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  1. I have noticed in the past, a massive lack of mod lists, and lists that have all the mods being compatible. So, I have decided to go where no kerbal has gone before, to embrace the motto of the Kerpollo program, "Failure is always an option" and have created my own list, these mods are all for 1.1.2, and can be found on spacedock, these mods will all work together on the average computer as well. Here is the official Kerpollo program mod list: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Something I forgot to mention, I would like a mod list that shows compatible mods, I'm tired of my game crashing
  3. My request is simple, I would like a link for the download of B9 Aerospace for kerbal 1.1.2
  4. I have one simple question, where on earth can I find a mod list, with download links, not on reddit. All of them 1.2 as well. A reply soon would be incredibly helpful, Cheers!
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