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  1. Quite an interesting idea! Would love to see planet or moon with this concept. Imagine atmosphere being only in lowlands or craters, and no atmosphere in hilly or mountainous areas. Maybe the atmosphere got blasted away by solar winds and it only remains in lower reaches of a planet/moon. One planet looked like it only had atmosphere in craters (I think it was Charr), so that gave me the idea of atmosphere only existing in lower parts of the planet/moon.



    Or it could just be water... But my gut tells me it's an atmosphere.

  2. On 8/26/2021 at 9:10 PM, betaking said:

    More importantly:

    -Landing Gear/Wheels

    -Wings/Control surfaces


    these things do really need to be procedural as they play far more significance in the design of various vehicles.

    Completely agree with you. Ladders should be procedural because they almost always clip into the ground, or are way above it when I deploy them. Wings should be procedural, but there should still be fixed size wing parts for those who want to customize their crafts a bit more (like those that we have in original KSP). Landing gear too. I don't wanna clip my aircraft wheels so they are on the same height as the ones in the back. It would be nice if those things became procedural (or toggleable).

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