real update for you yet but I still work on a new system.
  5. I have this fixed. I know I already told that before but I'm still working on TRR. I'm seriously looking to find another and better way to change the look of our kerbal but without the need of so many textures files. I have the new suit working with custom textures but it just add more and more textures needed and this will become too much with the others bodies aswell. I'm also looking on using Texture Unlimited for the shader to get the reflections back but with a proper one this time.
  6. @Cetera Still here I made the branch for the new patch, I still need to work on it because 1.4.3 broke something with the new body when I was close to have the right solution.
  7. Some times ago we talked about making a crossover between TRR and TU. Unfortunately, I was really occupied the past months and I couldn't push the idea further. Also, I'm still here I will try to update TRR as soon as possible (I know already said that but you know ... life ) I'll check about that loss of quality in the textures and the others problems (like the eyes in first person view). I will put my research on the body switching on hold a bit (I can't get the bones like it should on the other bodies) , I still have hope for that but we will have to wait.
  8. Bigger is always better, you can downsize but not the inverse.
  9. If this don't work, it may be related to the bilinear/trilinear stuff. I need to check if we can disable this (or I'll gonna make the option) because TRR (and TR) do change bilinear texture to trilinear. And (if I understood well) the " ^Nereid/" add the mod to list of mipmap to be generated. This is stuff I still haven't really looked since I got on TRR. The EVA ground suit is for the case where you are on the Mun or another planet/moon than Kerbin without atmosphere. Think as it as the suit they use in the movie "the martian", they use a different space suit when they are on the ground of Mars than when they are in space I made it because I was doing a big texture pack and I needed a new type of suit. The texture pack is still coming but my experimentations on changing the bodies put this on hold because now I so want to be able to use the civilian body with the hands this is the IVA version of the pack I'm talking about : Btw, this (experimental) method is still under work, I found the way to "stitch" the new bodies on our kerbal but the bones are still a problem. I'm actually trying to extract the bones from the basic KerbalEVA body and put it on the new piece but its easier to say it than doing it And the last update (1.4.3) did something horrible because I have a new problems that I didn't had until now .. You can check the advancement of this on my dev branch for the 1.4.X : https://github.com/HaArLiNsH/TextureReplacerReplaced/tree/1.4.0 Keep patience, one day (no too far I hope) , we will have 2-3 new bodies for our kerbals
  10. The [LOG] are normal stuff made to track the activity of TRR (so we can "debug" the log easily). The [ERR] about the _Maintex can come from other mods that tries to change or affect the maintexture of a gameobject. It could come from TRR too or a conflict somewhere. If you have thousands of them,it means something is going badly at each update() (each frame if you prefer). ksp 1.4.2 is still officially not supported Glad you could configure the visor has you like btw
  11. As Cetera pointed out, you have to make a texture yourself if you want full opaque/mirror. The 3 bundled textures are just a full grey color (125,125,125) with opacity set to - Iva : 35% - Eva Ground : 75% - Eva Space : 92% You can also go for a white color but you will have better ingame recoloring result with a grey Here is a 100% opaque grey texture that you have to put in your custom "Default" folder, name it like one of these choices to replace one of the default visor texture : kerbalVisor.png for the Iva EVAgroundVisor.png for the Eva Ground EVAvisor.png for the Eva Space
  12. TR has not been really updated, just recompiled for this version. I don't have forgotten you guys but I've got few time to code and lot of headaches (witch make coding difficult ) I disabled by default the old compression system (this come from one of the first features of TR) isCompressionEnabled = never But, TRR still generate MipMap when there are none. I think the problem can come from this (this come also from an ancient time) and there are some images that don't need mipmap (the navball was one of these) I think the nanogauge have the same problem that the navball had, you should have a solution here : in the setting file @TRR_Default.cfg in the folder "000_TRR_Config" , try to set isMipmapGenEnabled = auto to : isMipmapGenEnabled = never and tell me if that solve the problem
  13. Naming convention can be a thing hard to impose but usually it really help to standardize the use of the mod.
  14. Oh, I really ? they work together nicely ? Accept my apologies if I mislead people here.
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