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  1. The wing intakes are mainly for the Goliaths, whih only seemed to be getting 50%as much air as they should, so I just did the simple thing, ADDED MORE INTAKES! without them, turning would be impossible, they're mainly for stabilization. I don't think its the tallest, but it is pretty tall, I'm not sure about "Tallest" though. Also thanks for the appreciation.
  2. Thanks, never thought I would actually get any positive reactions to this monstrosity.
  3. Don't worry, I made it Quadruple, and it should be up on the forums and on KerbalX.
  4. Hi, sorry about that last post, for some reason my screenshots weren't in my folders, and I switched to KerbalX, but don't fret, I have designed a "new" stupid creation. A Quadruple hull tall jumbo jet that actually functions. So you may be wondering about my craft, well, It has 8 wing mounted Goliath Turbojet Engines accompanied by 4 RAPIER Engines by the tail, It only has one main pair of wings, It does only take off at the end of the runway but It does control very well for a jumbo jet. Also if you may or may not be triggered by the amount of strut supports on this baby. TIPS: When banking, make sure not to do it too fast, otherwise your air speed will dramatically reduce, causing you to spin out of control. Make sure your computer won't melt when this thing loads. Also don't forget to turn on SAS at all times. Landing is a pain, but try and go as shallow of an angle as possible to reduce the chance of the front scraping the ground, casing critical mission failure. But other than that, it works very well! (1.1.2) Runs Better in 64bit (of course) https://kerbalx.com/Globixcon/The-Quadruple-Decker-Jumbo-Jet I hope you appreciate this one, as it was a compete and utter pain to create. Screenshots:
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