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  1. Thank you 42. It work with the print. I'm still having issue printing it with appJar (GUI library) as it print a int that is not the periapsis or anything. Will find out eventually I guess. ;-)
  2. Hello all, I'm having trouble getting a value from a stream. Set up as such : periapsis = conn.add_stream(getattr, vessel.orbit, 'periapsis_altitude') print("periapsis stream = {}.".format(periapsis)) When I print the variable "periapsis", I get : < object at 0x0000025A7F3017B8> It is not a number, what it is actually ? an object type and a memory address I guess ? How to get the actual value ? I might have misunderstood something, if anyone have a clue about what's going on here, will be greatly appreciated. PS: Not sure where to ask for help regarding that issue, hope here is okay.
  3. That mod ! damn good. That open a lot of possibilities. Thanks you for the great job.
  4. Hello here, First a big thanks to everyone involved in that mod ( close or far ), great job ! So much fun building with those ! I just wonder about the textures, in game most of the part look plain color, and the plain white is pure white, i tried adding a little "Metal noise" to the TGA map, but seems that it is not the way (got missplaced texture ingame) So, is it a way to simply change the map ? (as i saw, it's only one used for most of the part) Thanks again