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  1. Jestersage's post in Fuel Pipe cannot attach to the second part... was marked as the answer   
    However, it does not intersect other parts. In fact, it doesn't even attach to any parts (except the originating part)
    Okay, I don't know WHAT actually cause it, but I found that it could be due to merging a craft A to craft b before I set up the change; when I go the other way (craft b to craft a), fuel line works fine.
  2. Jestersage's post in Servos does not turn if I attach node-to-node to the base?? was marked as the answer   
    EDIT: Solution is turn off autostruct. Also, check the parts you want to spin is attach to where.
    (this is before everyone learn this fact)
  3. Jestersage's post in [Breaking ground] Requirement for hinges to collapse? was marked as the answer   
    Found the answer: OUT OF BATTERY.
  4. Jestersage's post in FYI: KSP automatically convert zDeprecated parts in crafts was marked as the answer   
    But how is that different from what had been doen from 1.4 to 1.6?
    EDIT: I just tried it out. Basically it does the automatic conversion if you go Try To Load anyway (with kerbalX mod). Have not tested it with pure stock loader.
    What I did: loaded an old Raptor9's craft (in this case, his EV-2C with Thunder) made in 1.2 and still have "Mark1-2Pod" resave it, and it automatically becomes "mk1-3pod" in the file.
  5. Jestersage's post in Is it just me, or does Poodle have effectively better delta-V? was marked as the answer   
    Okay, hate to answer my own question, but a quick seat-of-the-pant test indicate where it is going to start favoring 1xWolfhound: at 46t, created through a combination of the KV-3 capsule and S3-7200. Ofocurse the TWR is less than 1, but still much better than Poodle.
    Over all, the Wolfhound will have better TWR consistently, but worse Delta-V -- until that point, in which the the Wolfhound is only 10m/s less. Switching out to S3-14400 and Wolfhound actually jumped ahead.
  6. Jestersage's post in Settings for lander legs was marked as the answer   
    Okay, I finally found out why I was bouncing around: My CoM was too high.
    The craft in question is this one: 
    So what I did is to swap the Adapter Fuel tank with another 1.8m fuel tank (440 if I am not mistaken). Works like a charm: 
    And as everyone guess... yes, it's a Lunar Gemini replica.
  7. Jestersage's post in FL-A215 for Gemini look? was marked as the answer   
    Okay, should have use the search. To make sure no one go with an answer that did not address the question
    1) As seen in https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/172376-the-gemini-dilema/&tab=comments#comment-3322525
    Yes, FL-A215 is the Visual analogue to Gemini adaptor module, while the 1.8m service bay is the funcitonal analogue.
    2) Searching by diameter size in VAB show that fairings and FL-A215 are the only adapters available as of 1.4.3
  8. Jestersage's post in Can't change symmetry to 4x... was marked as the answer   
    You are in mirror mode. Press R to go back to Symmetry mode
  9. Jestersage's post in How to recover scrap from the Highlands of Minmus? was marked as the answer   
    First, learn to fly using the Dove . You basically fly it at 10 degree, until you reach the AP of about 75k, then circularize
    Then, add group commands to Aeris 4a, then fly with a similar flight path.
    Lastly, Grab the Steerwing D45 from either one of your old backup, or from KerbalX, either this one or this one, then modify it to do SSTO. If you can figure out how, you basically did the SSTO most people do effectively. All that is left is replace the space thrusters with a NERV and you can go to Minmus.
    Mk3 is tough no matter what. You will be lucky to get it to LKO if you can't fly properly. You also need to max out your SPH/VAB no matter what.
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