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  1. OK ill give all that a shot. I'll get a screen shot.
  2. I am having such a hard time with the space planes. I cant even take off the runway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crappy landing gear they give is horrible. Every time go to take off my plane just wobbles off the runway or it goes from left to right to a point where it just flips over. Why is this happening? I'm suck and cant progress any further in the game Because all my contracts require me to fly places. Please help!!!
  3. So I'm new to KSP, and I'm making my way through the career mode. I have been looking for some good mods that a not to crazy and more themed in the Kerbal universe, particularly a shuttle mod. I really like the KSO shuttle mod because it seems very Kerbal themed in looks and size. But that mod is a little out dated and is only now coming back with new updates. So how does this mod compare to that mod ( if anyone has KSO ) and how often is this Mod here updated. From what I have gathered alot of the good mods have not been updated anytime recently to be stable on the latest KSP version. For example KAX =(