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  1. I mean that in real life Glider planes GLIDE In ksp it is impossible to Glide like in Real Life. I have tried to build a Glider plane many times, But it dont work I know how to build Jet planes, I Know how to build Big cargo planes. But i cant build a working Glider plane. KSP need to have wind so Glider planes work. Sorry for my bad English. And thanks SlabGizor117 that makes me happy! Have a nice day!
  2. Add these things to the game. 1.Propellers for planes! 2.More Rover parts! 3.Helicopter Rotors! 4.Boat parts! 5.Submarine parts! 6.More Advanced Parts! 7.More easter eggs! 8.Make so asteroids make craters if it touch any planet/moon! 9.More sciance experiments! 10.More engiens! 11.Make so Glider planes can fly like real Glider planes! Sorry for my bad English im from sweden Have a nice day!